Good day, on Friday 20 Sep 2019, I took my phone to Vodacom [email protected] for repairs. For free they made a back up of my phone to my external hard drive. When I got my phone back from Vodacom on Friday 04 Oct, my brand new screen protector was removed and the person behind the counter could not say what the problem was. Now to say my phone is only 4 months old, Huawei P30, I got it in May 2019, which is firstly unacceptable.
Then today 09 Oct I went back with my external hard drive to move the information from my external hard drive to my phone, but now they ask me R280 to do that. This is totally absurd.

So firstly I want to understand why a 4 month old phone gave problems, secondly why take a brand new screen protector off without replacing it and then thirdly why asking R280 to replace info on the phone when it was copied for free.

Oct 09, 2019

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