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We Mar 16, 2019

I am Marianne Gruca Liz Bryant's assistant at wells fargo. I cant stay quiet any longer about this. The leaders club and presidents club meeting was last week at the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood FL. A week before Liz asked me to look over the guest list and make sure there were not going to be too many undesireables coming to the meeting. I asked her what she considered undesireable and she said people like Cerita Battles. I was shocked when she said that. I didnt even look at the list because this is so wrong. I also know that there was alot of drug use going on at the conference. The management of the Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood FL were paid off to ignore the illegal drug use and go go girls being paid for with wells fargo corporate credit card. Sharon Kopcienski, Arlene Maloney and Jackie Ashley were totally drunk the whole time I heard. Everyone knows Liz is part of the corrupt criminal group of executives at wells fargo and she has a vendetta against Cerita Battles who is a nice lady.

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo

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