Vizio P75vizio tv

S Sep 05, 2018

I bought the 75' inch Vizio tv used it 4 times and and to leave out of town for work after 6 months came back and turned the tv on it had a foot wide and top to bottom stripe on the screen so I called Costco where I bought the tv and they said you still have a 2 yr manufacture warranty so Vizio is the one you'll have to deal with . They put me in contact with Vizio and from there the costumer service was [censored] . The first person I talked to said sure no problem we can have a tv sent to you for a replacement and when it was time to send me one conveniently their system was down so he told me someone would call me back tomorrow . The next day someone calls me back and tells me their just gonna give me a refund !! Then they tell me I have to take pictures and send a copy of my receipt to them then they'll send out a box so I can box it up and then someone will come and pick it up .once they get the tv back to where they need it then they'll start the process of refunding me . Soo I wait ... by the time all this is going on I have to go out of town again for work .. as soon as I get back I call them so someone can come pick up the tv and someone else tells me my return has been canceled . Now their like okay well open up a new file and start over .. at this point is been 5 months . I've now called again for a pick up they told it'll be 3-5 business days I'm still waiting after 2 weeks ... don't buy Vizio the product sucks !!! And coustomer service is even [censored]ier !!!

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