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Be advised that if you are planning on moving to Oaktree Court Apartments in Placentia you are in for a very unpleasant experience. The management personnel are a bunch of rude and inconsiderate idiots who have no idea that renters in California have a Renters Bill of Rights. Western National Property Management brings in rude and obnoxious managers from other states and they end up staying less than a year at Oaktree before getting reassigned or fired. I lived there for several years and with the exception of the first year all have been rude and unaccommodating. They are very good at collecting your inflated rent check but offer very little service in return. The place used to be really nice but it has been run down due to poor gardening service. In fact you can usually see the gardeners sacked out on the lawn or hanging out in the tool shed for hours at a time instead of cleaning up the grounds. Try scheduling a service call and the managers and her assistants will give you the run around and tell you they can't schedule appointments or approximate times. They would rather have a stranger with a criminal record show up and go in your apartment when you are not home then to schedule an appointment for you even when you call days in advance for a service call. The laundry room is a mess and always being vandalized. Many of the machines are broken and the management takes weeks to have them repaired. The management comes up with a hoax of a so called "Safety Inspection" every year just so they can enter in to your apartment, preferably when you are not there, to snoop around and make sure you don't have unauthorized pets or unauthorized modifications. They refuse to schedule appointments for these inspections and state that they can enter your apartment anytime they wish with or without your permission. These annual inspections take place from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. It is a real annoyance to those of us that follow the rules and don't have pets. these inspections are a joke and don't make anything safer. One time they said it was to check the smoke detectors and they came in snooped around and then left without even checking them. another time they used a bogus excuse that it was to change the filters in the air conditioning. It was just a hoax so they can violate your privacy. The management has no respect or concern for a renter's privacy or schedule. Why should they they change the staff practically every six months with another group of rude idiots. Parking is horrendous. There is no parking enforcement and people park where ever they want even blocking you in your car port. Management does not want to tow for fear of being sued or losing renters. Lights in the carports and walkways burn out and take week to be repaired or replaced. Someone will eventually get raped from all the dark areas they have in that complex. The management will rent to anybody even Ghetto criminal types that can't afford to live there more than a few months. There are always people moving in and out blocking the carports with their moving vans. The place is noisy all the time because these ### that the management lets in have to throw a party when they move in or out. I'm telling you the management at Oaktree Court Apartments sucks big time and they will make your stay there a living Hell. You will be counting the days left on your lease to move out. If you are thinking of renting there don't do it!

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Aug 22, 2014 10:34 pm

I am currently a tenant at one of their properties. Shortly after moving in, I discovered my garage left open. Thought nothing of it, and closed it. Soon after, I noticed my garage being left open was a pattern. For the next several months my garage was being found open and several item were damaged or stolen. I reported this information to the leasing office and they treated me with contempt. Soon after I discovered mold in my unit, after my apartment flooded. I contacted the leasing office, and they once again treated me with contempt. I then contacted Robyn Wheeler at corporate and she assured me she would help me resolve all my issues. She lied. They contacted their attorney, who served me with a 3 day notice. They retaliated against me for complaining, and are in the process of trying to bully me out of their property. I let them know that I would be filing a suit in court and now they are trying to get me to settle with them, but are prolonging the settlement to buy time. Beware, they also enter into your unit without permission while you are away from home. They have been caught on multiple occasions entering my unit. Or, they will give you a fake notice about an annual inspection or something of the sort to enter your unit. They come inside and snoop around. I have also caught them doing this. Stay aware from their properties if you know whats best!




