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Unprofessional and rude, no customer service. We signed a reasonably priced contract only to have them spring costs that were mandatory but not included in the contract. She would not have our input in our own album and made us sit in her studio for 14hours.The photographer was making inappropriate comments and lewd remarks to our guests.Pay the extra money and go somewhere else. Serendipity's photos may look good, but it is not worth the heartache. 2 of our friends have had the same experience.


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    Selangor Nov 19, 2016
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    Sally Newell, you were never a nice person and I can remember how rudely you shouted at and upbraided those people who volunteered their time to help you with your RMIT photography project mentioned in my above posting. But I expected that you would improve over the years, not turn out to be the monster described in these pages. What is the point of earning more dollars at the expense of other people's wrenching heartache, tears and frustrations? Even if you have no conception of karma, surely you possess some basic human decency? You remind me of the degradation of Gollum in Lord of the Rings, turning from hobbit into a disgusting, lizard-like creature driven by only one unhealthy passion. If you could only photograph your own greedy, selfish and rapacious soul, you would see for yourself what you have become. I got ripped off by you thirty years ago (see my posting above) and I've never forgotten even though it was a relatively small matter. Let us hope that you do not expect all these couples to forgive and forget what you did to them. Let us also hope that you R.I.P. when the darkness eventually engulfs you.

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    Selangor Nov 19, 2016
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    Reading all this hate against Sally brings me back to the time when I was ripped off by her decades ago while she was still studying photography at RMIT. I spent half a day helping her with a photography project after she promised to do a portrait of me in exchange. She took many shots of me and showed me the thumbnails from which I selected one that she promised to print out to a large size. Next thing I knew, she had left for NZ without leaving me anything, not even a single thumbnail image, although I later heard that she used my photos for another project of hers, without my permission. She seems to have gotten much worse over the years from the shocking accounts here. I can only feel sorry for all those who have suffered far more horribly at her hands.

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    GNNed Mar 22, 2016

    Oh my god. I feel physically ill and like bursting into tears after reading all of these shocking reviews, albiet 5 years too late!! The exact same thing happened to us, only we paid 8k for a wedding album full of images that were mostly picked by Sally (after sitting in the studio for 12 hours picking our own), a heap if pooly edited images that I think an iphone filter would do a better job, and a wedding video (this is where I literally choke back tears) that has entirely been filmed OUT OF FOCUS. The whole video is blurry. I spend 18 months trying to get my album and images, I didn't even bother with the video as there was absolutely no way of saving it - the only option would be to get married all over again!! I could go on for hours about all the horrendous things that happened but most reviews cover my story! The only good to come of this, actually the reason I am now writing a review after coming across this feed, is because i drove past there today for the first time since the last time I walked out of there in tears, and they are CLOSED DOWN. One or all can only hope they are completely and utterly bankrupt. Please Karma, now is their time...for a very long time!

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    Rory Schouw Aug 12, 2015
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    Has anyone had any success with these people? As my experience was exactly the the same!

    We agreed on the initial contract before the wedding. After the the wedding we sat for 12hrs plus selecting photos we liked when Sally then told us well we would then have to pay a substantial amount more... And when we trying to reduce the photos she proceeded with what I can only describe as emotional blackmail, which worked on my wife and drove me to an almost overwhelming state of anger.
    We then left and did not return for a few months and when we returned they continued to employ the same tactics.
    They also decided to change the album size and basically conned us into signing a new contract at an inflated price.

    After we had paid, they informed us that we will be receiving our photos by December last year. We only just received it this August. And they had the nerve to tell us that there was a pick up fee of $1000! Not only that but didn't even have everything that we had paid for, and now still waiting for the parent albums.

    Anyone thought of bringing this forward to A Current Affair?

