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I am John, I went to Murphy Walmart gas station and forget my ID at home, and I told two ladies work there that I can ask my wife if she send me pic of my license, but they refuse it, after 10 mins I send my wife there with her ID proof and they still refused it, they didn't sell Newport two cartoons to her and she is 30 years old with driving license, it was really Embarrass for her and they were said it's Suspicious Buying Newport's cartoons, and they don't greet yo anyone with full of attitude it was two black ladies have no manners how to talk to customers, we live next to that store in Casey court apartments,

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  •   Oct 21, 2019

    Hi Pretik, Walmart does not sell any cartoons named Newport. Do you have Walmart confused with a different store?

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  •   Oct 21, 2019

    Who is the star of this cartoon? A porn star that you need your license for?

    Meanwhile, dafuq you doing without your id/license??? That's how people can tell your charred remains !!!

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