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if you sign up with this company and pay the 1.97 processing fee to get a membership into their website, they have a companion company WebMoney Training that turns around and bills you 69.00 monthly for their service. I did not download, buy a CD, nothing from either company. I didn't even know anything about this Web Money Training website. It came in an email to me that I believed was a phishing from dealing with Alternative Funding so I ignored the email...Don't ignore anything, both companies and advertising are RIP-OFFS!!! Good luck getting anything back, I just hope I can shake loose of them before they empty my account!


  • Us
    Usedup Aug 26, 2009

    This company and Alternative Funding are both scams! They advertise that for $1.97 you will receive information through a program called Google Money Master where you will receive $25.00 per link you post on Google and get paid weekly. This is copied from their ad:

    Step 1:
    Get Google Money Master

    Step 2:
    Post Links given to you by Google

    Step 3: Cash the checks Google sends.

    You get an e-book and video information from Web Money Training ($1.97 + $69.97 which is charged on day 7 if you don't cancel before). And, you get Alternative Funding (which will charge your account $29.95 on day 14 if you don't cancel before then). You never get Google Money Master or any links given to you to post by Google.

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  • Ma
    mad1124 Aug 26, 2009

    This is COMPLETELY A SCAM! I signed up for Google Money Masters last week and just checked my credit card statement which showed a pending charge from Web Money Training for $69.97. I did not sign up for this and it was not disclosed on the Google Money Masters checkout about this. I work in marketing and these are unauthorized and disgraceful marketing practices.

    I called the Customer Service Number (1-800-416-1339) and they tried to inform me that I was told about the monthly fee in their Welcome Email. The Welcome Email comes AFTER signing up for Google Money Masters. They did cancel this and hopefully I should receive a refund in 3-5 business days. Hopefully they stand by their word...but I obviously do not trust this company and will not hold my breath. Google should be ashamed to be working with this company but the obviously make a cut of the revenue and must be enjoying it. I am now switching to Bing.com and so should you!!!

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  • Re
    Really Tired Aug 26, 2009

    Why isn't Google suing these companies for using their logo? It appears that Google is endorsing these products even though the site lists that the TV networks and Google do not endorse them. I read the fine print after ordering, got scared it was/is a scam and promptly called both numbers to cancel. The first number finally found my order and supposedly cancelled with a confirmation e mail, but the second number listed (Alternative Funding) couldn't find my order and suggested I call back tomorrow to cancel again. Who are these people that work for these organizations? If the workers knowingly participate in these scams why aren't they prosecuted? I can see why some people hang up the phone during the attempt to cancel. You're given the run around by multiple "customer service reps" during the call and then asked to call back the next day. It seems to me that Google could or would get a bad name by not trying to prosecute these organizations for defamation or at the very least making a public statement on their own site regarding the above. The PR department at Google should at the very least make their objections to these business practices known to the general public. When one searches for Google online business opportunities, why can't Google themselves and their objection to these practices be the top result that appears?

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  • Li
    Liensevi Aug 27, 2009

    Here is there address -

    3799 Bark Blvd North, Suite 330
    Seminole, Fl 33776

    These people did exactly the same thing to me on 08/26/09.

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  • Mo
    Molly Adell Aug 29, 2009

    This just happened to me today and I have NEVER singed up for anything on Google ever!
    I can' even imagin the amount of people this is happening to and how much money they are scamming. Some peole dont even reconize it. They did it last month and over drew my account and again this month!!! I'm going to do everything I can. I have called the police and filled out a report. And so should every one else!!! This is not right these people need to be taken down!

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  • 02
    021692 Aug 31, 2009

    I just went through the same thing- and everything went exactly the same way- told $1.97 and then charged $69.97 on day 7 and they say it is in the welcome e-mail-NO the welcome email shows alternative funding which has a wab page that says it is being updated???? This is a scam and since it is in Florida the Governors office should be able to shutit down.

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  • Tm
    tmp1026 Sep 01, 2009

    I filed a dispute with my credit card company because when I called the phone number I got the recording to hold for the next rep and then got cut off. I filed a complaint with the BBB and someone else suggested I contact the attorney general which I am going to do.

