VW Autohaust Centuriondrop off and pick up


On 22 October 2017, I booked my car in at VW Autohaust Centurion for warranty related issues that needed to be resolved for 23 October and had an agreement for drop off and pick up in Lynnwood. Come Monday, I was dropped off at Lynnwood but at 16:18 I was then notified that I have to come fetch my car. When I speak to the service dealer and her manager, they told me that they do not have a driver that can pick me up and I must use a Uber. The manager then has the nerve to tell me that when they do drop offs and pick ups is actually a courtacy. Now I am stuck at work and I need to figure out how to get home. Their service is pathetic! Then they say, they will give me a 10% discount off my next service, as if this will help me to get home. Also my car is at VW and I will get it tomorrow on 24 October after 8 am when the next driver is available. Bad and poor service!

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