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I purchased a warranty from this company a few years back. The salepeople tell you one thing about the warranty to get youto purchase it. However, they DO NOT go into detail on what the warranty actually covers. I have used this warranty on numerous occassions, and each time the company comes up with a reason of why the part/service is not covered completely or not at all. I end up paying on the average $100 more than my deductible each and every time. Their claims department can do nothing but refer to the balck and white in the contract that you do not get a copy of until you buy it. Even then, what the claims department claims is covered and what is covered never seems to match up. This IS NOT the company to go with. My service manager has even said that they are the worst that he has ever dealt with. Take heed---do not buy this product!


  • Da
    David thom Feb 17, 2010

    My name is David and i would like to say that not every company is good. But i purchased a warranty from this company they offered excellent service. To be very honest i would say this is the best company for warranties on car.

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  • So
    soufyan Mar 26, 2010

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    soufyan Mar 26, 2010 I feel completely RIPPED Off by this company!!! it is a SCAM!!..i purchased a policy over the phone. i was however mailed a diffrent policy then agrred upon. this went on for FOUR MONTHS WITH NO RESOLUTION!!! everytime i called up i was given the run around...right now i am fighting thses rip off artists via through my bank to somehow get some of my money back. This service is a complete waste of time and will only cost you more money in the it did me. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS!!

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  • Na
    Nancy567 Apr 30, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why does it take so long to get a refund? You would think in today's day and age of technology a refund would be done quicker. Why do you have to wait 4-6 weeks? I could really use the money.

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  • Th
    THE UN-CAPED CRUSADER Jul 06, 2010


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  • Ig
    IGTG167 Aug 06, 2010

    David Thorn - is full of it...He must be a sales rep for this company!!!
    I believe THE UN-CAPED CRUSADER'S story...why - because it happened to us - they bought a used part and sent it to the dealership making the auto repairs and didn't pay the hours needed to repair the car - mechanic needed 2 hsrs - they only paid 1/2 hr.
    My last 2 claims were declined - transmission line - and exhaust system which - we have BUMPER TO BUMPER.

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  • Pa
    Paul Stratch Nov 04, 2010

    I am the CFO and Operations Manager for American Auto Shield. First if someone at the sales company (which isn't us) misled you about coverage, I agree that is an issue, but you need to take that up with them as they are a separate company. Second, it is not possible for claims coverage to "not match up". It's very simple - there is a contract. Something is either covered under the contract or it isn't. Most people that complain are complaining because they don't like the contract terms, but they get a copy of the contract and if they don't like the terms they can cancel at any time and receive a refund. The fact is most people don't review the terms then when they have a claim and the terms do not benefit them they want to complain. That is unfortunate. The fact is there is a contract and the terms must be upheld.

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  • Wc
    wcyote Jul 17, 2019

    @Paul Stratch Reading the "Items NOT Covered' section leaves a lot of open areas for items to be denied. If you have a vehicle maybe 5 years old or newer you are probably in good shape if you have a break down. Older than are boogered. Remember these phrases..."Pre-existing conditions" and "Normal wear and tear". These will get you every time. As the man said..."the terms of the contract must be upheld".

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  • Ph
    PhillyGuy123 Dec 14, 2010

    Your company should is an exmaple of exactly what has brought the USA down. Poor customer service. Misleading sales tactics. Inability to hanlde business in a reputable fashion. Inability to properly charge your customers. Response time in the event of an issue is unacceptable. For all extensive purposes, this warranty in my opinion is fraud. This company should be hit with criminal charges for theft by deception, unfair consumer practices, and mail fraud.

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  • Sh
    shopowner Dec 24, 2010

    I am a shop owner and feel the need to "educate" you all about car repair. When a labor study is done on a vehicle to determine how long it takes to do a the job its performed about 3-5 times and then averaged out. Two things here. First its done on a brand new car. Second after the tech has done it 3-5 consecutive times he gets very quick at it since he has found out exactly what tools and exactly what to to. An average is taken and that becomes the labor time.

