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In August of 2007 I hired We Haul Moving and Storage, Inc to move the contents of my home approximately 4 miles. During this move the movers were unprofessional, taking breaks every 15 minutes to smoke, and not being careful with any of the items they were moving. I felt that I had to constantly keep an eye on them during the move. Due to this carelessness of the movers there were multiple items that were damaged, plastic storage containers broken or cracked, legs on bookshelves were damaged, but my primary complaint was damaged caused to a large very heavy wooden desk that cost me new about $1200. This desk was put up on it’s end and left on a dolly in the driveway. One of the movers bumped into it, it came down on his back and I had to run to his aide to pull the desk back. This carelessness put gashes in the desk as well as crushed the corners of the desk.

During the move, the supervising mover claimed that he broke his hand and that he needed to call his boss, Ron Regine, to bring a mover to take his place. When Mr. Regine, President of We-Haul came to pick up his mover, I informed him of the damage to the desk and he assured me that there would be no problem I just needed to submit the paperwork for the insurance. He asked that since his workers only had about an hour left, could I settle the payment then because he needed to take his worker to the hospital.

Once I filed the documents for the insurance claim, Mr. Regine denied my claim stating that “he did not remember me telling him about the damage” I reminded him that we discussed it when he came to pick up his injured worker that he needed to rush to the hospital. He then stated that none of his workers needed to go to the hospital and if they did he would have remembered. I had tried numerous times to get this issue taken care and on numerous occasions Mr. Regine claimed that his workers did not cause the damage. I asked him to ask all of his movers, which I named by name if they remembered. Mysteriously none of them remembered the desk falling on their co-workers back – which all of them witnessed along with myself and my girlfriend – they didn’t remember their co-worker supposedly “breaking his hand” – even though the other workers made fun of him for trying to get out of work and even though one of the movers bought my dining room set, none of his workers remembered the move. After numerous arguments with Mr. Regine, the only offer of concession was to “touch up” the furniture providing I release We Haul of any further claims, I refused due to his un-trustworthiness.

I finally filed a complaint with the BBB and Mr. Regine’s response to my complaint was filled with lies and he did not acknowledge my response to his fabrications. Movers beware, do not use We Haul Moving & Storage in Keansburg NJ, they can not be trusted and you’ll find yourself constantly supervising their work.


  • Co
    confused 2 Aug 04, 2009

    This company is terrible to deal with and they will take full advantage of anyone. Sweet talkers and pin point what it is
    you need, they will lower the price and get you hook and then
    provide a service that you weren't expecting. The trailer that
    they will deliver is 4ft from the ground with a steep incline trying
    to load will be difficult. These trailers are loaded on docks where the trailer is even.
    Because they promised me a ramp and hand truck at the every last minute send me my contract that stated equipment provided NONE. When I finally contacted them a day later they changed every detail on me. So I needed to make arrangements myself and hold off a week because I was so upset and disgusted when I dealt with the company. Now they are telling me that they are keeping my deposit - Why I didn't make any changes they did. Movers Beware

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  • Ba
    bager83 Jan 27, 2010

    THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST BUSINESS I EVER DEALT WITH IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Beware of this company that uses numerous aliases besides wehaulmoving. Be especially wary of Patrick who pretends to be the owner of the company (to make you feel that he is in charge in case anything goes wrong...which will definetly happen..just search the internet for reviews of this place..my mistake is that I did not search for reviews until after I had my experience with them). The way it works with them is that they will try to way overestimate your shipment size to increase the deposit which is their share of the deal, while the rest of the money that you are supposed to pay at the end is the actual movers share. So once they have your deposit then the business relationship with you is done. They will answer your calls but the attitude will be completely different and it will be a different person than the one you made the deal with first. They send in the most trashy movers you can think of who dont care about your stuff once its on their truck. My stuff arrived a couple of weeks after the last day it was supposed to arrive and most of my furniture had dents and scratches which they wont replace because it is not considered broken or stolen.

    My advice to you is just pack your own stuff into a uhaul and drive it yourself or just sell it and buy stuff from your destination since their charges are waaaay more than the furniture's worth most of the time. This is a lesson I will never forget.

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  • Up
    UPS Dude May 12, 2010

    We used We Haul Moving and Storage, Inc out of Florida. They promise the world, talk you out of taking insurance, and take advantage of people saying they will oversee everything. They do absolutely nothing outside of taking your money! Since your stuff is moved by multiple carriers, when boxes are lost... and they WILL BE, all you are left with is a claim form, which is next to meaningless, as you get the lesser amount of actual value or .60 cents per pound... which do you think that will be? They claim they will be there to assist you in dealing with the actual movers, but all you get is a major runaround with the We Haul customer service dept. The person who took the order (and talked you out of the insurance) will not even answer the phone if you call, they automatically transfer you to customer NON- SERVICE! If I can save one person from going through the nightmare that is WE Haul, this will be worth it! Unfortunately, I read some of these stories AFTER signing up, then I prayed it wouldn't happen to me... Well it did, so be warned, these guys are your worst nightmare. It looks cheap, but if add anything to your order, all bets are off. It ended up costing us almost twice the amount quoted to get some of our stuff back, the rest we will never see in this lifetime. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE WE HAUL MOVING AND STORAGE, and tell anyone you know not to touch them with a ten foot pole! We Haul Moving and Storage, Inc, YOU SUCK!

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  • Ng
    nguy0138 Jun 03, 2010

    I was going to call them to put down the deposit for my upcoming long distance moving. I am glad that I hit this page when I typed their name on Google. They quoted $500 cheaper than other companies. But now I realized why they are so cheap. Thanks for your reviews.

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  • Ga
    Garry Beckett Apr 12, 2011

    WeHaul.com IS A BROKER! THEY ARE NOT A MOVING COMPANY. When I contacted them, I asked if they have their own fleet of moving trucks and they told me YES. When you deal with this company you will find out that they broker your order to other companies. In my case, I ended up dealing with three other companies with American Van Lines - Florida actually dispatching the order. The problem with this is getting questions answered. My shipment is one week overdue from the guaranteed date of arrival. Trying to get answers from WeHaul.com is impossible. They put you on hold every time you call because they do not know anything about your shipment. Then they only tell you what they get from the actual company that is dispatching the order. Bottom line is that when you chose a moving company, make sure they are the company with the trucks. WeHaul.com makes the deal and then finds the cheapest deal they can get to move your furniture which then puts your furniture in the hands of really lousy companies like American Van Lines Florida. Please see the reviews for American Van Lines to see how they have screwed up my delivery and how they have lied about delivery times.

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  • Mo
    movinghelperfor you Apr 13, 2011

    So you fell for the old scam. Should have cheked them out first. There are a lot of them out there and most of them are low ball pricing and trap you. You can find out more at movingscam. Sorry to hear it but should have stuck with a reputable company. These people know you shop price and that is all your concern is till something happens

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  • An
    another cranky old lady Jun 29, 2011

    I, too, had most unpleasant dealings with this company and a couple of their subsidiaries. We will go U-haul instead of wehaul if ever we move again. I think a class action suit is in order.

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  • Jo
    Joe K2 Dec 10, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Pay more for the guaranteed delivery date, and contract with a big moving company. Our stuff was 3 weeks late, was missing items, had damaged items, and we are having to fight to get any reimbursement. wehaulmoving, never again. They sound good and professional, but the outcome is not good.

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