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    Scout Dexter Jun 14, 2013


    I also had a very similar experience with them. I believe there is a new Australian Consumer Law of 2010 which has stricter rules and benefits the consumer and am looking in to it. Their contract is arguable as well. Would you guys want to email me on [email protected]


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    Factual007 Apr 07, 2013

    Please read all these reviews carefully and realise that this is what happens to many people. There is probably so many more that have had this happen but have not placed a review. My partner and I experienced all of the same things that many of these reviews state. I will list the key important points: You will enter in to an agreement which you can afford. You will have a pre-shoot day (if chosen) and wedding day where lots of photos are taken. You will have an album planning day where you can supposedly choose the photos you want in your album. This will be a waste of a day, because in the end they will scrap most of your selections and go with there own random selections anyway. Now this is the most important thing that you will be most disappointed about. The lack of control that you will have in the photo selection and album. We personally feel sick every time we think about it, the album could have been so much better if they responded to our requests to have more time or a better selection process of the photos. Our album has nice photos but is ruined with randomly selected photos that we don't like. You will be treated rudely at every step of the way by the main person you deal with. You will be forced into paying 2-3 times more than you initially wanted to, because otherwise you will miss a lot of the photos that you spent a whole day trying to select. If and when you get your album
    (we got ours after many re-scheduled appointments and 8 months later) you will have such a bad taste and memory of the experience and frustration that you will never enjoy your photos. Sure there is some nice photos, but not good enough to make all the frustration, rudeness and feeling of being held ransom worthwhile. Please try to find another photographer if possible, you may save yourself some major disappointment for what should be a happy experience. And worst still you will pay premium rates for it. If so many people have gone though the same process and feel so badly about it and nothing has changed after many years, then this company has serious customer service issues, in an industry that really should be all about the service.

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    Serendipity_Criminals Jul 04, 2012

    Unfortunately I discovered these threads after committing several deposits to Serendipity. It was only after a photography associate of mine that asked who we were using for our wedding and then advised that their reputation in the industry was quite horrid.

    None the less, we persisted with the knowledge of what to expect and pretty much experienced everything that people above have mentioned.

    Julian, the photographer is more than capable of creating amazing shots and his talent is not questionable. He’s a little bit quirky and artsy but he conducted his job without a problem. His wife, Sally, on the other hand is a detriment to human evolution. You could simply call her a white collar criminal but criminal is probably the least offensive word you could associate with her.

    We screened about 5-6 wedding photography places that had a presence in media/expos etc. The quality of the photos that were shown to us by Serendipity was great and they had the usual glossy brochures with what appears to be simple packages at a reasonable price. This is where the fun ends.

    Upon booking the job and deciding we were going to use them it was a matter of meeting Sally and planning times, style etc. Despite finding Sally incredibly rude within about 5minutes, we persisted in the knowledge that she isn’t the one taking the photos. We signed a contract which had writing scrawled all over it, however we knew exactly what was written down and the end product expected.

    The wedding occurred, photos were taken, everything fine.

    The initial appointment to see Sally and pick photos to be used in the album etc, we turned up and was told that she had no idea that we had an appointment. Also, her child was sick with chickenpox or some other random disease. She seems to use her children or house renovations as a generic excuse judging by previous posters as we got the house renovations excuse on another occurrence. Perhaps when you look like a bag of ### all the time, you have some practice to fine-tune good solid excuses for looking something in between homeless and a war-torn refugee.

    After rebooking an appointment and coming back she then commenced her usual ‘try and drain the customer for 12 hours’ strategy. We were basically told that all these photos in the album which we agreed on were going to cost extra and I quote, “I can’t do an album for that price.” Her next move was to present another contract and then asking us to sign it. Of course, with a whole bunch of additional costs to what was supposed to be standard. An illegal act and at that point we walked out and told her to get stuffed. From what I could understand she wanted to sell wedding packages…photos not included. So for several thousands dollars, at that point we might have got a blank album. Bargain.

    Prior to the blow-up, the photo selection process consisted of Sally showing us all the photos taken, half heartedly asking us which ones we liked and proceeding to just pick the ones she wanted anyway. She had a ‘vision’ for what things should look like and any input received was discarded and we were quickly reminded that she is very educated, has a degree and was a lead designer of the NASA space shuttle, amongst other things. The only problem being, she’s a dim-witted idiot who can’t navigate her way around Photoshop, lacks any efficiency in her production methods and more than likely suffers from a yet-to-be-discovered mental disorder.