    Now about the repair in the "real world". Example: Your car comes in with an oil pan leak and a waterpump leak. Lets say that the exhaust system needs to be removed in order to replace the oil pan gasket and the bolts are rusted and seized on. The warranty company "will not" pay for the extra labor time, additional parts such as nuts, bolts, oxygen and acetelyn to heat the bolts to get them loose or even exhaust pipes should they not be reusable. Or the waterpump mounting bolts break off (seized in the threads) and you have to drill them the make a correct repair. This is all extra non-paid time and material by the warranty company.

    Oh, and did I mention that most warranty companies don't pay for any diagnostic time to figure out the problem ( So the question is: why should my techs and I work for free--I would bet you don't work for free either where you work do you??). Plus the warranty does not pay for the time it takes to road test and double check the vehicle after the repair.
    (I guess were expected to do that for free also??)

    Guess what. This aint the warranty companys obligation and its not the repair shops obligation to repair the vehicle for the agreed "new car" labor time when its absolutely obvious it can't be done for that! It's your obligation to pay the repair shop what they truly deserve to fix the vehicle properly above and beyond what the warranty company will pay.

    I am not talking about overcharging here. What I am talking about is repairing vehicles by using ASE Certified Master Journymen techs (Qualified), and getting paid for the "REAL COST" of fixing your!!! Any thing less than this is is rip off to the repair shop and anything more than this is fraud by the repair shop and they deserve to be prosocuted and put out business--Period!!

    Now let me also say this. Any reputable repair shop is obligated to inform you before repairs are made that any additional non covered expenses will be on you. They should also be looking close enough at the vehicle during the diagnostic phase and tell you that the bolts, etc.. are going to be an issue and there will be an extra charge.

    I take the time time to educate my clients about "real world" auto repair. I save all old parts and if need be will take pictures or video to document the repairs. I also invite them to come take a look at their vehicle and show them what and why before the repairs. I love show and tell.

    In all the years of dealing with warranty companies none have ever paid more than the contract but have always and only covered their obligation. Most repair shops do not like dealing with warranty companies. It takes an ecxessive amount of time to get authorization and verification to complete the job. Usually 2-5 times as long and is seriously a pain in the [censor]!! But most will still deal with them.

    I hope this real world repair education helps you the next time come across a situation about car repairs and warranties. Maybe take some time and think about it before posting something and making yourself look stupid. On the other hand if its a legit compaint (And please really know what your talking about first), then by all means, [censor] on!!

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  • Ma
    mamalisa Jan 20, 2011

    So shop you recommend them (American Auto Shield) or not!! I received this warranty info in the mail and I am seriously thinking about buying this warranty...I Love my 4x4 Avalanche ...and I would love to drive this vehicle for at least another 5 years...Ive NEVER had any major trouble, keep my oil changed every 3-4 thousand miles, but it is a 4x4, with 125, 000 miles, and we pull boats and trailers with it, so my dilema...should I or shouldnt I purchase this warranty.. I would prefer to keep my 04 Lanche and not have another car payment also...remember Ive had no problems with this vehicle and Im sure things are gonna start going soon...I sure hope not, but Ive learnd to believe in Murphys Law...when you least expect it ...BAM...just dont want to have it happen when Ive purchased a warranty!!! Please advise

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  • Si
    silentmajorityUSA Feb 22, 2011

    Nice try, Paul Stratch CFO of this company
    If you are really the CFO of this company, you should be able to block your policy resellers from selling your insurance if they are bad. To blame your resellers of your product is beyond lame. Either that or you just lied about you being the the CFO.

    Avoid like a plague.

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  • Pa
    Paul Stratch Mar 23, 2011

    Yes, we COULD "block" any company from selling our contracts, and unlike some companies we do not just allow anyone to sell our contracts. Companies that sell our contracts go through background checks and must adhere to the same high ethical standards that we do. As I said, if someone was misled, that is an issue, but where is the proof of that? I can tell you almost (if not all) every sales call center records their calls now. It's really easy to find out if the sales company did something wrong. We would not "block" them based on someone's allegations alone. Even if they had a salesman that lied to someone, what if they fire that person? We wouldn't punish the call center for the actions of one individual. If there was a pattern of behavior that would be different. I can tell you from experience though that most people that complain will say anything (unfortunately) in an attempt to get what they want, whether it's true or not. It's not about "blaming" the resellers. We at AAS are interested in doing the RIGHT thing, and the right thing isn't ALWAYS doing everything the customer wants.

