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by Maria

This time last year I was contacted by Vinny, an account manager for Igomogul. I listened to him explain his company and how you can get your own website. He went over the different types of websites and prices. I told him I could not afford the expensive ones, only the $200.00 one due to having had two brain surgeries. I was still paying a lot of medical bills. He said he understood, but sure gave me the run around and tried his best to up-sale me. He then explained that afterwards, I would be able to make money with the company, not only from my website, but writing articles and eventually reviews on other websites. I liked the idea because I am a freelance writer.
I paid the money, got my very basic site, and started writing my articles. After ten completed articles with Writezilla, I began my review writing with Postzilla. I loved it. It was nice to make a little extra money to help pay some bills, especially since with my medical condition I cannot go back to work outside the home. I gradually made my way up with writing articles, going from two at a time, to three, four, and was just recently at ten. I was also writing a lot of reviews. I was making a nice little bit of money to help out.
About November last year, I suddenly lost the ability to write reviews for Postzilla. I called Vinny and he explained that Postzilla had been taken away from me due to needing to spend more money and upgrade my website. He wanted at the minimum, $1200.00 or more. I said I couldn’t do it. And because I couldn’t do it, he would not reinstate my Postzilla. I was upset, but knew I still had Writezilla, my articles. Well, that too has now come to an end. Just a week or so ago, I noticed the editors were taking their time getting my articles reviewed. Then the writing opportunities for choosing articles to write slowed down. Then, my open opportunities went from ten open articles to just two….the amount I started with a year ago. All because I wouldn’t upgrade my website and dump more money into it. I called Igomogul again, and all they did was harass me for more money. They tried playing the “God” card acting like they are all a bunch of Christians, quoting Bible verses to me. I was disgusted, being a real Christian myself. Then, to add insult to injury, they acted as though all the money I made with them this past year (only $4, 000.00), was handed to me by them. I earned every stinking dime I made with them writing those articles. I took real offense to that!
Igomogul changed their contract on me. They lied to me to get me in the door, then tried to up-sale me, or cut me off. Websites do not cost as much as they want to charge. My nephew had a website developed for $200.00 just a month ago, and it is amazing…check it out… $200.00!
There is a website… that does not charge any fee to get on and write articles for them. Nothing to pay, no contracts and you can make up to $15.00 an article. Igomogul should be shut down. They are sneaky, underhanded, and lie. They do unfair business. Their business practices are shady to say the least!


  • Ma
    Mards Oct 07, 2011

    I too was scammed to the tune of $3300 dollars. I am all for a class action suit. Let me know if this happens.

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  • Ki
    Kindacrazy Oct 05, 2011

    OK, people, I too have a blog with Website Business and I cannot access my site, either. Now, from what I have read on other complaint sites is, this in a nutshell: The owner Kyle Wynn abruptly closed the doors on Website Business, even unbeknown est to the employees. So, we really can’t blame the employees, other than the owner. The employees paychecks bounced, were made false promises and lead down the proverbial “things are going to get better” path, just as we were.

    So, here we are with money and time invested in what we thought was going to be an “extra income” source. If you are like me, I posted for other income sources as well, so I can’t even access my site to post for other paid for post assignments.

    Now, as I see it, we can do one of two things. 1). Go on about our merry way and say ” hard lesson learned”, or 2). We can solicit others like “us” either employees or bloggers who have also been duped and notify the authorities.

    Call GoDaddy, the State Attorney General’s Office, and the FBI, yes the FBI, this is a fraud case, nationally, plus we could also notify the IRS. Guess who is suppose to send out 1099′s at the end of the year? Yep, Website Business.

    We are not alone. Check other scam websites and you will see.

    Anyone want to spearhead a class action suite?

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  • So
    southman Sep 28, 2011

    Sorry, I have a feeling we're all in the same boat, and it's the Titanic! I would be indeed surprised if they have not cut and run. I would guess they will start yet another business under a different name. If so, maybe we can get some money back. Not being a lawyer, I wouldn't know.

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  • Be
    beenscammedtoomanytimes Sep 13, 2011

    Does anyone have a phone number that I can reach someone at websitebusiness?? all of a sudden there is no way to contact them. the Customer Service number is always on BUSY SIGNAL! I can find the number for the guy that got me to start up. I need to get a hold of them and get my money back! I wrote about 40 reviews and didn't see a dime for any of them!!! I want to talk to a person that gave a personal phone number. I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you all, I wish I had read these reviews before shelling out $200.00 then $10 every month just to keep my site up.

