Watsons - Vivo Citybad customer service and fake price listed

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Today (19Oct., 08) at 4:33PM, I went to Watsons-Vivo City in Singapore to buy value pack of Dettol Shower Gel which was placed on the stand with a price S$13.95. However, when I went to the cashier to pay, it costs S$15.80. After I found such difference, I asked their staff about that. He removed the price card (S$13.95) and said such package is no discount. It's really amazing that such item is placed under that price, but when I go to pay, they said no promotion. How can we trust Watsons!!! Is Watsons earning money by using this way??? I'm angry and then leave.

It really made me disappointed. I met the similar case in Guardian-Vivo City in the past. However, their staff gave a quick response to give me back the money. HOwever, this time, in Watsons-Vivo City, their staff doesn't know how to handle. He just repeated to say no discount!! But there are still many same items are placed on that stand with the price S$13.95. If they do it in this way, is it meant that all the prices listed are NOT the "real" prices???!!! Btw., they should give more trainings to their "blurred" staff, and should check the things carefully before the shop is opened!!! STUPID!!


  • Ic
    Ice08 Mar 19, 2013

    I agree with you. Just recently, my mother went to Watson at T3 to buy a packet of Lipitor 20mg for $133.50. Her personal doctor charged her at only $69.90. This is really REDICULIOUS! I cannot imagine that Watson pharmacy charge such a high price for their medical product. It suppose to charge cheaper than outside clinic. After this incident, we will never want to purchase anything from Watson.

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  • Mi
    milia Apr 14, 2015

    Just yesterday I went to watson's in Sunway pyramid mall and there was a male cashier named Saufi. He had offended me with an act of eve tease. It was absolutely horrifying. I literally feel like other stores would have better supervisors punishing these kinds of behaviour. I want an action against him

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  • Ik
    ikan duyung Jun 20, 2016
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    saya bertanyakan ubat selesema hurix kepada staff watson tesco rawang bernama FADILAH('DIA HANYA CAKAP PALING MAHAL YANG PALING BAIK)begitu ke khimat pelanggan watson tesco rawang? ... dia menjawabkan dengan penuh kasar sedangkan store manager berada sebelah dia yang bernama MARLINA...tetapi store manager dia hanya berdiamkan diri...sebagai store manager dia tak patut hanya diamkan diri bila staff dia kurang ajar dengan pelanggan...selama saya membeli barang di watsons, peristiwa ini membuatkan saya rasa tidak puas hati dengan khidmat pelanggan beliau...perkara ini sepatutnya diambil tindakan tegas...ini adalah store pertama yang saya pergi, store manager dan cashiernya(FADILAH) HAVE BAD ATTITUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! berbeza dengan store yang lebih besar .. walau sesibuk mana staff itu tetap melayan saya dengan baik(JUSCO KEPONG DAN WATSONS PUSAT BANDAR RAWANG)...SAYA TIDAK AKAN KE SANA LAGI JIKA CASHIER YANG BERNAMA FADILAH ITU MASIH BERKERJA DISITU...STAFF ITU(FADILAH) HARUS DIKENAKAN TINDAKAN...TQ...

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