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  • Mi
    Michael Chapman Apr 07, 2011

    I am posting a comment because today, April 7, 2011, I received a call from American Auto Shield trying to sell a warranty. I informed the sales person that I need to check the company out, before I purchased anything, especially over the phone from someone that I did not call. It just so happened that I'm in the marker for a auto warranty, but with all the scams out there you have to be carefull. So I informed the sales person that I needed a couple hours to check out their company and that they could call back or I would call them back. To my surprise, I was told that I had to buy at that very moment or my "file" would be closed. Red Flag. So I told them to close the file and that I could not do business with a company that did not want to give the customer the opportunity to check them out. This company has the worst business practices I have ever seen.

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  • Gh
    ghmar May 12, 2011

    I have a claim in with them at this time. Three weeks ago my alernator went out. They have sent 2 junk yard alternators which were defective. I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy!!

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  • Mp
    [email protected] May 23, 2011

    I just received a letter in the mail that pertains to my Highlander. I actually thought that it had been sent by the local DMV. I am not comfortable being rushed into purchasing a warranty from a company whose mail correspondence is patently deceptive. The offer is that for an unnamed amount of money I can "extend warranty coverage." Prior to reading these entries I didn't realize that I am not in fact extending warranty coverage, but am in fact purchasing a separate policy. Thanks for your contributions

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  • Bi
    BigginstheBull Jun 11, 2011

    This company is a complete fraud. I had a policy with them and took my car in to get the tires rotated. Since this is maintenance, I knew beforehand it was not covered and this would be out of pocket. No big deal. During the rotation the technician noted that my front wheel hub bearings were loose and needed replacement. The dealership had two in stock that could be put onto the car that day. I looked in my contract and hub bearings were covered by my policy, so I gave the service manager my contract and he contacted AAS. Now there's trouble in River City. They did not authorize the repair, even though this is coming from a dealer with GM certified technicians. They would send out one of their "technicians" the next day to confirm the analysis. Fine, I'll drive an unsafe vehicle for another day. Dropped the car off the next day and the AAS tech agreed with the dealership tech, much to my surprise. HOWEVER, he did not authorize the repair using the parts the dealer had in stock, because as another poster noted they needed to bring in their own ### junkyard parts. This would require another day for them to be shipped and another day for the repair. This now places me without my only vehicle for four days. How many days would they reimburse a rental car? Zero, because the repair did not take a full day according to them. The dealer service manager told me that this was the worse extended warranty he's had to deal with. After this I requested a pro-rated refund for the remainder of the warranty. They sent me a paper saying that the amount of refund I was entitled to was -$400 because of other repairs that had taken place. Complete ###. I would never consider dealing with this company again.

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  • Er
    Eric Tam Jun 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This people are the worst type of scums, you're lucky that your only out a few days, I placed a claim with them for repair to a luxury German Vehicle, once they heard that the repair is $6000, they use every kind of tactics to aviod moving forward with the claim. They reacts only when someone contact them, never would they call me or the repair shop to follow up; the only time they called me about my claim is to suggest I take the cars somewhere else for repair; then they put all kinds of spins to delay the claim, even denying the certified Mechenics expertise and tells me that I needed parts that is not confirm . When I refuse and informed them that even the repair shop validate that other parts are not needed. Then they have the audacity to threaten to have my car tow to a dealer of their choice to make the repair and if I refuse, they'll deny the claim. They also told me that I am responsible for any charges that I incurred for bring it back to a certified mechenic at the dealership and its MY fault for choosing quality over what they want to pay. When I asked them if they considered me a customer, they come right out and admitted that they just manage the contract that I brought from someone else!!! In other words, I am NOT their customer. This after I've informed them that I they already took my money for the coverage, the Manager (Curtis) claims that HE didn't took my money and its not his problem. Forget about the rental, they said as long as the claim is not approve, no rental is authorized. When I told them that they're the one holding up the claim, he blamed all on the repair shop.