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  • Di
    Diana Liford Sep 01, 2009

    And I thought I was the only one!!! I haven't been this mad in a long, long time. I also, for which I now feel like a total fool, gave my CC # FOR THE $1.97 ONLY, on the 13th of last month and, you geussed it, they took $69.97 out of my acct. on the 20th. There was ABSOLUTELY NO MENTION ANYWHERE OF A FURTHER CHARGE FOR $69.97, and I read the fine print... I have filed a complaint with the BBB but who knows how far that will go. I would think, after reading this site and noting the dates and times (quite a few in a very short amt. of time) that there are plenty more SOMEWHERE! I'm also going to file with the Atty. Generals' office and I'm going to KEEP filing until I get my money deposited back into my acct. AND I look on this site and get follow-up confirmation e-mails that others say they got their money back too. I know this will be time-consuming and a pain in the a-- but, if I don't, I let them win and I'll be damned if I'm going to get taken by these scabs of humanity. I gotta' tell you, there really are times I HATE the internet and some of the things people have learned to get away with. Good Luck, everybody and God Bless!!!

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  • Tn
    TN GIRL Sep 02, 2009


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  • Ff
    FFEJ Sep 02, 2009

    they ripped me off too. i'm almost broke . the only reason i went for it was because GOOGLE'S NAME WAS ALL OVER IT. i cannot believe what a scam this is . i never recieved anything! i authorized a 1.97 shipping& handling fee to get info on the program. 7 day trial. on the 7th. day they took 69.97. and i never recieved anything. these people are ###. i'm working to get it back but i'm not hopeful. GOOGLE SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE SINCE THEY ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN WITH THIER LOGO AND THEN WON'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

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  • Tm
    TMno Sep 02, 2009

    Same thing happened to me! I never received anything in the mail, never signed in, nothing! 2 days later $69.97 - I complained and they said they would remove it...NOTHING. Got an email cancellation, but no refund. I called again and they gave me the run around and some bogus numbers. So I called my bank and disputed the claim. Call you BANK - they can take care of it.

    I can't trust Google now! What a shame.

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  • Ti
    tiffanyandko Sep 02, 2009

    I came across this company and started looking into it, started to sign up and stopped when they asked for my credit card number. I am smart enough not to give out financial information without finding out more about what I am getting into. Just underneath the boxes you input your address and credit card information, there is a box that is labeled Terms & Conditions. So of course I read that and everything you all are complaining about is in the paragraph, it fully discloses the charges you will get each month if you do not cancel after the trail periods. All you guys had to do was read that small paragraph. Here is what it said since you all missed it.

    "You will have 7 days from the date of order to evaluate our product. If you decide you are happy with the product do nothing. For your 7 day trial you will only receive a one-time charge of $1.97, and if you decide to continue with the membership after your trial - you will only be billed a discounted $69.97 per month. There are no obligations and no strings attached. You can cancel anytime via our customer support line at 800-416-1339. You will also receive a free 14-day trial to Alternative Funding. After the 14-day trial, you will be charged $29.95 a month thereafter, if you choose not to cancel. Cancel any time by calling 800-994-4164. View full terms & conditions."

    I also read the full terms and conditions and visited their website, I have not signed up since I cannot determine what exactly they are offering, but I am still considering trying the free trail because it is endorsed by CNN, ABC, MSNBC and USA Today. All those who signed up, you need to use your username and password to log in and read up, get the information you signed up for to see if it is something you can take advantage of or not and see if it is something you are capable of understanding, doing and taking the time for. For those who have not gotten through on the phone to cancel, you can cancel online, here is the info from their website about doing it that way.

    "How easy is making a cancellation? Can I submit this online or do I have to call?
    Its very easy, and yes there are several options for you to choose from.

    By far the quickest and easiest way is to perform an online cancellation (option 1 or 2). The reason we suggest you submit a cancellation online, is because occationaly you may experience an inconvenient hold time when you call.

    When you submit your cancellation online, the time you submit the request is logged, and therefore your cancellation is 100% guaranteed to be effective same day.

    #1 - Online Cancellation : www.WebMoneyTraining.com/support.php
    Submit a cancellation using the Customer Support Form.