We moved in june of 2013. We were moved into unit B301. The unit was freshly painted. 1 week after moving in our whole family started scratching and itching. We started to smell mold in the whole unit. We found out that the whole place was flea and mold infested. I had to pay $300 for a mold test to prove that there was mold. My whole family was sick. We stayed there for 3 months my daughter went to ER 4 times for ezcema and breathing issues. I had a hard time breathing and could only sleep sitting up. We lived there during the summer months where temperatures reached 105 with no air conditioning. I couldnt take the chance of running the air and spreading the mold. Western National did nothing they were more concerned with retaliating against us and trying to evict us out of the unit. I ended up filing a claim with HUD and DEFH about Iron Wood apartments. It was the most miserable experince ever it felt like we were living in hell. I couldnt fully enjoy my own apartment. THe worst part about it was that Western National knew that I was disabled from a history of meningitis and they still put me in that third floor unit. They knew that I had minigitis and sezuries in the past and that they knew I needed a clean unit free of mold. The girl who showed me the unit knew i was disabled and had a cognitive defect. My care taker was not there with me. She had me sign and initial my care taker's signature on the initial inspection form.

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I am a tenant at Valley Village Senior Apartments and, as such would dissuade anyone, particularly a senior citizen, from renting through Western Property National Property Management. They blatantly engage in "bait and switch" tactics, i.e. advertising low cost housing for seniors; will even give you a verbal promise and contract that the "low cost unit" advertised is yours; then, upon your arrival to take possesion of the apartment you had negotiated for- OOOPS! it's no longer available but they'll be happy to shove you into another for $200+ more. I negotiated the rental of a low cost unit ($731 advertised), sight-unseen, strictly based upon their advertising and a 2 1/2 month negotiation with their leasing agent. I was living at the time In Northern California and needed to return to Los Angeles. So based upon their advertising and exhaustive long distance telephone negotiations, I moved my entire life to VVSA in Valley Village, CA. My furniture delivery truck was literally idling at their loading dock when they shoved a 33 page leasing document in front of me, giving me not a minute to review the lease agreement; then misleading me into signing my life away for a much more expensive apartment! An apartment, by the way, that I was Never given an opportunity to preview in advance of the lease signing. Because of the "bait and switch" and the bum's rush I was given, I have been trapped in a lease I cannot afford in a dingy, gloomy, tiny apartment I cant stand. Their tactics are not only disreputable but criminal. I am currently in the process of registering complaints with the various government agencies and entities that grant them their tax credit status for providing low cost apartments for seniors. They are total scam artists and renting from any of their properties should be avoided at all costs, Their on-site Management is useless; their response to maintenance requests and the quality of repairs is far below acceptable standards. For seniors this is possibly the worst place to rent. Their care and attention to their tenant's needs is abysmal - frightening, in fact, given their tenant population. If you die under their roof - HOORAY! - Another vacancy/Another commission/Up goes the rent! WNPM by their use of smarmy, criminal tactics in all phases of their management is living proof that evil does exists! Top to bottom, and embedded in their corporate culture is absolute greed & a total disregard for the special needs of the senior population they pretend to serve. Be aware, these low-life crooks get enormous tax credits for their "Low cost housing" - tax credits you and I pay for! Avoid them and, better yet, report them.

False complaints taped to my door, or so they say Accused of violating my renters agreement. After I called police do to my garage broken into many and many things stolen in return for filing report I get a 90 day notice. Btw my garage key and several other Residence garage key opens Multiple garages on property. So I put the question to Corporate if your Recycling locks and keys using copies who's then Responsible for my stolen property. After I left a message regarding all this I get a notice to move. I have no money to move and only get by with S.S. and SSDI. I barely get by how do they think I will I get money for deposit?


This is the same crap that goes on at Spring Lakes in Lake Forest. Rude management will get theirs.

Aug 07, 2009 7:37 pm

I am expierencing the same but I live at Carefree El Toro. The phone is turned off at regular business hours, no response to my letters and 1 wrong addressed violation after next. This is a very bad property management company!

May 31, 2017 9:45 pm
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My roommate & I are experiencing the same from Parcwood Apartments in Corona, Ca. This manager is "THEE WORST" of what I have read. We should allllll get together & do a Class Action Lawsuit...