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  • Pa
    Paul Stratch Jun 23, 2011

    So, again here are 2 more recent posts where basically if we don't pay EVERYTHING these customers want on their command then we are "frauds" or "###"...? Nevermind whether or not these repairs meet the terms of the contract or not. The fact of the matter is no one likes to have their claims denied, and we do not like to deny them. However, we do have a contract here, and most people, like these few posting here, want us to recognize the contract when it benefits them but when it doesn't they resort to name calling or other ridiculous tactics. We have procedures that must be followed. We do not exist to pay every shop that wants paid, especially when many, MANY shops simply upsell the customer on every possible thing they can find, whether it's failed or not. That's an issue between the customer and the shop - our job is only to replace what is actually failed and what meets the contract terms, period.

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  • Ki
    kimmy1 Jun 25, 2011

    our shop took in a 2005 Nissan Maxima from a customer and the lady had paid $1, 900.00 for this warranty, the transmission was burned up in the vehicle, we called the warranty company and they were nice at first and gave us an authorization number to go ahead and take the transmission out and break it down and wait for the adjuster, the adjuster came today and was very kind and took photos of all parts and the vehicle and was very professional, owner of shop called company and got prices allowed for all replacement parts and oked the price of the rebuild, then we waited for the adjuster to fax all photos and information to the company, adjuster agreed transmission met warranty criteria for rebuild job, however as noted in the policy electronics were not covered and were responsibility of the owner to pay for, then there is a $100.00 deductible, all of that is reasonable, however when shop owner called the get authorization to go ahead with the job, company got rude and evasive and told shop owner here that they would pay nothing over the price of the policy, $1, 900.00 THEY SHOULD HAVE TOLD US THAT IN THE BEGINNING! the parts cannot be purchased for that amount of money even. The poor customer will have to tow her car away because she cannot afford to fix the vehicle out of pocket and warranty company are a bunch of people TRYING any tactic to NOT pay for warranty repairs! Now we have wasted days talking on the phone, pricing parts, having parts shipped to parts company to be delivered quickly, breaking down transmission etc.. not to mention the rack being tied up for days in our shop, we could have been working on another vehicle during this time and we will not be reimbursed a dime! I would say RUN, RUN from these people!

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  • Bi
    BigginstheBull Jun 25, 2011

    So, again here we have Mr Stratch attempting to justify the disingenuous actions of American Auto Shield. If you read through my original post, you will see nothing mentioned about the total cost of the repair, most of which I paid for myself(>$800 including the deductible). That was not the issue I brought up at all. The issue I bring up is just how insanely miserable and infuriating it is dealing with your company. Because of your company I could not use my vehicle for four days and you cannot justify one days worth of rental expenses. How can you say that is right? You speak of contracts and that the contracts are followed, but that does not make your company's actions wholesome and genuine. Never in my life have I forced someone from their property without proper reimbursement, yet your company does it every day, and you hide behind the terms of the contract as if you are doing the right thing. Your company preys upon people, honest, hard working people like myself, and abuse the trust we place in you. You call my tactics "ridiculous, " however you wouldn't have so many complaints if your company worked for the best interests of its customers. I cannot stress more honestly and implicitly to anyone interested in this company to decline coverage from them and seek other options, period.

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  • Er
    Eric Tam Jun 27, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It seems a lot of decent, hard working folks has been taking advantage of by AAS, I wrote to my local chapter of NBC about them, hopefully, I'll hear back from NBC local and they'll expose AAS on national TV..will keep you all posted.

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  • Df
    DFollett09 Jun 28, 2011

    Mysteriously, the only e-mail address that US Auto Shield provides on their website does not work.

    I received a VERY deceptive mailing from this company which implied, in every way, that it was from my dealership. Any company that employs this kind of deceptive tactic to get business is not to be trusted in any way, ever. Have you ever heard of US Fidelis? This is the EXACT same thing. Google it.

    And Mr. Stratch? Rot in hell.

