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unethical behaviour

312669 Order:[protected] wehustle have the worst customer service. They did not supply me with a tracking number. I was hospitalised for a month and called to follow up after and they...

worst customer service

I ordered a Champion hoodie for my boyfriend for Christmas, spending almost $80 USD. I didn't receive a confirmation email or email with a tracking number or anything. Over the course of the next month I emailed numerous times trying to figure out where my package was. They told me I didn't receive a tracking number because my order was international? What? Then they claimed it took 14 "working business days" which turned to almost 30. Finally after over a month I revived it, and the neck ripped the first time my boyfriend put it on. I emailed them, and provided them with picture proof that the item was damaged. The woman responding to my emails was rude, insisting that the item didn't arrive like that, which I never claimed. She refused to issue me a refund or exchange, stating it was a "difficult place" to rip the hoodie. I followed the size guide exactly when placing my order, so something like this wouldn't happen. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Worst $80 I have ever spent, and I won't be getting it back. Don't spend your hard earned money here.

Shirt stitching fell apart first, wear! Poor Product quality worst customer service.

312669 I purchased a "dimepiece" tshirt and a jumper which took nearly a month to get to Australia (this is really unusual). They completely disregarded when I asked where the order wa...

Don't buy from these nasty people!

I received the worst customer service ever!! Wehustle is a terrible company, they are rude and unprofessional and they should be out of business!
I bought a t-shirt from their website and a lot of time passed and there was no sign of my order so I contacted them to ask about my order status and delivery date. I was supposed to get my order within a week (max two) but it was already 3rd week of waiting so I was pretty worried. Their rep was rude and said that I need to wait. Another week passed and I contacted them again and their rep refused to communicate with me!! Then I spoke with their manager which said that I annoyed them with my calls! Then he simply cancelled my order and gave my money back. I never asked him to do that, I only wanted to know why was it taking so long!! This site is terrible!! Don't buy from these nasty people!

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    Lesa Le Monnier Jan 18, 2017

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Not receiving my order

312669 I placed an expensive order of £85 and I had an email saying once the order payment was received they would process it and ship it out between 5-7 working days. I've waited nearly...

WeHustle BAD customer service!!

This is probably the worst customer service I've ever had.

One week ago Wehustle posted a picture of a Camo printed Pablo jacket which a woman was wearing on their Instagram. The description underneath the picture said "coming later this week". I was really hooked on this jacket so I was super excited to get it until the week was gone and it was Sunday. I commented underneath the picture saying "Still waiting for this" since the week was coming to an end, they commented me back "sorry it'll be up after the bank holiday's on Wednesday". I wrote back "okay cool, thank u" even though I thought it was annoying it wasn't up as said it would be, anywaaays...

Today (Wednesday) the jacket was supposed to come out at 8 pm, UK time but when I got on the site they had only released ONE jacket in size L which was not the jacket I had commented on or wanted, it was another Camo jacket with the same print that they had also posted a picture of but on a male model on their instagram. I was very disappointed since I had waited for this jacket to be released so I wrote a comment on the Instagram picture of the male model wearing the other jacket and said:

Me: "U said u would release the woman's jacket today"
Them: "All the jackets are men's jackets, the one the woman is wearing is a size XL" (something like that)
Me: "Nahhh the pockets on the men's is on the top, on women's it's at the bottom, it's two different Camo prints and different colors (Yes I misunderstood their comment but this was not my point, my point was that they told me that the jacket the woman was wearing in the picture was going to come out today, Wednesday after it had already been delayed)
Them: "We didn't say it was the same jacket we said that they were all men's jackets."
Me: "Still u said the jacket the woman was wearing was going to come out today. Whatever man"

Then I logged off Instagram for 5 minutes and when I came back to check their answer (I was expecting at least an apology) THEY HAD BLOCKED ME FROM THEIR INSTAGRAM. How immature is that not to talk about the bad customer service!

I've spend so much money on their website and this is the thanks because I'm calling them out on bad product information?! Im defiently not spending anymore after this experience.

I've been working in retail for 4 years myself and something you always got to remember is that your customers are the ones that's giving you that paycheck every month. If the webshop didn't have any customers you wouldn't get paid honey.

In the words of Kanye: "My fifteen seconds up, but I got more to say. That’s enough Mr. West, please no more today."

The item was never received and they are rude to customers

my brother never received an item that he had ordered and it has been 3 months, we have called numerous times but to no avail, was asked to call back but then when we did no one...

Kanye west Glastonbury hoodie

312669 I ordered a glastonbury hoodie from on July 9th. I was never sent a tracking number and when I emailed them about it this is what I got as a reply. Hello, We...

[Resolved] customer service

I recently placed an order on I am still waiting for my order. Its only been about 10 days since i ordered. Im starting to sketch out if this website is a scam...

Customer service issues

First and foremost I have never written on a complaint board before, but as I have just gotten off the phone with someone at WE.HUSTLE.CO.UK I felt compelled to write. I ordered...