    Several yelling matches later and giving her every opportunity for her to make an intelligent decision on anything whatsoever, we sought legal approaches and basically ‘got ### done.’

    I do feel sorry for Julian because the business could quite easily stand on its own merit and run like any other legal entity, minus his wife.

    Their company over-commits to work, due to the outstanding amount of fake positive reviews floating around the internet. Just stop and have a read of them and then think if you would ever write something as follows;

    “We're totally overwhelmed by our wedding album. The shots are breathtaking and everything we hoped for and more. The attention to detail and wonderful colours really stand out in the album. Our most intimate moments were captured perfectly by Julian on the day, giving us an album that we love to look at over and over again. Julian's use of the location was incredible and his ability to capture the mood and feeling both of the location and us as a couple is what makes our album stand out from others that I have seen.”

    Holy generic review Batman.
    Either the assistant they hire writes all these up regularly or there is a paid-for-comment company on the books who keeps everything updated.
    Oh, look, every review on brideadviser is matched with a 9/9 people found this review helpful. Really? Every single one? Amazing!

    My advice to anyone dealing with them is, in order of preference:
    1. RUN for the hills. If you haven’t committed to anything, just avoid. No amount of photos is worth the pain you will need to endure.
    2. If you are committed, make sure you know EXACTLY what you are signing for and what things cost BEFORE the day.
    3. At the first hint of disagreement, don’t get bullied or cave in to demands. It is hard being emotionally cornered on such a special day but it’s no excuse for criminal activity.
    4. Don’t be afraid to seek legal advice. Sally’s lack of organisational skills is too void for her to ever mount a defence on being a con artist.
    5. Distribute any bad dealings with them to as many people as possible. I am quite amazed they are still trading. The more people that stick it back to them, the less likely some other poor couple is going to have to deal with something that should be a pleasant experience.

    Nearly a year later, we finally have the albums, the photos and everything that was supposed to be there in the first place. The ordeal was simply not worth it.

    Karma works in strange ways sometimes and eventually it will catch up with someone so void of simple human emotions such as compassion, honesty, morality. I’d be looking three times before crossing the road if I was in her shoes because there’s a well overdue fast moving object with her name written all over it.

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    sallyhater Mar 17, 2012

    oh my...I am so glad that i found this thread. I found the owner Sally so very strange. I could not understand her bloody jargon and she made us sign all sorts of things. The only thing that was positive was the photos were lovely but obviously not worth the stress and heartache of what is above. I wish i had seen this before I signed.

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    disgruntledandunimpressed Feb 10, 2012
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    Verified customer

    It seems their service is atrocious for everyone. Whilst my story seems to be similar to everyone else's I might as well repeat it, another voice added just makes our screams louder.
    My husband and I ended up choosing this company as they were slightly cheaper than another who had a similar photography style and albums, my how I wish we had gone with the 'more expensive' company, because we ended up being held to ransom at a much higher price.
    I believe our original cost was around the 2.5-3k mark. The amount of photos seemed substantial and we believed we could easily place them within the stated page limit. Luckily for us we didn't have Sally as our photographer - and we loved the guy we had. When our videographer asked who our photographer was he shook his head and warned us, he said that they were notorious in the wedding circle, having changed their company name many times to avoid litigation. Unfortunately we had already put down 50% of the fee, and as we were paying for our entire wedding ourselves, and recently bought our first home, we believed we couldn't afford to lose the money - we SHOULD HAVE FLED.

