Walgreensprescriptions filled

While at Dr Hannas office today because of a bad radiation burn I sat there while the nurse called in a prescription for silvadene. It was at 1225 and she asked could it be done stat. I called the pharmacy at 350 and was told it wasn't ready and that they had just got the order 20 minutes before which was a lie. The pharmacist was a jerk as usual. We get many prescriptions filled thru Walgreens but never again. We just called in for a renewable script to our primary care doctor and asked them to fill it at CVS in Flagler Beach. This is where we'll be doing all our future business. I know you probably don't care or you wouldn't have such inept help at your store. Thank you Scott and Donna Taylor
My phone # is [protected] if you want to discuss this.

Oct 07, 2019

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