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  • Gs
    gstephenson Aug 31, 2011

    I've yet to even get a website (I paid on 7-25) and I was told almost a month ago that "atomword" was being updated and I couldn't get started. I've been calling being unable to speak to anyone as I was on hold for 10 minutes or more. I just called again on Friday (8-27) and the recording stated they were wasn't a Holiday...and just yesterday (8-29) I kept getting a busy signal...I paid over $1500 and I guess I can kiss that good-bye! I am going to go through my credit cards to see if I have a chance to recoup some of my money! They really seemed legit and I'm ashamed I was scammed.

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  • Ra
    Randall Boggs Aug 27, 2011

    It's not a scam, it's just an overpriced, poor quality product you could get better and cheaper elsewhere. They do provide you with a website, design, and SEO services etc, but because the sales and account manager department gets such a high commission, the products have to be marked up a lot for the company to break even. Apparently this wasn't even enough, since they don't have enough money to pay their employees.

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  • Bl
    BlakeDute Jun 30, 2011


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  • Bl
    BlakeDute Jun 30, 2011

    Hello, i unfortunantly paid a lot of money with these guys for a website before reviewing them. I am in the process of making my domain name and all that. Is their any advice in what i could to do keep this as painful as possible? It was dumb of me to not review first.

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  • Hi jsnow, atleast you're having fun with your blog site! It would be interesting to see if website business indeed does start asking for more money at a certain point. You can look at the review written by Randomwoman. She recommends some free sites to start your own blog. I myself haven't looked into it and don't know if you can take the website/domain elsewhere? Hopefully others that know more about this process can help you out. Let us know how it all goes. Good fortune to you & all the best!

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  • Js
    jsnow Jun 18, 2011

    I'm sorry I didn't look here first for all of the complaints with website business...I guess I am another sucker that got taken! Anyway, I signed up less than 2 months ago.

    Does anyone know how to get out of this business and take the website/domain that you already purchased and write articles and blogs elsewhere? Can they take down my website/domain name if I cancell my account with them?

    Can I go thru or another domain company? I will say that I am having fun with my blog site, but now after reading all of these complaints about them trying to upsell you later frustrates me.
    I would like to make money writing articles, but not to get taken.
    Can someone help me?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Summary of my experience with the company

    I was looking into jobs and was called & signed up with this hosting and web design company and paid 199$ with the goal to earn some money with writing reviews, blogging, having a website set up by the company. I signed a work contract online and verbally on the phone I was told that there was a 30-day trial period and if I didn't like it I would get my money back. The work contract doesn't mention anything about a refund policy and I addressed this while signing up. However I was verbally guaranteed that I would get my money back if I wasn't happy.
    The next day after signing up I looked into the company and called customer service talking to many representatives to find out more about what I would be expecting and to see if I indeed liked it. After a couple of calls I started realizing that this was a bad deal (financially), I didn't trust them at all due to their lack of professionalism, communication skills, their tactics of manipulating and twisting the facts. The account managers I spoke to were rude, abusive, impatient, pushy and patronizing. I wanted immediately out especially because of the sense of untrustworthiness I was experiencing. I asked an accountmanager about the service I would be getting and he basically said I couldn’t expect much for what I was paying: 199$. This was totally demotivating and I sensed "a control factor".
    Also getting the message that you get what you pay for...and get if you pay..
    On the third day after signing in I called customer service and cancelled and asked for my money to be refunded. I asked to speak to someone about this and even requested to speak to the sales representatives that signed me in. This was not the policy to speak to the sales representatives anymore. I left a message on the voicemail of one of the sales representatives but he never got back to me. I requested an e-mail address so that I could cancel by e-mail as well. So on the same day I also sent an e-mail cancelling, asking for my money back and requesting a confirmation that they received my e-mail. They never sent a confirmation e-mail back. In the work contract the company lists all the contents of service they will provide. I hadn’t begun the training yet and didn’t receive the services. The response to my cancellation was very offensive, defensive and I was told that I had to continue with the program.
    Three days after I had sent my cancellation e-mail and cancelled by phone, I received an e-mail from the company saying that they had finished setting up a domain name for me and that after that the website would be set up. They totally ignored the fact that I had cancelled the 3rd day after signing up. I responded by e-mail reminding them that I had cancelled and asked for a refund. Once again they totally ignored that response and sent me another e-mail explaining that they now completed the basic site setup.

