VMS Monitoring Systemsrude &technicians& - scam?

A Review updated:

I "won" a free home monitoring system after participating in a phone survey made by a woman I could barely understand. I received a call from a "technician" to help answer questions I had. When I asked him to call back the next evening because I had to speak with my husband, he did just that. But when I finally said I wasn't interested, he threw back in my face, in an extremely rude and demeaning manner, what would happen if I had a fatal fire? He sarcastically told me to have a good evening and abruptly hung up the phone. I called back, asked for the technician I had spoken with, and that individual hung up on me! If they're wanting business, that is DEFINITELY not the way to go about it!!! I'm disgusted by this man in particular, but I think others should know how the company allows their people to manipulate customers into signing on. All I did was decide NOT to use them for my home security needs. I think it's despicable to treat someone in such a manner!


  • J
      Jul 24, 2010

    you shouldnt let one bad rep ruin your decision or how you feel about a company

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