Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Companyi'm complaining about the food and service.


I went through the drive thru for a frosty and fries which shouldn't be that difficult you would think and it came to 4.25 I think... I don't know because I didn't receive a receipt. When I finally got to the window and got my fries they were cold and soggy... so I asked for fresh which meant I had to wait even longer. Since that wasn't the best situation I was expecting at least an "I'm sorry" but instead got dirty looks from the dumb kid at the window who was more interested in her social life than her job. I almost parked to go in and say something but I had my son asleep in the backseat so I kept going. When I got home a few minutes away and I tried the frosty and it was totally melted and gross. So I basically just wasted time and money on something I used to enjoy and I want to let you know I will make sure everyone knows how terrible the food and service were.

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