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Western General Insurance Company Complaints & Reviews

Western General / Extended Warranty - Trickery used in the wording of the service

Jan 26, 2016

A week ago I took my truck in to an Autonation Ford dealership to get an oil change and because I noticed that my engine light came on the night before. When the service tech turned the truck on to move it he claimed to hear a "weird noise" coming from the engine. The problem was that...

Western General Insurance Company / won't fix my car / unprofessional

Jan 7, 2015

One of their clients made a right hand turn into my left lane and smashed into my right front passenger door...I called and filed a claim with his insurance company (Western General) right away since he was at fault. Didn't hear from anybody until I had to call back again, then wa...

Western General Insurance Company / Extended Service Warranty

Nov 12, 2011

Do not ever buy an extended automobile warranty for a used vehicle from this company. All of their agreements are written so that it would take an act of God to receive payment from them. They require so much information, drag you along in the process and build up a bill of analysis by the...

Western General Insurance Company / they won't refund my 114.30


My policy ended with Western General on 10/14/08 however on 10/15/08 114.30 was drafted from my bank account after I already had another policy with another company that I had started on 10/14/08 and paid on 10/15/08. I called 1800.758.3311 and spoke to a rep named Dena who had a BAD...

Western General Insurance Company / Scam and cheating


SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! This extended warranty company is a scam. They do not tell you that there rental reimbursement is based on how many flag hours it takes to fix your vehicle, not by the day! They also do not provide you a list of covered parts, just an overview. Then they deny parts that a...

Western General / Fraud and scam


I bought a Western General Warranty on a 2001 BMW 525i. Warranty is good for 3 years or 36 months, whichever occurs first. I bought the Mileage Plus contract/Level II, which was billed as the "bumper-to-bumper" warranty by the BMW dealership that I bought the car from and touted the...

Western General / Failer to Cover Warrantied Work


My daughter purchased a GMC Yukon and was sold a service agreement by Western General. However, though it was in her contract she was not aware of the extent of the agreement. We had a repair done that would have been covered by the agreement. We paid for it. Later, I examined her contract...

Western General / Unreal denial!


I purchased a 2002 BMW 330xi two weeks ago from APPLE BMW of York. I also purchased the Western General extended warranty for 2.2k. The materials had a picture of a car and examples of prices for things covered under the warranty. One of the items was a fuel pump with the example price of...

Western General / Extended warranty scam!


This nov 07 i took my car to the local mercedes benz dealership were it was purchased new and were the western general extended warranty was purchased just before the factory warranty ran out. I purchased the warranty in march 07 and this was the first chance i have had to use. The car wa...