    #2 - Online Cancellation : www.CSRegister.com/login.php
    Login to your CSRegister account using the account details in your email

    #3 - Phone Cancellation : 1-800-416-1339
    Call WebMoneyTraining Toll-Free

    #4 - Phone Cancellation : 1-800-490-4417
    Call CSRegister Toll-Free"

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  • Kf
    kfef Sep 03, 2009

    How can you have a 7 day trial when you haven't recieved anything to start said trial? And on that 7th day of the so called trial period you have 69.97 taken (stolen) from your bank account. I read the small print. it's a rip-off.

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  • No
    none your business Sep 04, 2009

    Well if you bunch of ###ing idiots would read the terms and conditions of the web money training you would see that it clearly states that after the 7th day you will be Billed 69.97 for the monthly membership. At the top of the TERM"S and CONDITIONS it States that all purchases are NONREFUNDABLE. Go Pitch a ### Somewhere else you Bunch of Ignorant ###...

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  • Ju
    Jullss Sep 08, 2009

    The same happen to me last week and a lady with name len toll me I'll have my refund in a 5 to 6 days and that NOT HAPPEN, so I call back again today and they toll me the same thing, I'm SO MAD, because they lie to me . I hope the really give me my money back!!!

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  • Ih
    ihatewebtraining Sep 16, 2009

    After reading a tweet from Google talking about "Make Money Using Google!" scams linked to this http://www.google.com/support/websearch/bin/answer.py?answer=9110

    I was immediately concerned because I remember a family member of mine doing me a favor and just recognizing that there was an opportunity to make money on the Internet through marketing and advertising, so I had signed up for "WebMoney Training" linked to Google but it was really a scam! I was stupid enough to fall for the $1.97 free trial + Google Kit and never received a Google Kit in the mail. Then after today from reading the tweet I looked at my billing statements and found the $69.97 charge. Thank God I saw the tweet otherwise I would have never noticed! Right after that, I found this site and I called Customer Service regarding my "WebMoney Training" account and told them about their misleading practices then finally got them to send me to the "Refund Approval Representative" to authorize my refund, sure enough they agreed to refund me and told me it will take 3-5 days.

    If you were one of the people that were taken advantage of just know that you can get a refund from these ###, it was not stated anywhere (Not at the sign up/Not in the email after making the payment) that we would be charged with these fees after making the $1.97 payment giving you the right to get your money back if you were charged unauthorized fees ($69.97/$29.95). It is all misleading and falls under the category of being a scam. The Customer Service Number to "WebMoney Training" is 800-416-1339. They are going to offer you a free month of membership after you tell them you want to cancel the account and all you have to say is, "Why would I want a free membership to a company that practices misleading marketing and advertising? It would have been nice if I had known what kind of charges would be made on my credit card before becoming a member and but because of that I no longer want to be associated in any way with it, I would like to have my full refund of $69.97 back please." Then they will transfer you over to the "Refund Approval Representative."

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  • Ma
    madashellandnotgonnatake it Sep 17, 2009

    this is a scam plain and simple.

    it does not matter that the nice sounding "customer service" person who posted above makes it sound all so reasonable.

    I got taken in and called to cancel within 10 minutes of making the mistake of ordering.
    I got a cancellation number and was assured I would not be charged or hear from them again.

    this is NOT true.

    today, I got an email from "Alternative Funding" and I immediately called them - not knowing what it was - and the person on the phone sounded like a robot. Literally. All he could say was, "I need to verify all of your information before I can" even tell me who or what the company was. Well, of course I'm NOT going to give my personal information. He wouldn't even tell me the name of his company. He wouldn't transfer me to a supervisor. He couldn't answer the question: "Can you think?" He kept asking for personal info.
    So, I find this web site, reading all of this. It is a SCAM pure and simple.

    (Despite the very rude post above.. note that even if you DO cancel, you will get charged.)

    I immediately looked at my CC charges (not charged yet), called my credit card company and cancelled the card.

    I suggest you do the same. Also, credit card companies will issue a chargeback - even up to 90 days for you. You do not have to be stuck with the charge. simply call them.
    You can't complain to the BBB because ... well, who is this business?

    good luck.

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  • Ti
    Tiberiuus Sep 30, 2009

    A good rule to follow would be that if a website money making program demands money up front, its probably good to avoid.

    The issue with this webmoney training program is that it probably works, but you'll need to make an investment of about $200.00 to participate "properly". Your not informed about the additional charges until after you sign up. If you take the "free" services and dont upgrade, you only get a website with no traffic assistance, also you only have an option for 1 website thats pretty generic.

