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Before i sue manager at #326 491 pineygrove rd for retaliation. Something has to be said or done. She cut hours for no reason when clearly majority of everyone is full time. I would love if corporate stop by and ask everybody that works there about the management. Its to many close friends. And manager is not treating everyone fairly. She talks to everyone with disrespect while customers looking, instead of taking you to the back to discuss the issue. Crazy woman don't even check the cameras but everyday its draw shortages and no one get handled like she says. But lie and say she check cameras. Store #326 need help with management. Literally. I guarantee everyone that works there except 1 person will have something to say. And i don't even want to tell you about pur pay. 🤦


  •   May 30, 2019

    “Its to many close friends”. Can you write that in English?

    You plan to sue for retaliation. They cut your hours for a reason. Spelling and grammar and punctuation could be the reason.

    To penkake n toest n waflz ... maybe the kitchen can’t decipher your orders.

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      Jun 03, 2019

    Hi there,
    Though you don't know the reasons for the cut, they could be from corporate(not sure if your place is franchised) and if they aren't mandated from corporate, there could be a $$ incentive to having you all work less hours.
    You can legally complain and seek compensation for ill treatment at work. You SHOULD contact the ACLU and the BBB (better business bureau) in your city and make a formal complaint.
    What you need to do in the meantime is take notes in your phone of the days and times issues occur for you.
    Hope this helps.

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      Jun 05, 2019

    Or, just maybe, jerks run places and aren't fair. So the whole world is run by fair operating businesses with people who always make good decisions? And workers have rights and shouldn't be shunned from using them. I'm a professional and I can call bs a mile away. If this person isnt doing anything wrong and their boss is ethical, then there wont be a thing to document and there will be no issue to resolve. If they were horrible the boss could fire them and has instead decided to cut hours.

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