    On the day we were told to come in and choose the photos, the photos weren't even up! We waited hours just to see the photos. Then after selecting an amount that was 75% less than what the contract stated we could pick Sally, dressed in filthy tattered clothing with horrific BO - told us that the new price was going tobe around 8k because of all the 'extra' pages. You see, the contract doesn't state that Sally is allowed 'artistic licence', which to her means putting 1-3 photos on PER PAGE. She also then mentions that any background image used (out of your selected images) is charged per page! If you don't pay then all your photos are printed on a white background. As most people said, this is why you end up being in her studio for 15hours + - she REFUSES to make the album any way but her way, so suddenly the 750-1200 odd photos you were allowed to have in our contracts in her hands ends up with a massive photobook costing 3x what you agreed on.
    We managed to stay calm and try to reason with her and ask to put more photos on per page, but there is no REASONING with a maniac and a criminal.
    I have never wanted to physically harm another human being in my entire life, but at that moment I had to restrain myself from beating her to death with a paperweight. IT became horrifyingly clear that she would stop at no length to get the extra money she wanted. So the next day I returned with my father who is an attorney and we managed to get the cost down to 5k with the original amount of photos we wanted. Despite the contract being a laugh my father warned me that with someone like Sally, who had already closed shop a million times, it wasn't worth risking our photos to try to take legal action.
    The reason they are still in business is because even once you get your photos, if you do try to shut them down, all of those other couples whose photos they have will never see them, and despite our intense hatred for this despicable miscreant, we couldn't risk those other innocent people's photos.
    The only thing you can do is spread the word to anyone you know is getting married to STEER CLEAR.
    Once we got the album (a lifetime later, due to a supposed parental death etc), like the person above, it wasn't even a week before it bubbled and deteriorated, I can't even bring myself to look at it anymore and there is no point asking her to re do it, you'd be waiting til your deathbed.


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    SallySucks Feb 04, 2012
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    I am surprised Serindipity is still in business. My wife and I went through the same issues as everyone else, so it seems to be their business model. Show you artistic photos, and a decent price structure, and then hold you to random with your wedding photos, and make you sick and tired at 3am until you through in the towel and pay more.

    It is not really about the money, is the fact that there are human beings as low as "Sally" that cannot be honest in life, and choose to torment people instead.

    On the day that we where choosing the photos to be put in the album (i.e. being held to ransom) a couple had some in, and left crying after they had been though 4+ months of drama AFTER they got their album because Sally was some cheap printing factory that delivers 2nd grade quality goods. Even our album developed bubbles etc after only a couple of months, and this is after paying more for an air sealed case for it.

    If anyone is googling this BEFORE they use this company, thank god you have found this. RUN FOR THE HILLS, and tell all of your friends before they get married too! Even if the photos are offered to you for FREE, it IS NOT WORTH IT. Having a ### at your wedding, and having them own the copywrite to your special day is not fun.

    This all happened over 3 years ago and I personally still cannot get over it.
    Sally, if you are reading this, and I know you are because you have posted above 3 or so times with "fake reviews". Is it all worth it? Is your white collar crime worth it? Is the extra 50% you scam off every customer worth it? What if one of your customer crack one day, and kidnap your kid and hold you to random?

    Sally your heart is black and I only wish that one day you will redeem yourself...but I know that this will never happen and I ashamed that I was born to be apart of the same race as you. You are the cancer in this world and one day, karma will come back to it will do much worse then bite you in your fat ###.

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    Shitendipity Dec 01, 2011

    The above comments bring back a flood of memories. Thankfully due to a double booking, we didn't have Sally as our photographer on the day, but rather her partner/husband instead (who didn’t stay for the whole thing but just parts of it). Although, we received a few comments from guests, we felt he was ok and the photos themselves were really, really good.

    However, the album planning sessions and contract negotiations were a complete nightmare! As mentioned by others the original 'contract' was a scrawled mess that was almost impossible to decipher. I asked for it to be typed up and was rebuffed even after pointing out that such a 'professional' company such as theirs could surely type up a receipt. This ‘contract’ is certainly open to adjustment too and we were consistently browbeaten into buying more, basically told we were cheap when we didn't and endured hours upon hours of rants, aggression and nonsensical tirades during the album planning session that lasted between 5.30pm and 3.30am the next morning. Thankfully my wonderful wife was both smart enough to bring food in anticipation of the extended time and tough enough to resist Sally's financially motivated melt downs. Like other people here we also saw a traumatised looking couple preceding us in the studio.

    During the session we were told which photos we were allowed or not allowed to have and derided by Sally when we wished to include photos that she didn’t like. She pressured us to get certain artistic (but expensive) flourishes and revealed additional expenses not previously mentioned like touch-ups and the like. During all of this we were treated to further ‘professional’ touches like her kid riding around the studio naked on a scooter, her conducting the session sans bra whilst wearing a tank top and the ultimate highlight of her storming out of the room when we disagreed with her one too many times, yelling “You can do it all yourselves!”

