West Jet Vacationsbait and switch scam


I received an advertising flyer from West Jet in my newspaper the Regina Leader Post on Mon Nov 2nd and I noticed a couple of vacations I was interested in. The one that I really wanted was a one week all inclusive vacation from Regina to the Hacienda Hotel in Puerto Vallarta for a cost of $679.00 plus $87.00 tax.It also said that if I booked before Nov 6th I would receive a $400.00 travel voucher for future use with West Jet for each 7 day vacation I booked. I phoned my travel agent Tuesday the 03rd at about 10:00 hrs and asked her to book for myself and my wife and my two friends who wanted to go. She took all our information and told me she would call as soon as she could book it. I did not receive a call until Thursday at that time she told me that she had not been able to connect to the West Jet site for two days and when she finally did the price she was quoted was over twice the advertized price. I thanked her and told her I would try myself. I contacted West jet Vacations on there 1 800 phone number and I talked to a lady named Rita. She asked me what I would like and I told her I wanted the vacation in the advertisement and she looked it up on her computer and told me that there was only 4 more seats on the plane for that date and only two rooms still available. I told her to book them and then she told me the price would be over $2900.00 per couple.I asked how that could be when they were advertized for much less than that. She told me they did not have any of that vacation left at that price. I can understand if they were sold out of the flight and hotel and that would be normal even though I had been trying for the last two days. I asked again if the flight and hotel were sold out. She said no that there were 4 seats left on the flight and two rooms left in the hotel. I again asked for the advertized price. She again quoted a price of over $2900.00 per couple. I again asked her to confirm that flights and rooms were available and she said yes they were. I asked her again to confirm that rooms at the advertised hotel and flights on the dates advertised were available and not sold out and she again said yes but not at the advertised price. I asked her if that sounded fair or right to her and her reply was that that was the price of the holiday if I wanted it. I can understand if they were sold out on the flight and the hotel and if there was no packages left for the date and place advertised that I wanted and would have no complaint even though I had been trying for the last 2 days but this is not the case. They advertised this holiday and still had room on the flight and in the hotel but they would not honor the price advertized. I feel this is a Bait and Switch scam and I feel that this is not right and do not think it is even legal. I want it investigated and I want the holiday at the price that was advertized for my wife and I and my two friends. I also want this company investigated to see if this is something they do regularly and if it is found to be so I would like them charged and some form of fine or license restriction be implemented against them.


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      Dec 09, 2009

    Never seen such a silly complaint in my life. According to your theory every time a company has a sale they have to keep that price till their stock is gone? They kept the sale price on for the advertised length of the sale and then it reverted to full price, just like sales at your local grocery store, electronics store, furniture store, etc.

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