    By then I no longer wanted to communicate with this company and did not want to look into anything they sent me or set up for me due to the fact that I had cancelled and did not want anything to do with this company.
    On the 4th day after signing in, because of the mistrust, I also called my bank and contacted the dispute department to have the amount 199$ credited back (a chargeback).
    At least I felt support and backed-up by the bank. I was relieved that I had used a credit-card.
    In the past I had already experienced scam situations and fraud and very soon I was sensing the same uncanny feeling. I just wanted to break all ties, get out and get my money refunded. I would like to share my experience and to prevent other people from falling prey to their deceitful and dishonest tactics.
    However this is apparently a legal business. As I was told by a representative of websitebusiness customer service, there are approximately 10 customer service representatives, 6 account managers and 3 assistants. I was told that the business is growing and that about 60 people sign up a day. By reading some reviews and testimonials, some people are happy with websitebusiness and their services. It is indeed good to hear that something you invest your time and money into works. I personally found out that this company is not the place for me.
    The company did fortunately after eight days of my cancellation, refund the amount of 199$.
    What I have learnt from this experience is that I will not pay in advance anymore for anything I know nothing about. It was also a tricky thing concerning the work statement I had to sign. Nothing about a money return policy is mentioned. This gives space to twist or deny the truth of what was agreed on verbally. At the moment I gave my notice of cancellation, I was told that I had to go through with the program and then I was verbally guaranteed that I had 90 days the time to make money. If I didn’t make any money I would get my money back.
    They can just make anything out of it. So if you earn 5$ within the 90 days, you did make money and can't get your money back. This was the attitude, feedback I was continuously getting.
    I didn’t trust it for a moment and asked if this could be documented on paper because apparently everybody can say anything and then ignore it, twist it and deny it, just like the 30-day trial period regarding getting your money refunded if you are not satisfied.
    I didn’t get a response to this. Another thing before I get into anything, I’m going to check reviews and take my time to check it all out before I pay something. I’ve decided that I’m not going to blindly pay anything in advance anymore.
    Like Jesus says: Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, meaning learn and know both the tactics of the darkness and of the light. Sometimes we apparently have to go through the darkness, deception to recognize what it is...

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  • Be
    Beccsu May 19, 2011

    I just spoke with a very nice young lady who said she just started with and would like to give me a good deal but I would need to talk to someone else first. She told me that the cost was $500.00. When the next person got on the phone he said it was $900.00 but because he had a client who was not able to work he would give me her discount and drop it down to $199.00. I said I would call him back as I wanted to research first. He became perturbed but I held my ground. He wanted the sell now and tried to fast talk me about the economy and hard times and how I could make money. I finally said no thanks, hung up and went right to the computer to check on them. Just as I thought, when they try to fast talk money out of you there is a problem. He was right about the hard times that is why I check out everything, esp. when they try to bulldoze you out of your money.

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  • Li
    Linda Mayer May 16, 2011

    I too was looking for a way to make extra money, and talking on the phone with the company they made it look so easy. After they went from wanting to charge $599.00 to $199.00 I agreed to try it. I have had nothing but trouble ever since. I replied to an e-mail right away to stop this and the mail came back as undeliverable. I have gotten several e-mails from them that cannot be replied to. I have talked to someone on the phone, but can't get anywhere. They are so pushy. And almost rude. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THEM. If it sounds too good to be true it is.

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  • Bl
    Bllk75 May 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After recieving numerous complaints on the net as well as an F rating from the Arizona BBB, changed its company name to There site redirects you to their new site and Arizona BBB has both listed on the same profile.
    This is the same work at home, pay per click, review scam with a new name. If you have been contacted by anyone representing, or file a complaint with Arizona BBB, Arizona Attorney General, IC3 and your states Attorney General, also contact 3 On you side at

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  • Dr
    dreamcatcher4 Mar 12, 2011

    Keep bugging them until they give you your money back flood them with emails. They won't even bother you. Do not let them win.