    In the end we got the album, a disc with the photos, some prints and two parent albums for about $2000 more than the original ‘contract’. It took several more months and a lot more phone calls and changed appointment times before we collected them though, and we felt like our photos were hostage to their demands until we collected them.

    The final kicker was they asked for an endorsement for their website. Well, here it is.

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  • Tr
    Tricky Webber Nov 18, 2011

    Wow - I was almost convinced Serendipity couldn't be as bad as they say - until I saw the last post. The fact that a "Professional" Company found the need to respond to poor feedback with the above response shows a lack of professionalism in itself! Exonerated or not. You have just admitted such a complaint was filed. A baseless complaint due legal technicalities I would assume.

    Sally... Sally... Sally. or should I call you Cathy Nam Travis or the other aliases that you use? You almost had me fooled - Lucky my fiance told me about your phone conversation before I made a decision. I think rude and abrubt were the words he used. He told me that he thinks I would hate this cow, and that by the end of our wedding day I would punch you in the face. By the sounds of things, it looks like he was right. Fraudster.

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  • Ad
    Advocate of Truth Jun 20, 2011

    To the OP: I would be very careful about maintaining this campaign of harassment and continuing to defame this salon. The salon was completely exonerated and the bride in question was found to have filed a baseless complaint.

    By the way, that bride's marriage was a very short lived one. Read into that fact what you will...

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    Evil is evil Feb 20, 2011

    A friend of mine worked there for a few years and they can attest to all these complaints. I heard all of this was a daily occurrence. Once they have their first meeting with the client and agree on a package, they come into the back office and decide how much they think they can really make from their new found client. I have also heard many other stories which are far worse. Stay away.

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    Greenmountains Sep 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do NOT trust serendipity!! All the negative reviews it exactly what happened to us!!

    Sally was rude to guests, pushed my bridesmaid off the stairs, pushed my friends off the dancefloor and told my friends to leave the whole foyer of the reception because she was the only one allowed to take photos.

    She screamed at all the family when taking photos and yelled "i dont want to have to bloody photoshop everyone"

    After this she asked me do i have any friends to take photos with. I didnt want any my friends to go through what my family so i said no. Then she had the audacity to say "that would be right, you're from overseas!" excuse me!., but i was born here!!

    Everyone was shocked at how blatently rude she was. We thought it couldnt get any worse but unfortunately we were so wrong.

    We had to go into the studio for over 14 hours and sally kept trying to force us to pay over triple of what was stated in the contract. She is the biggest liar!! We had already asked upon signing would this be te final fee and she said yes. We were unwilling to pay over $6000 When we had signed for$2000.

    At the studio there were certain pics i was cutting out because of the price and she was so angry and calling me a stupid girl!! Who talks to customers in this manner? In the end we didnt get our album that was in the contract.

    We were there from 10am and at about 9pm i told my husband to call his mum that we would be late for dinner. She misheard and thought i said we were going for dinner. She became soo angry and eratic yelling "you are not allowed to have dinner, you are not allowed to leave until we have finished"! This is after we had already been there for 13 hours!!!
    She was so strange the whole time in the studio, talking about pointless issues and laughing, then the next minute bursting into fits of anger and rage.

    When we went to collect our photos (only a cd and a few prints) for $2000 (no album ) she said it was not ready. Why she did not call me BEFORE our scheduled appointment is beyond me but i guess its no surprised based on everything else that she had done! With the photos on the cd they are all in raw file where i have to convert each one individually!!! If i wanted her to convert it would cost an extra $400!!

    Finally the next time we picked it up there was another couple in there and the EXACT same thing was happening to them!! Sally was trying to charge them triple and getting extremely angry at them.

    I cant believe they are still trading. They should be reported !! They con their customers using the same tactics! This is all planned and very manipulative. And to the postive comment left it sounds way too fake and detailed. Yes we know its you sally. Do NOT trust serendipity!!! Do not go take your wedding photos there. It is a NIGHTMARE and they will rip you off!

