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A Jul 29, 2019 Review updated:

I recently went to my local Waffle house. I don't go there often so I had not realized some workers were allowed to put nicknames on their tags. I was with my boyfriend and I hadn't looked at the name tags until he noticed one that he thought I should see. One of the younger girls had "Pocahontas Savage" on her tag. Now I do realize Pocahontas is in fact a Disney character but, she is Disney's depiction of a Native American. I don't know if she was referring to Pocahontas being a "savage" in the sense she stood up to her tribe or in the sense that she is a Native American and it is historically accurate to refer to natives as "savages".
I myself am Native American and I didn't appreciate what was on this persons tag. This worker was obviously white but of course I am unaware of her ethnic history. I found her name tag tasteless and offensive. I don't understand how in 2019 a young adult could put the name of a Native American character and the word savage together and not see how that could be upsetting or offensive.


  • SubSquirrel Jul 29, 2019

    Why didn’t you ask her about it? Perhaps the name really is hers and her parents met during the movie.

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