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  • So here is a post for them...NO THANK YOU! Leave the innocent folks alone and enough of these mind games. I felt like I just stepped out a scene from "Boiler Room" ..and we all know how that ended. Good movie. Whatever happen to movies like that?..that show hard life lessons??. So my mind is made up and I applaud those who made a constant effort in trying to convince me to take part of this "wonderwall".
    As for those who had taken the blows... I thank you for sharing your honesty and warning.

    Let's make this an ethical society one person at a time

    A friend in mind...Ric Delgado ;)

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  • Cm
    cmab Feb 10, 2011

    I was just contacted by a Shawn Ross from I did not like his rudeness at all; asking me if I spelled the website correctly because my computer wouldn't let me load their site (that's a sign saying Hello who's that dumb to not know how to spell websitebusiness! Anywho, I want to thank all of you who posted here because I was thinking about it; but now I'm not even going to bother with them. Its just too unrealistic of a easy money making. Who got the cash to play.

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  • Li
    livelikeno2morrow Oct 06, 2010

    OMG!!! I want to thank each of you for taking the time to share your experiences with this company. They called me tonight, but I am not sure how they got my name and number because I have filled out no surveys. They made it sound great. Their site looks so very professional. The first young man I spoke with said let me get my floor manager to discuss the price with you. He said $199.00 for a website, google adsense, domain name, yada yada yada. I was quite interested as we went through the different sites in their portfolio and as they showed me how to make money with the blogs. SOMEHOW... we were disconnected and I started researching the company for scams and look what I found. WOW!! Thanks so much to everyone who shared your experiences, as painful as I know they must be. I wonder how many times they have really changed their name?????

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  • Re
    Reliv911 May 13, 2010

    On 5-13-10, I was contacted by Website Business and spoke to a female Gabrielle. She talked a good talk and had me all excited that I told her I wanted to sign up but I couldn't until the next day (May 14 2017) She said that was fine and told me they could post-date my debit card. Stupid me gave her my credit card number then about it before I could give her my 3 digit security code. Instead, I gave her the number to a credit card that needs to have money loaded on first. I then asked her if this was some sort of scam and she replied no, the website speaks for itself then gave me the company phone number and her extension. I immediately called her back to ask a question and the extension she gave me was for one of her male co-workers. I then did some research online which ended with negative results and complaints. I then called my bank in regards to the first credit card I gave her, and put a block on it so the website company cannot charge my card when they find I didn't load the $199.00 on the 2nd card. Unbelievable! But has anyone noticed, there are a lot of start your own business companies that are based in Arizona...

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  • Ad
    Adrianna Lea Fulmer Mar 03, 2010

    It is March 3, 2017 and I was just contacted by the web site about the survey I regretably filled out. I typed in their site as they suggested and links appeared that were complaint sites about the company. I was told by the woman on the phone that she didn't want me to click on these sites and that she didn't know anything about these review sites. She wanted to do her pitch at me but I said no just a minute I want to look at the reviews first before I get into anything with them. She said you filled out a survey. I said I see you have to pay for this site and I just don't have any money . She said we don't need to talk about that yet. I said that I can't even pay my electric bill this month so I just want to let them know I wasn't going to pay anything to them. She put her boss on and he was rude and said he has to pay for the site and why did I fill out the survey? I said just cause I was curious. He said next time don't fill out the survey and waste his money for the site! I think that he was sooo pathetic!!!

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  • Ma
    Marie Dec 07, 2009

    Yes, this is true. They are stealing and not standing by their word. Their word means nothing. They change their policies whenever they need and don't even notify those who have paid their money.

    Turn them in. I did. Not that it did any good other than I feel better. They deserve the F the AZ BBB has given them.

    DON"T pay any more money. It will do you know good. Ask them how many people are making money with their web sites (not their postzillas and writezillas). I was told by "Kyle" one of the owners that only a few have actually made the money they "promise" in their sales pitch. WOW. If I had known that I wouldn't have given them a penny.

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  • Ma
    Marie Dec 07, 2009

    This is exactly what happened to me concerning the way igomogul ran their business. Right down to the 'god card'. This company keeps changing the policies and making it harder and harder for good, honest people to make the money they promise. They change their program without notification and it has never been of benefit to the people who have invested in it. If I had know a year ago what I know now, I would not have invested $2017 in this company. They keep wanting more. The restrict what I can do. They are unethical. I called BBB of Arizona on them and did a complaint but it did no good either. Check their is a well deserved "F." Even with their name change to, they have an "F." I feel so sorry for those poor people still investing. I am just continuing with the postzillas so i can get back what I invested. AND I am earning it. It is not given to me.

