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VividSeats Complaints & Reviews

VividSeats / They refused to refund

fabio on Oct 4, 2017
I bought several tickets for me and friends for the game and never received them. I started being worried, so I thought that maybe I would call them and they will send the tickets. Contacted them three days before the game, they assured me that there was nothing to worry about and that they...

VividSeats / allison kraus ticket pricing

Julia Klarmann on Sep 18, 2017
I ordered 2 tickets to Allison Kraus concert for Sept. 24. My credit card was charged $287.81. The tickets arrived today and the total for 2 tix was 116.70. What's up with this? Who got the $171.11 difference? I will be contacting the NC attorney general's office. Starting chatting with Vivid...

VividSeats / ripoff beware

Grasso on Aug 14, 2017
Purchased tickets for the wrong date by accident and tried to get vividseats to reissue immediately after the purchase but they refused. Appeals were also denied so we finally decided to go ahead and attend the concert anyway. They refused to send us the tickets at this point or give u...

VividSeats / they cheat with service charge

neer@j on Jul 19, 2017
I purchased 3 tickets for a event for $98.00 each and they changed me 72.09 for service charge and 6.95 for email delivery. They never showed the charges while buying the tickets neither they sent me the information in mail why they charged me extra till I confronted them. That is when I...

VividSeats / service fees excessive

Michael Harradine on Jul 8, 2017
I purchased sporting event tickets from vivid seats today. The service fee amount was $39.39 which would be high but reasonable for 3 tickets at $161, however I was charged $39.39 per ticket. They explained the fees change and can be lower or higher. Beware of the high service fees with this ticket vendor. Do not click purchase and look elsewhere.

VividSeats / Tickets were sold out

Kim on May 16, 2017
Don't buy tickets from this seller, they are good for nothing scammers, I highly recommend to stay away! I bought a ticket from VividSeats and several days later I received a notification that all tickets were already sold out and I received mine by mistake! They promised me a refund but I...

VividSeats / janet jackson tickets

tara nelson-davis on May 3, 2017
My name isTara Nelson-Davis and I purchased 4 tickets . I paid $144 for the first two tickets and $169 for the other two tickets the order numbers are 5610852 and 6965312. The concert was postponed due to her pregnancy and I chose to get a refund. I initially contacted vivid seats and...

VividSeats / Hidden extra fees

Jeremy on Mar 7, 2017
I have purchased a ticket to a game via VividSeats app and had a terrible experience with them. I decided to try this site because their prices were way cheaper than on other websites. After I paid for my order I received a confirmation message and realized that they charged me $50 more than...

VividSeats / Purchased tickets

joeldaves on Feb 20, 2017
Recently I purchased tickets from Vivid Seats for a Pittsburg Pirates Spring Training Game. I found the seats I liked on VIVID'S site, that were listed at $21.00 ea. I provided the required information and credit card number, and at the end of the order to my surprise both tickets cost me...

VividSeats / Don't buy tickets from these scam artists!

Nil on Jun 22, 2016
I have purchased a ticket from www.vividseats.com and paid $20 for it. Later They charged me again and took extra $100 for who knows what and I can't even get any explanation because they are ignoring my messages! All my attempts to contact VividSeats have failed and it seems like there is no...

www.vividseats.com / The tickets turned to be invalid

Reviewer87750 on Oct 23, 2015
My husband bought two tickets from www.vividseats.com. He got an email with these tickets and downloaded them. But on the day of game, he got another email from the company, and the seller asked to call him, because of the problems with tickets. My husband called the seller and he informed...

www.vividseats.com / No tickets, because the link was fake

tofo on Jul 15, 2015
Avoid the company www.vividseats.com at all costs. I purchased two tickets for my daughter and her friend for the concert. I immediately received the email with the link, and the seller informed me that I could download the tickets from the next day. I tried to open the link on the next...

www.vividseats.com / they haven't provided information about the tickets

Simmons on Jul 2, 2015
I bought tickets for the concert from the company www.vividseats.com. Their prices were too high, but the services were terrible. I received the email, where the seller stated that I could download these tickets through the website. On the next day, I received another email, where the...

www.vividseats.com / The prices are too high and no guarantee that you will get money back

bleeek on Jun 25, 2015
I bought tickets for Taylor Swift concert for my daughters from the website www.vividseats.com. I basically overpaid for these tickets and the delivery wasn’t for free. 3 days left until the concert, but I still didn’t get the tickets. I believed to these guys and thought that...

Vivid Seats Ltd. / Job scam, stay away

Weer on Mar 8, 2012
I have never purchased tickets through VividSeats. However, I was "hired" by the company to act as "Customer Service Representative." I worked one day at the job, and was praised repeatedly for my enthusiasm and progress. I was asked to return the next day with my bank account information...

Vivid Seats Ltd / Never use vivid

katy on Dec 15, 2011
I purchased 2 tickets from Vivid Seats.com for concerts, I was over charged by 40% for no reason. I checked the seats price after I already bought the tickets at Ticket master; they were cheaper by 40 %( for the same seats). Also the concert was canceled, they never notified me. When I...

Vivid Seats Ltd. / They sell your tickets but don't pay you

Libane on Nov 24, 2011
Vivid Seats Ltd sold a pair of tickets for me, the buyer is: J. M.C. the tickets are for a concert with Toby Keith on August 6, 2010 at Shoreline Amphitheater in California. The price was $160.00, less the commission of 10% I am owed $144.00. There website say's, "Once the buyer ha...

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