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  • Er
    Eric Tam Jun 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here is my latest saga and update with AAS; they left me a voicemail yesterday after not returning any of my repair shop's calls on the claim for 2 days . All they said on the voicemail is I need to contact the company that owns the contract. So appraently, after close to a month of stalling and mis-representing themselve to be handling the repair claims, now they're saying its not their problem.
    Now, the company that sold me the contract, "Dealer services" is even more fruadulant the AAS(if that's possible), Delaer Services asked that I pay up the policy first before they and AAS will go forward with the claim, when I question them why, they answer because its a large claim. I ask them for that assertion in writing and asked them to emailed to me so I could forwarded to my attorney, the Missouri BBB the, FTC and the FBI Fruad division, they guy told me that they could only mail it. I am not holding my breath to see that letter.
    My sense is that AAS and Dealer services will fold up tent very soon and establish business under new corporate names to continue their scam.

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  • Na
    Nat_S Jul 19, 2011

    American Auto Shield (or whatever new name these hucksters choose in the next few months) are crooks who prey upon the weak and uninformed. Their mail correspondence is misleading, if not downright fraudulent. Their phone reps are shameless and rude liars. Their service is non-existent. Stay away!

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  • Na
    Nat_S Jul 21, 2011

    I was naive enough to fall for the notorious official-looking extended car warranty letter sent by American Auto Shield. I called the number provided in the letter (turned out to be Mavaro Solutions, located in St Peters, MO) and was doubly naive to be manipulated into purchasing the warranty (fool me twice...). 15 minutes afterwards I called back and requested that my order be cancelled. Three rude salespeople wasted 30 minutes of my time, trying to pressure me to change my mind. Finally I was told that my order will be cancelled. Two days later, the credit card transaction's status was changed from pending to posted. In other words, they lied, and didn't cancel the transaction. My credit card company's dispute claims department is now dealing with these hucksters.

    American Auto Shield and whoever is affiliated with them (e.g., Mavaro Solutions) are a bunch of shameless crooks who prey upon the naive and the uninformed. Never allow yourself to be manipulated by a pushy salesperson. If they demand an answer right away, tell them, "I thought about it, and the answer is NO. Goodbye." Do your research using the Better Business Bureau website, this website (/link removed/, and similar websites.

    Spread the word---do not allow such unethical, corrupt companies to stay in business and claim more victims.

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  • Pr
    pre7 Aug 05, 2011

    I recently found out that my transmission is slipping and I contacted AAS and told them. The mechanic shop did a dianostic test and found that the transmission was faulty. Now AAS is saying they need a line test but the mechanic said its going to say the same thing. The mechanic shop said he dealt what them before and they are trying to find one thing to not pay. So I'm finding they are a fraud and plus I had to rent a car myself when I had that in my contract. DON'T BUY THIS BULLS**T save ur money and purchase it yourself

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  • Ao
    AOLBuzz Aug 10, 2011

    I originally purchased my warranty from Warranty America. Had a few claims that were taken care of promtply and courteously. Somewhere along the line, Warranty America became ###... I mean AAS, American Auto Shield. What would have been a simple one day in-and-out has now taken 5 days. The do not return phone calls to my repair shop in a reasonable time. The put my repair shop on endless holds. And then they screw them down well below the shops established job time estimates. And I am talking GM here who has 100 years of experience in establishing the labor ates. But somehow, these guys think they are smarter and screwed GM over,

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  • Sa
    Saratoga gentleman Aug 13, 2011

    Interesting. A salesperson called on a Saturday, had my vehicle info, my street address, and of course my home phone. He didn't say who is was with at first. The price he offered for an additional 100, 000 mile, 5-year warranty was $2635.00 and I could secure it with $450 down, and 10 pmts of $219 a month for the next 10 months. He then asked if I had a pen to write something down. As I walked into the next room to get something to write with, they transferred me to another sales guy who gave me a the same info in a shortened version, then said, "What form of payment to you prefer, VISA, M/C..." etc. I asked the name of the company and he said, "American Auto Shield". I said I won't make a decision today, and said I would have to do some research first. At that point he hook up on me!