    If this is happening to you, contact the AZ BBB. Write in the scam articles like this to warn others. Don't just stop and let them get by with it. WE are trying to stop this internet scamming and only WE can do it if we all act.

    Good luck. Take 'em for all they've got. Don't just stop...let them and anyone else who will listen that it is unethical and wrong.

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  • De
    deborahallen1954 Nov 22, 2009

    by Kristel

    I just came off the phone with IgoMogul as well. Basically, I already made an investment with Thrive Learning and I was told by IgoMogul that I wasted my money because they will only charge me $199.00 The gentleman tried to tell me that he will help me get my money back. Then, he tried to sign me on with them really fast, even after I repeatedly told him that I would call him back. In essence, I guess they don't want you to research the company before they can get the money out of your hand.

    It also seems like the people that are defending them on this forum are either employees or stand to gain something from singing the company's praises. The average, legitimate customer will make a comment and that is it. There is too much venom in the writing of the defenders for it to be true.

    I am sure that with all of these companies, you will get some measure of results depending on the amount of work you put in. The problem that most people have with companies like this is that they give you a false impression of how you will reap the rewards.

    My only advice is to do as much research as you can before committing to any one company. Go with someone who proves to be trustworthy over time. Don't allow yourself to be bullied into signing any contracts. Most importantly, whatever you are deciding, pray about it because with all the scam artists out there, (if you can call them artists) the only protection you will have is spiritual. Good Luck!

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  • De
    deborahallen1954 Nov 22, 2009

    by Janet Spangler

    I am quite concerned. I just joined last week, 5 days ago. My son researched the business last night and told me, "Mom, get out of this right away; it is a scam! Try to get your money back." He told me when he has questions about a site, he checks with several business contacts in-the-know, plus he checks on (I think that is the right name). Michael contacted me initially from the company and we got along fantastically. He said he likes to keep in touch with his clients and that I could call him back anytime. I tried twice that very afternoon, got a girl who sounded bored and disinterested, and wouldn't put Michael on the phone. I haven't even met with Andrew, who is to set up my web page and help me with my domain name. I am concerned. I, too, wonder, how can one make much money? The writing assignments are only $5 and it seems that one must complete your task within 48 hours, but it looks like it can be in "review", being batted back and forth to you for corrections", for 2-3 weeks. I went to "grab" one last week. When I went back a minute later, it was gone. And later, there were no writing assignments available. I'd prefer to blog on my own. How does one get paid for that?

    I looked on on Sunday night, starting to look for items (500) I'd like to sell on my site and I didn't see anything I particularly liked.

    My son cautioned me that more and more money would be asked of me down the line. Reading the first e-mail on this site, which was scary, full of complaints, I decided that I ought not to invest anything more, especially if one cannot get one's money back.

    My son told me that he got 2 websites/domains on "" for $26. I found this interesting. He said this is a bit tougher for a novice because one must have some mastery about creating websites (which I don't). He told me that if I only want to blog, he can create me my own website, he has enough skill for this. His own website is so complicated, he and his partner use a professional to help them out. But this professional is a friend.

    I am to meet with Andrew later this afternoon to set up my website and work out my web domain name--and now I don't know if this is a good idea...

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  • De
    deborahallen1954 Nov 22, 2009

    by Michael Barnette

    I gave igomogul money thinking I was going to be taught how to build a website. All ofa sudden they were building one for me. All the time wanting more money. They act like they know what they are doing, but after listening to them their ideas that they act are brilliant are stupid. I wanted to learn something but they have nothing to teach. I am going to the Attorney General and BBC. I don't buy anything from AZ, UT or NV. Those 3 states have a license to steel.
    M Barnette

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  • De
    deborahallen1954 Nov 22, 2009

    by greatly disappointed

    I signed with Igomogul back in November. This company is very dishonest. I have had the same experieces mentioned here by the others. This company needs to be stopped. Even though I'm well within the 90Day Guarantee they informed me that will not be getting a refund. I've been jerked around, misinformed and dealing with one techical failure after another. Now today they told me I can no longer blog on Postzilla until I pay to get a custom header for $998. I was promised that there would not be any future expenses unless I chose to have custom graphics done. It blows me away the this company continues to get away with the things they do. Shame, shame.

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