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According to Wave, a company employee sent out a phishing e-mail to their customers asking to update their e-mail accounts or the acct. Would be closed within 3 days. My acct. is now inaccessible to me and has either been closed or deleted, with no notification from Wave.

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Dec 25, 2017 9:57 pm EST

Wave broadband has to be the worse service I have ever had. We recently upgraded to their so called 1 gig service to receive at best half that speed. There has been five different techs out to my house to try and fix the issue and they all say "wow I cant believe the other tech would splice a line like that" or "did wave install that fitting" this is the kind of techs that they have then they all need to go back to cable/internet school to learn a few things. The last tech out told me it was my modem that was the problem. I am running a Surfboard 8200 the best they got with a Linksys RT32x router also one of the best. So my modem will not link up and the tech says it is a problem with my modem, he hooked up a Wave modem and he says "look it works just fine" well of course it is there modem with their settings. I called Arris and the tech showed me that Wave is not producing enough power to bond my modem to their service. This is utter B.S. if they are going to offer a product then they need to be able to back the product they are offering. They keep telling me that the offer is a guarantee of 80% of the advertised speed. Hell I would be lucky to get that. The problem is that the cable running under the street from waves box is bad or has a bad splice and they do not want to fork out the money to replace the line. Is there anybody that can assist with this or has had this problem in the past and has come to a conclusion on hoe to repair it (anything shy of leaving wave) since they are a monopoly in this town and no other service is available. Waves customer service along with their service is very subpar and I would never waste my time trying to recruit a friend or family member into their shenanigans they try to pull.

Feb 07, 2012 7:02 pm EST

Both my mother and i suffer from dyslexia so we cant read the bills (ppl in the wave office knows), she pays the Wave cable bill (walk in pay) and five months ago we went over the internet Data cap of 100GB by $500 over 5 months. Over that 5 months they neglected to tell my mother on day 1 that we went over our data cap and did not show it in the bill and on feb 1st 2012 they added the total for the 5 months and is trying to make us pay it after we just paid our bill for this month on the 1st and if we don't give them $500 before the 17th of feb they are shutting it off. They took advantage of a woman with dyslexia so they could make more money from a woman on SSI ($671 a month).
Just like what minniemouse said, Wave is the only cable comp in town and if you do not pay them you do not get TV and they use that on you.

Apr 28, 2011 11:41 pm EDT

Then maybe you should move. And they are supposed to apologize to customers because they are a call center you dope! What do you want them to say "gee sorry sucks to be you"? Get over it and if you hate it that much then save your money and go without!

Oct 01, 2010 3:32 pm EDT

I called WAVE to become a new customer the person on the phone was so rude to me that I have now decided to never go with WAVE broadband service, I told him my address three times and he kept saying that my address did not exist. I said OK, well I googled it and it is showing my house, he kept arguing with me over and over saying that it was not a good address, so for the fourth time I said it real slow for him and then he said OH well that is different than what you told me before. CA N you believe the nerve of this guy, ya think I would know my own address just because he would not slow down and listen, he kept getting it wrong. I can not believe a customer service person acting like this. If is was me I would of said, OH Im sorry I misunderstood you. BUT know he blames me. Well you just lost a new cusomter WAVE BROADBAND and I will make sure everyone knows how rude your customer service reps are.

Jan 28, 2009 12:20 pm EST

I'm in California and have this same cable/internet provider, they're horrible. My broadband internet connection lags or flat-out does not work, my cable TV line up is horrible and i'm not getting some channels they told me I would get when I first got the service. Some channels will just "go down" for periods of time while others will work, I get error messages when trying to buy an "on demand" movie, etc... When you call for technical support or customer service, you sit on hold forever waiting for someone to pick up the line OR you'll wait forever for someone only to have your call dropped so you can call back and sit in their queue for another 15 minutes or so. This company is a joke. When you call to report an outage or complain about the poor service, your told by one of the employees "I'm going to let the CEO of the company know that your unhappy with the service" (yeah, sure you you will, I believe that one) OR "I understand sir/maam, we get a lot of complaints in your area about the service". Seriously?! Would you tell this to a customer that's already irritated beyond belief ?

I'm actually a prisoner of this cable company, left with no other option for my area because in California cable companies are allowed to monopolize certain areas. In my case, my area is a "Wave Broadband" area, leaving me no other option. Lucky me. I can't choose to "opt" for a different service provider. So in the mean time, until I can move out of this area I am ROBBED daily by this one-horse so-called broadband cable service provider. So far, all they've provided me with is irritation, stress and a bill that doesn't reflect the service I should be getting. For the price they charge which by the way is more than Comcast or Cox Communications for less channels, my checkbook is being raped monthly.