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    corinthianpainting Sep 09, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a company also and I must admit that in my experience no one would go to those efforts to make such elaborate and positive remarks in our defence. Without doubt these positive comments are construed by the owners. If you are genuinely making a positive comment than I must ask you are you still willing to defend someone who bakes a cake for you, pats you on your back and then stabs 10 other people around you? I also wonder how many people have been hurt by this company that have not made a comment on this web site or any other. Even consumer affairs have said on their website that a large volume of complaints have been made against this company. These two con artists have an elaborate scheme using the same "renovations" excuse for many years (attested to by other user comments) as a means to secure fast payments at a price to agree to by the original contract. The photographer turned our wedding into a fast making her self the centre of attention. She consistently used foul language, told wedding guests off and at one point physically pushed the bridesmaid while she was standing on a flight of stairs. She ordered a meal that we told her we would not be providing and ordered all guests out of the lobby area while we were getting our photos taken. We also experienced being held captive in their studio for many hours tediously enduring her constant rants and forcefulness in regards to making us pay more than 4 times our originally agreed amount. We never got our album and had to redraw the contract. We ended up with just the raw files (unconverted) and a couple of prints. When we went to pick up our prints there was another couple who were going through exactly the same thing. They are not just difficult people, they are scam artist who systematically use the same mode of operation to rip off innocent victims. It was never about the money for us. It was the principle!

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  • Br
    Bridezilla09 Dec 15, 2009

    I totally agree with all the complaints this is exactly what happend to us! Its a total nightmare dealing with them and the intial cost of $3000 is NOT the real cost but you only find this out when after they take the photos and you spend 12hrs in the studio that you have to pay an extra $3000+ for the album
    This is absolutely ridiculous and if we knew there will be extra costs involved to that amount we would never have gone with them!!
    Yes the photos are amazing and look great but they are not worth all this drama
    The comments from "Cathy & Nam" and "Sally & Travis" sound way too fake!!!

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    Bride2008 Sep 18, 2009

    I couldn't agree more with the complaints that have been posted here about Serendipity. There's not really any need for me to explain my situation becuase I think everything has been covered. My wedding was over a year ago now, and although our album did come out quite lovely (only 8 months after the wedding), the pain and heartache we went through to get it is something I would NEVER wish upon any bride.

    I have to note, it sounds like the comments from "Cathy & Nam" and "Sally & Travis" above sound like the testimonials on the Serendipity image website. I would not listen to these comments, as I'm quite confident I know who wrote them.

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  • Di
    Disgruntledx10 Jul 08, 2009

    We used them 10 years ago, yes we have experienced bo0th sides that have been expressed. Yes they are hard to deal with and are very time consuming, at the end of our experience we thought it was all worth while considering just how good our album looks and the comments we get. However, bring us forward 7 years to when I was suppose to be able to get our negatives and the story changes. For the past 3 years I have been constantly requesting these to no avail. i have been given every excuse under the sun from renovating to "its the busy season" to moving etc, but the last has ben the final straw I have now been told that I cant have them until next MAY and for me to contact them!!!. Enough is enough, I would never recommend them based on their customer service. Rude is an understatement its like talking to a brick wall.

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  • Sa
    sally and travis Jun 11, 2009

    I have nothing but good things to say about Serendipity. I have never seen an album like ours, its just amazing. We are very happy to support them, as our album is fantastic and the final product was absolutely worth the wait (in our case, the expected 6 months). They go to a lot of trouble to make lovely designs and our day is shown in a way that is very vivid and beautiful. We want to indicate our support for these very hard working people who put so much time and effort into the album. We were given an album that is bigger than expected, has nearly 250 pictures in it, all finished very nicely and I look just perfect - we are extremely happy.

    The photos are totally awesome, the standard and quality is amazing and there is such a volume of photos, every last detail is covered, right from the beginning of the day till well into the reception. The paparazzi spread at the reception has a huge number of pictures in it including lots of my guests and family and is a really useful snapshot of the day, and very good for our memories of particular people. The feeling of our book really reflects the emotions of the day, and our feelings for each other, our love and happiness together.