    Upon signing up, you are required "in order to make money properly" to sign up for a sister service called "Alternative Funding Membership Program". This is the reason for the additional $29.95 charge. Thier TOS may mention this, but its hidden in fine print and pretty devious.

    Like I said, this program may work, but it would probably be better to avoid. If you choose to back out, you have to jump through so many hoops it gets ridiculous. I will provide the numbers to the programs so you can cancel your accounts properly. Remember these are different companies so you will need to cancel with both of them individually.

    And keep good track of your emails and bank accounts for surprises.

    WebMoneyTraining - 1-800-416-1339 - if this number is incorrect, read the terms of service, there is a number on there you call to cancel your account.

    Alternative Funding - 1-800-994-4164

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  • Sa
    sarahc Oct 08, 2009

    I called to cancel immediately after I made the same mistake of ordering this. The only charge I got from web money training was the 1.97 which I had then called to ask them about and they said that they would remove but never did. The problem I have is that alternative funding is charging me which I had called after webmoney training to cancel and two months after canceling they sent me a charge of 29.95 so I'm pissed

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  • Kl
    klboylan Oct 13, 2009

    I saw an article on an online news page about WebMoney Training. I went to the website and read all the reviews. I signed up for the $1.97 training package. This all sounded good...I was mistaken. Weeks went by and I never received the training package AND I was then charged the monthly fee of $69.97! I had to call the customer service number 4 times and get a manager on the phone to process my refund request. They canceled my account and gave me a refund confirmation number. I thought I was through with them. Here it is 3 weeks later and I still haven't received my refund and I saw a charge from alterfunding.com today for $29.95!! I immediately called to cancel that account and request a refund for that as well. The first time I called I explained my issue and got hung up on! So now I have 2 refund confirmation numbers and no refund as of yet. I repeatedly asked the guy for a number to the Corporate office and was told that I MUST contact the Customer Service Center with any problems. How are these people still in business?!?!?! Extortion is a crime is it not??

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  • An
    angryinMA Oct 16, 2009

    IT's terrible Google is even associating themselves with this company/website. I am out of work as well and read about a couple who made money working from home with Google adwords. I thought when I paid my $1.97 I was dealing with Google, and never authorized this sham company to charge my credit card for anything further; yet here I am disputing 2 - $29.95 charges, and a $69.97 charge. I am reporting this company to the better business bureau and I would urge Google to stop doing business with them.
    The company is refusing to reimburse me for the charges because of their bogus "5 day cancelation policy". I am well-educated (with a masters degree from Harvard Business School) and very detail oriented. This company has messed with the wrong person. I am going to do all I can to put them out of business so no one else has to go through this. Crooks.

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  • Is
    IsJamel Oct 20, 2009

    Hey my friend almost did it using her card.. but it said transaction error after she typed in her CC # info. I hope they didn't still charge her. Did your transaction go through all the way? Did you get a confirmation email or anything that let you know you're signed up?

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  • St
    Stephanie Bro. Oct 24, 2009

    THe same thing happened to me. But they said my time to get a refund had passed and I was no longer entitled to a refund. These people are scammers! I didn't even use their website or program...so I want a refund. If you buy something, and don't use it at all, you should be able to return it. Their company does not work like that. They go and take your money and give you like 5 days to cancel, or they keep your money forever, whether you used it or not. And they are so good at hiding things in the claims and disclosure forms. When you sign them, you are actually authorizing your membership, and other memberships to other companies that will charge you. Beware...it is a scam, and they just want you to sign up, forget to cancel, not know you are actually signed up for more stuff, and charge you some more!

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  • Us
    uscustomer Jan 06, 2010

    Similar things happened to me. My co-worker is also cheated by a similar fraud. Searching the Internet I see a huge number of victims out there. I'm going to file a complain with Internet Crime Complain Center:


    If all of us victims do our best to fight back we could draw enough attention from the public and our government agency to stop it. (If the criminals are caught and sentenced, we can then possibly get our money back.)

    For those of you who do not check your credit card history, do it now. You may find suspicious charges from some unknown vendors for $1.97, $2.95, $4.95, $9.95, $19.95, $69.97, or $79.95 etc.

    America is a good lawful country. The law should be used to protect the public, not the bandit.

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