Wells Fargorewards

M Sep 14, 2018

I have been trying for 3 weeks to redeem some of my rewards points on your website. Tried to order music several times and the website freezes and returns me to lead page. I call customer service on august 25 and very clearly explained what was happening. I spoke to anna (francis) at 877 517-1538.

She could not help me and kept trying to tell me to order something else. I said no... And distinctly told her I needed to resolve this before some of my points expired 8/30. I insisted she call me back with a solution.

She never called back with a solution!!!

I consider this unacceptable service and unacceptable behavior on her part. It also might imply this is another example of misbehavior wells fargo has exhibited in the last few years. Is the rewards program a scam???

Please resolve immediately or my next move is to publicize this as another wells fargo fiasco (and to transfer to another bank).

Mike maynard

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