    The reason why we choose Serendipity is that we wanted an album that was different. We are quite relaxed people and we wanted something that was personal and fun. Our album completely reflects our personalities and the way we felt our day should be, as well as the way we wanted to remember it, casual, happy, intimate and romantic. WE REALLY LOVE OUR PHOTOS!!!

    We were really impressed at the sheer effort they had put into the album. From what I understand, they took something like 2000 photos, and cut them down and put them together to tell a story. When you look through the album can I remember the day from the excitement of preparing at home to the final shot of us heading off to the honeymoon.

    The level of fine detail and finish is quite superb. The album is really impressive with strong design and colour. We absolutely love the bright blue of the skies in the beach pictures and the very sunny look of our day. Our guests came up to us on the day and even afterwards and talked about our photographer with comments like "Who's that bloke with the camera? Gee he's a good photographer, he's always on the go."

    We can't fault the photography or the album. You couldn't look for better photography. Every last thing has been captured from the day, from the ceremony to the reception. I adore the lovely pictures of us.

    We are really happy to recommend Serendipity for incredible work - Sally and Travis

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    justin brown Jun 11, 2009

    We were very satisfied with the photos from Serendipity. The photos are amazingly creative, which is why we went to Serendipity in the first place. We wanted something different and we are totally satisfied. Our album will look amazing... and we are happy to recommend them and support them on the web.

    Our pictures are very natural - we were quite surprised with the range of unusual angles and perspectives. We were very impressed with the level of detail and understanding and how they made a large effort to work creatively from within our traditions. We felt that the pictures expressed our connection to our culture and history very well.

    Another thing we really appreciated is that thay where able to be flexible in organizing a pre-shot day. This meant that our wedding day was a lot more leisurely and we where able to spend a lot more time with our family and friends. They arranged this at a very reasonable price.

    The service was completely wonderful and very creative - they were just outstanding, willing to work very hard and very enthusiastic about our day. At first we were very nervous but he knew just the right way to help us laugh together and feel relaxed so that we look fantastic.

    The pictures were very clear. We have been presented with an abundance of photos with lovely shots of wedding details and many unexpected moments. We are extremely happy with our photos, there are so many different locations and actions, so many changes of mood and every little detail of our ceremony was covered. We felt really understood - our traditional ceremonies have been observed and recorded, and just the way would like. Our album has a mix of dramatic shots, bright and sunny moments, and the intricacy of our wedding ceremonies. We have told many of our friends about Serendipity, we are very happy to recommend them for amazing wedding photography.
    Cathy and Nam

    -3 Votes
  • St
    Starman May 30, 2009


    Do not use these people for your photos! I lost a deposit of 500, but am so so glad that I never went ahead with them.

    We initially booked to see them, but were kept waiting for two hours, and yet offered no apology. When we initially diecided NOT to go with them, Sally became very angry and demanded to know why, and what was wrong. She became aggressive with my partner and told us how she was very qualified and had "a degree" which placed her above the rest.

    It is run by a couple of have NO class, manners or professionalism. We paid our deposit, and then were told that someone else would be shooting the wedding. They dress like they are living on the streets, and have no manners. They refused to return my phonecalls and when i complained she was very very rude. All I was told was how busy she was with renovations and that I had to be appreciative of their busy workload! Everytime i called, she would tell me to call back later, and refused to call me back because they were "cutting costs." Crazy. The contract she gave me was scribbled all over with mess, and I had no idea what she had written. It was totally unprofessional, and when I regained my senses, i realised i had to find someone else.

    Enough was enough. The rudeness on the phone, the very very poor customer service was too much to bare, so we cut our losses, and have now employed a photographer who has treated us like royalty. We are so much more relieved now, and very confident that we will be looked after.

    We have an excellent photographer now, from North Melbourne, who is completely the opposite. So much more confident and happy with service now. He is more expensive than Serendipity but its well worth it.

    Do not use Serendiptiy Media. They may offer you a cheaper price than other places, but the service, awful customer service and headaches you get are not worth it. And from the stories above, it seems to be a regular occurrence.

