Walmart Storesstore manager

Na Sep 30, 2019

I was previously employed at store 1702. I stopped working there in march 2019 after giving my 2 weeks notice and was told I wouldn't have issues returning to work if I desired to in the future. I chose to quit to deal with unresolved issues concerning my husband's death in 2018. While I did not reapply to 1702 I was contacted about returning. When I inquired about it with the store manager she responded with the most disgusting attitude and only said "I don't know anything about that." I did not ask anyone for my job back so why lead me on for 3 weeks and still give me no definitive answer and then be rude to me on top of it. It is my current misfortune to currently have a loved one who might be battling cancer. I do not need this unnecessary drama. I considered returning to work to ensure i'd be able to help support this person through this and not only do I not have an actual answer, I was gravely disrespected for no apparent reason. If I wasn't wanted, why was I called? I literally have to wake up every mornings ing and check to see if some I care deeply about is still alive. Do you think this is appropriate behavior for your store manager. I thankfully have other job offers and this isn't about me getting the job. Your store manager is supposed to be the best face of your company. Basic customer service and human decency teach us that we never know what people are going through and all people should be treated with respect and dignity. Clearly someone missed that lesson.

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