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  • Ch
    charliebrownsteacher Aug 24, 2011

    First, I agree with Shopowner's comments and I think most of the issues arise because as the consumer we don't necessarily ask the right questions(we just don't know) and unfortunately, the issue arises and then we find out! Which I can understand why people will feel ripped off. As the Shopowner said, if a part is covered but a part that connects to the covered part is not covered, this is where I think most complaints come from, which again it's to late, we have to pay for the additional parts and labor. Secondly, I am a consumer that bought an auto warranty with one company, didn't like what I read, wont say necessarily I was mislead, just not mentioned, I called and asked about it, said what's in contract is it. I said, please cancel. Went with another company, paid a little more but got what I wanted! This is the bottomline... Yes, there are many in the industry with no ethics and they should be done away with. With that being said, how long are we going to let stupidity rule the world? There is a contract, black and white(isn't this what people really want? Yes or No? Makes things easy)
    so all you need to do is read the contract! It's a novel idea and a lost art, but if you read the contract within 30 days, (come on, you got 30 days and you still complain?) and if you don't see something you thought was covered or was told it was covered and it's not in the BLACK and WHITE Print, call back and cancel and ask for cancel confirmation. You have 30 days for a full refund! We as the consumer need to take some responsibility for our actions. If you buy a policy and leave it to only the person that sold it to you and never read what you signed? Why are they at fault? For some reason, and it's getting worse as the years go by, but people expect to much for next to nothing! I don't know where this came from but the word is entitlements! Give a inch take a mile! I am a consumer just like the people saying they got ripped off. If you truly did, I am sorry to hear that and you should go after the company that defrauded you. Now, to all those that never took the time to read their contract and now feel taken advantage of, just remember, stupidity is not an excuse! You wont ever win in court and all you do is slander a company that did nothing wrong, it's just that you didn't do your homework! Please take responsibility for yourself!

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  • Se
    Seeking Warranty company Sep 27, 2011

    so does anyone know of a "good" warranty company? I'm ready to purchase a Mercedes CLS550, and I do not have the time to tinker with adjusters and mechanics...I'm too busy. Any leads to a good company would be greatly apprecieated. Thanks.

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  • Ch
    CHRISTOPHER R Oct 19, 2011


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  • Ro
    Ronnie3491 Oct 21, 2011

    These people are absolute crooks. They apply every technique to avoid paying claims. They want to force the repair shops to use aftermarket junk-not genuine parts. They give the impression to the repair shop that all is ok to repair, the shop does the repairs, customer pays for the repairs and then they say "oh we didn't authorize the repairs, we only gave them a claim number so we're not paying the claim".

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  • Di
    diddlyv Dec 01, 2011

    I will take the hit on not reading the fine print well enough to get over having to accept a wrecking yard but 12 month warranted part. I cannot how ever accept being told we have a part, we just missed the overnight cutoff for today, so the part will go out tuesday and be there wednesday and that not happening. Today thursday I call, folks are clueless as to what is going on, but will check it out. To their credit I did get a call back in about 5 minutes. Did not really want to hear the part I really don't want to use will not arrive until tomorrow. Not only that, the part most likely will arrive to late to install.

    That kind of service is unacceptable. Thank goodness the car only has a very slow leak from the powersteering pump seals vs something that would have me out of a car for a week. Just for their none performance based on dates they supplied a one time use of a new part (at their cost) should be approved. That will not happen so caveat emptor. One can bet I will not extend coverage thru them again.

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  • Ro
    Rolo43 Dec 14, 2011

    how are they in business if there not selling contracts??? TOTAL SCAM... they only cover up to 200.00 in parts and then they try to find a refurbished one or get it from your local junkyard. CFO how can u sleep at night? is this adofs next business adventure!

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  • No
    no mercy Dec 22, 2011

    well i got a very official looking notice in the mail as well, and the strange part? no where on the notice is the companies name that is selling this product! At first look i wondered if it was from my dealership-sure looked convincing-so i called the toll free number and talked with a rep. when i asked him to verify that this offer was legit he guided me to his web site. The site is from 2002 claiming that American Auto Shield is a A+ rated warranty dealer-then i went to this site and the current BBB site-hmm guess what-these guys are scammers!!! when i pointed out that the site he guided me too was from 2002 and that ALL the other sites for AAS that were recent did not have anything favorable to say bout this company and i asked him why i had to make a decision now, as the offer is good til the end of the month? If you keep asking questions like i did-they hang up on you-sound legit to you? buyer beware!!! i will be reporting them to BBB tomorrow and ask you all do the same!