Ordering issues and lies

Ordered clothes for first time from wehustle - didn't arrive when expected. Told that Royal Mail was the problem. Waited another week, told that items resent in post a...

rubbish service

the most c*******t customer service, rude and aggressive emails back to me, no respect to any customer. item never gets dispatched as well, longest delivery service which you pay for and it cost less if you go post office yourself so they make profit through delivery charge as well as the clothes which does even last longer than 2 weeks, ### quality. ADVISE EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE. or be prepare to get robbed and sworn at through email. just remember Micheal a worker their who has no respect for anyone and is asking to get beaten up one day.

WehustleOrder never recieved after 4 months

I ordered my package back in 2012 Nov. 7th, until today i have not recievd anything from! The package was supposed to be shipped to Russia. I understand that they do things differently in Russia and it takes longer time for things to be done. But is been 4 months now! I've been in contact with a WeHustle representative named Michelle from early on. In the beginning she answered my emails rapidly, i've done everything she asked me to do to check on the package with the post. She told me it will take about 14days, so after 16th day i started to get real worried, then my emails to her started to get replied slower to ignored. Tracking # was never provided to me, on Jan. 7 they told me they can do a refund, but since i purchased the items as a paypal guest, she said shes not allowed to do so that she is confused! then she said she will provide me with a screen shot of my label and postage proof on Jan. 8, (until today they never send them to me)! Then my emails started to get ignored from them! The next time she answered was on Jan. 22 trying to imply that I am lying to them that I never got my package. Then on the very last email they sent me on Jan. 23, she wrote that they are carrying investigation with the post (yes after 3 months they filed a report with the post!!!) and that theres nothing to be said until the outcome of the investigation. So is Feb. 15th today, no emails from them still, still dont have my package, got no refunds, and no proof of snapshot of postage. If this is not a scam then i dont know what this is! I just want a solution for this issue but i guess is too hard of a service for this so call "legit" company they say they are!! 42 emails they only replied 14 of them...

  • Om
    OMAR LEWINSKY Nov 05, 2013


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  • Ac
    AClientSani Jan 03, 2017

    CHEATERS!! NEVER ORDER WITH WEHUSTLE!!! I placed an order with them on 2016 and paid them through paypal plus international shipping because I live in Poland. I NEVER RECEIVED MY PACKAGE!! I email their sales department and they never respond back. I never got my money back. WARN OTHERS!!!

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WehustleItem not received

Greg90 - How interesting, you have nothing but good things to say about Wehustle and yet for some reason you looked up complaints and joined this board just to slag off the previous negative review. Nothing suspicious about that at all !
This company is hopeless. First order didnt turn up. I telephoned and was told it had been posted the week before. It arrived two days later, having been posted the day I called. Second order, didn't turn up. I telephoned and was told that 'Royal Mail' were 'aware' of my order, I asked for a tracking number which they didn't have as they don't use tracking for items under £60. I explained that I was dis-satisfied with their continuing incompetence and I was told that they had found in the past that parcels were being stolen from the Royal Mail depot - funny because all my Amazon,, Ebay parcels arrive safely - the Manager then went on to say that some customers steal the parcels so they can get another free top!!! The other possibility is that this company do not know how to operate efficiently and are not keeping track of their order process. SO JUST ADMIT IT AND SAY SORRY instead of passing the buck not only to Royal Mail but to the very people who are keeing you in business, your customers. The only thing I can say in their favour is that they processed a refund without me having to go through the process of getting Paypal to do it.

Haven't received my chain

I have bought from and it's been 41/2 weeks i still haven't received my item in california, Most people go there to buy the OVOXO Owl Jackets that are drake's clothing line October's very own they are fake there is no way to get the merch unless it's from a concert. all merchandise that you see celebrities wearing and they're selling it isn't authentic, i advise you not to buy from we hustle co uk

Haven't received my chain

Lost in Mail

This is not a complaint but a complement, We ordered some clothing from Wehustle Co in the UK on line. Our package was lost in shipping due to a Canadian Mail Strike. Upon an email to Michelle at the web address that we used to purchase the goods, she immediatly sent a replacement package to us. Along with the package she sent an additional gift for my daughter for the inconvienence, I have never seen such customer service in my life and how they reacted to my complaint without any proof it was just my word!! Thank You Wehustle!! You are number ONE in my books - We will spread the word

Lost in Mail

  • Si
    SidneyJohnson Nov 08, 2011

    Your daughter is so sexy, them CANADIAN CHICKS MANE I NEED TO LEAVE CALI

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  • Co
    compl we hustle Aug 14, 2013

    we hustle is not a reputable site, messing me around with my own money on several occasions: see link:

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Wehustleno refund payment

hi ordered from this company on the 5th july 11 the first item they sent was really fast when this didnt fit i sent it back and ordered another one this however never turned up sent them loads of emails no answer in the end went through paypal who got them 2 send 2 tops through 1 the original size plus the 1 i ordered they were no longer needed so i sent them back told paypal this wehustle then only refunded 1 top no postage costs still waiting for that plus £24.99 which isnt looking very promising my advice to anyone who is thinking of buying from them DONT BOTHER!

Item never received/shipped

ORDER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I placed an order with them on 4/4/2011 and paid them through paypal plus international shipping because I live in New York. I NEVER RECEIVED MY...