    It is a very special day, and you do not want to have to worry about your photographer and have that stress to deal with.

    1 Votes
  • An
    annoyed May 13, 2009

    Its almost funny to read these comments because of how exactly the same our experience was, well it would be funny if we already had our wedding photographs in our hands and never had to deal with these people ever again. I have never met a ruder person in my life as the editor (who also happened to be our photographer). Not only were they awful to guests at our wedding, the staff working at the venue almost asked them to leave due to how they were being treated. I really can't imagine that the photos we get back will be so good that i can feel better about everything that's happened. We also sat in the studo exhausted for about 13 hours until i finally agreed on paying over double what was originally quoted. Again this is after they spent hours waffling about nothing really... just wasting more of our time. Insane really, I still can't believe I agreed to that price!

    0 Votes
  • Th
    The Bride May 06, 2009

    Yes, the frustration factor is high with the long lead-time for delivery (it took nearly two years for our artwork to be finished), and yes, all the costs are not in the original contract. But this is how this industry operates, so you need to do your homework before engaging a photographer and see who you can forge a realationship with to end-up with a win-win situation (other photographers may deliver on time, but they still rely on significant add-on costs and may drop the quality as well). Also, talk to others who already have wedding photos and get an idea of EXACTLY EVERYTHING you want in your portfolio, and SPECIFY IT IN THE CONTRACT (also their experience of wedding photographers - generally it's not pretty). I know this doesn't leave any flexibility, but Wedding photography makes no allowance in the contract for this - you need to make allowance for this in your budget; no doubt there will be extra prints, so fix the size and price/unit of these when you are setting up the contract (this covers you for long lead times after ordering). Also address the issue of ownership of negatives or raw-files now (look-up the leagalities of photos and creative artwork) - ask the photographers what they normally do here and negotiate your rights if you have to - their response to this will tell you what they will be like post wedding-day.

    For those already committed to Serendipity and without their wedding photos (if your wedding day hasn't come and you don't like the sound of the rest of this, you may want to consider your options), the potential drivers for your delays are where you are in the queue in relation to the money you owe and the amount of creative artwork your portfolio requires. Also, I believe the business overcommits most of the time i.e. the workload significantly exceeds the available resource. The lead creative person does not operate like most people in business and is not deadline driven, but rather inspiration driven. Thus if the spark is not there, then nothing happens until it comes. This never gets vocalised to the client, all they get are excuses, which I know is unsatisfactory, but I believe there is genuine intent to do the best job. You have two choices a) take the aggressive line and potentially head towards legal action which puts them on the defensive or b) take a step back and manage the situation. I took option b) and resigned myself to a longer delivery time, but I negotitated concessions with them for this. You have to be firm, maintain the charm and business-like manner, and logic will prevail in the end, as does perseverence (I wore them out!).

    I have photgraphs that are superb and get WOW! from everyone that sees them, and over the years, the memory of the "post-wedding trauma" has faded.

    Good Luck!
    The Bride

    2 Votes
  • Fe
    FEELING BULLIED May 04, 2009

    I have also had an horrendous experience with SERENDIPITY. I had no such problems with the photographer, but my partner and I were treated with unbelievable rudeness and contempt by the editor. We were also made to sit in the studio for a total of 16 hours. We have been charged at a much higher cost than the budget we discussed in our earlier meeting. At 1.30 in the morning however, after experiencing serious anxiety symptoms, we just had to get out of there and agree on a much higher then expected price.

    Currently we feel as though our photos are being held for ransom, and feel as though we cannot truly speak our minds for fear that we will lose our wedding day photos. We are expecting a long delay to receive our album and are not given the telephone number of the videographer for me to speak to directly. This is supposedly because it is not in their 'price structure', which is absolutely idiotic when you consider how much time she wastes as she waffles on in incomprehensible distorted language.

    Initially i thought that she seemed a bit rude, but i did not think it mattered as i thought she was only the photo editor, and because their photos are very good. IT DOES MATTER. DO NOT GO THROUGH SERENDIPITY.

    1 Votes

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