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  • Ri
    Rick Sievers Jan 15, 2012

    I was contacted by this company. They stated that they got my information from dealerships that says I maintain my vehicle at regular intervals. Well as a matter of fact, My car has NEVER been to any dealerships. EVER!!!. I maintain my own cars in my homes garage, myself. I buy my parts from auto part stores. Be very careful of this company with all these complaints here. It is only a small amount of complaints but only a few will go thru the trouble to post in places like this.

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  • Sp
    spread-the-word Jan 17, 2012

    wow, this is too funny, because i got one of those emails.."dont get caught with unexpected repair bills"... out of curiosity, i filled out this online form with my personal info, which were my name, phone number and zip code. maybe 2 hours later, i received a call from them. a very nice gentleman on the other end of the phone asked about the information about my car, like, the year, make and model of car and the mileage. i provided him with the information. he paused for about 5 seconds and said, let me see if we can get you qualified...a second later, he came back on line and said, "you are qualified" it was then i started to get suspicious, because, what did he run that against...than he said, since your vehicle is over 100k miles, you have to act now...and he went on and on...i was already leary of the process...needlesstosay, i ended the call, and told him i had to get off the phone because i was at an appointment and i had to hang up...wheeyy...glad i did not go thru, they were really pushing for me to sign up that day, with as little at 100 dollars down, this is after at first they said, to start the program, i had to put down 300 dollars, i told him, i couldnt because i had already committed to a large purchase and i did not budget for this 300 dollars to go out...than he said, let me talk to my manager and to see what we can do to help you out, he came back on the line and said, we can work with you, we can lower that to 200, again i said, i'm sorry but i cannot commit to that, he went to 150 i said the same thing, he said, well certainly you can you 100...unbeknownst to them, i am a salesperson myself...lmao...of course i did not get it. thank you to all who've shared their experiences with this company...this really needs to get out to the public...this is info worth sharing...

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  • Le
    leeuniverse Feb 21, 2012

    I want to get auto repair insurance, but clearly there isn't a single reputable company as far as I can find for my used vehicle. (plenty for new, but who needs it for new???) U.S. Fidelis was a scam, and now these guys seem to be another scam also. I filled out a quote, they called several times, I finally got a chance to call back. Ended up spending 30 Minutes with an ear full of classic high pressure sales tactics. When I wouldn't accept their initial offering, only then would they give me another offer, etc.

    Ultimately they wouldn't listen. Made clear that I couldn't buy yet, because my money was tied up in repair shop payments. In order to make the sale they actually tried to get me to do a post dated payment, pretending like I would be covered, when in fact I wouldn't be when I pressed them on it.

    Given all the reports on the net on this company, I'm simply amazed that BBB is so ignorant to give them an A+ rating.
    It's like putting perfume on "crap". Just because a company refunds some money or say's "it's in your contract" doesn't mean it's an A+ company. I was really wanting to get this insurance, but all the story's I'm reading and it's clear as day they are a terrible company. I mean, making people get junkyard parts, not allowing car rental, the run around, etc. etc. I see no difference at all between this company and US Fidelis.

    I really don't understand why the Insurance Industry (Government) isn't regulating these clearly fraudulent company's that are only in business to make money instead of also providing quality customer service?
    Why can't we have some nice simple auto repair insurance no different than car insurance?
    Does something have to be mandated by the government in order for us to be protected and there be quality standards?

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  • Ms
    msmarch Jun 07, 2012

    I purchased a policy from them and they are a complete scam!!! They do not pay their claims and Paul Stratch knows this!!! I even went as far as to take them to court, I won my judgement and they still will not pay !!! So what comments do u have to make about that Mr. Stratch? And yes I contacted you personally through where the hell is my money you damn scam artist!!!

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  • Wa
    Warren LT Aug 06, 2012

    I agree completely, stay away from these guys. They have a contract designed in their favor and will hide behind it every time to avoid payment. I cannot believe with all the email traffic I've seen and the number of people they have hosed that they are still in business. I had $4200 of major engine repairs and tow charges after a roadside breakdown on vacation and they paid a whopping $50 total by interpreting their contract in their favor. Believe me taking care of the customer is not on their radar screen when you become a 'problem', taking your money is their priority.

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