Walt Disneyworld animal kingdom employee; staff at the tiger encounter her tag read from tami from san juan puerto rico

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It might have been about 12 noon or earlier on oct 4 2019. This staff member tami, was in front of the tiger encounter. I cracked a joke about bringing the tiger for a close encounter. She snapped at me that the tigers are in their natural habitat and she will not make them come out of that habitat etc... A long drawn out speech with the rudest tone of voice. My family and I were shocked. I told her I was joking and expected her to react in a socially acceptable manner. She turned her back and walked away. I think her work experience must have been as a prison guard. What a disgusting personality. She should not be working with the public much less in disney.

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  •   Oct 07, 2019

    The only disgusting personality is yours.

    How DARE you crack a joke about this!!!

    So you do the close encounter like that bi7ch Maya from the BXZoo and the animal takes you up on your offer. What then? A #gofundme???

    We think not.


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  •   Oct 07, 2019

    You have children??? Ohgoodgod.

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