Void ComputersScam


Financial investment company "Void Computers Inc." was founded in
February, 2002 with the purpose to develop social investments. In
June, 2003, the first amission of shares was produced which were
registered as FCCB. "Void Computers Inc." - a professional participant of
the market, and it was 2 licenses of the F.C.C.B. to work with
vouchers, and brokers' activity. Ministry of Finance controls the
activity of the company and Federal comission is also involved into
it. Financial risks of the company "Void Computers Inc." are insured with
Latvian Insurance company Latgost, the largest latvian insurance
company "Alyans" is the constitutor of the company. Our company is
registered on the territory of Latvia, Riga. Our clients are people
from different countries. We have the problem with cashing cheques in
the USA, that's why we turned to you, we offer you to become our agent
in the USA.
If you agree to cooperate with our company and To receive stable wages
in quality Agreements send to us please once again yours Full name a home
address and phone. You will receive the check by mail in a 1-2
weeks.Charges on cashing the check, you can take from this check. Will be
better if you Cashing check in same day when you receive it. For fast cashing in
there are offices of type " Fast Check Cash " " Check Cash Express "
and others. Also You can make it in Western Union branches.After you
will transfer money to us through system Western Union, We need to
receive from you number MTCN, and full name who send it.

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