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Please check all the threads below, they promise to send UK visa supporting documents and they take postage fees but they send fake and incomplete documents. They make big promises as per their website and no live person to speak with.

Please check all these threads and messages from victims who got scammed including me

It is a fake agency. Plz aware all the people who want to be a member of this company. they lure you take yoiur money of 50 GBP & will not give any document.They are just cheaters.

Here is the story of one of the victim:

Is This a Fraud (Reminds me of Some Governors in the Philippines)?
July 29, 2009 by modernmariaclara

My friend, who is currently based in Dubai, stumbled upon the website of Visa Governor, a company that promises easy entry to the UK through student visas. At first, we tried to verify the authenticiy of the company. Their website looked “authentic”. They have business addresses in London and supposedly legitimate phone numbers. I tried calling their office from Luton, Bedfordshire but there was no one answering the phone.

I told my friend about it but it did not raise alarm bells in our silly heads. So, she went ahead and sent the money they required for them to mail her all the sponsorship documents that my friend needed like a sponsorship letter, their bank statement, school and work documents, etc – to which I agreed. Their way of doing business, according to how we understood their instructions is like this: they screen each online applicant based on the details the latter gives. Once they are satisfied, they inform the applicant that they are qualified to apply for a student visa.

Then, they ask the applicant to send them 48 sterling pounds for the mailing expenses of the documents the applicant allegedly needs to submit to the British Embassy wherever they are in the world, for visa processing. My friend and I were very excited. Alas! it was not to be that way for long.

When a letter came from Visa Governor, all that my friend saw inside the envelope was a 3-page incomplete bank account statment and nothing else. How in the world will my friend apply for a student visa with that document? She was supposed to apply as a student, with an assured school placement and job placement arranged by this fraudster of a company!

My friend has joined some social networking sites where she exchanged notes with other Visa Governor applicants. So far, none among the Filipinos who applied that she “met” in these sites have been successful with Visa Governor. There are at least two who said they were successful but they did not share how they did it. I think they were just planted there to contradict the complaints, but in reality are not successful applicants.

My dearest friends and kababayans, please be very careful. Even if we say that coming here to the UK through a student visa is very common nowadays, look for the right agency. If you have money, you can even apply by yourself, just look for the right school for you. You will save a lot on agency fees.

By the way, I checked Visa Governor with two business verification sites to check if the addresses in their website (two London addresses were cited there) are actually legitimate. In both instances, the addresses are true and correct but VisaGovernor did not come up as one of the businesses in any of these two addresses.

If Visa Governor turns out to be a legitimate company, then I am prepared to apologize. I would be very happy if they can prove me wrong – by actually making good on their promise to their clients, that they will help and sponsor them to come here.

This is a scam now and i dont want them to play with needy people anymore and i hope this may help others for future.. I have nomore interest in this company now.



  • Jd
    jd3 Aug 02, 2009

    i have received an email too from visagovernor stating that i've passed their requirements and that i can work in uk by applying for a student visa. the site looks genuine but i needed to make sure if it is or not or i can kiss my 48pounds goodbye.
    i stumbled upon a lot of sites saying that its a hoax n that made me doubt if they are legitimate or not.
    thanks for posting this entry. it cleared up my mind.

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  • Du
    duhbhest Aug 02, 2009

    tsk, tsk. this is a great madam!tenks for the help. :)

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  • Vi
    vikram chauhan Aug 07, 2009

    yes you are right that is scam totally scam

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  • Es
    escobale Aug 09, 2009

    hi thanx for that too i stubled upon them some months back did apply with them now they say i ve to pay 98.25 pounds for eveything i duno wat should i do as i ve already applied in bristol accountancy college in bristol england, but them too i ve paid just recieved everything except sponsor letter(tier 4 thing)they say they still waiting for it as they ve registered some few weeks that possible please help

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  • Vi
    VictimOfScam Aug 09, 2009

    I suggest you to check your documents, they must be fake and dnt pay anymore money until u speak with a live person from their team.

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  • Ju
    junior 3-1 Aug 11, 2009

    Hi, I agree that the VisaGovernor is scam! because i am personally applying and paying their postage for the benefit to go in UK as a student Visa, but the problem is! they send me two(2)
    documents only like Letter of Enrollment from Licoln College' with Signature without printed name, and three(3) copies of VisaGovernor Statement of Account from Barklays Bank.
    I think these are fake! because i am requesting five(5) documents like Letter of Agreement, Certificate of Sponsorship and Letter of Invitation, all of these are paid for the postage but they did not send it to me...So! what can you say about this! this is FAKE!!!

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  • Jr
    jr09 Aug 13, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello Guys! Thanks for this info. Honestly, I was a victim by these people too. But at least we all learned from this mistake. We should not trust anyone asking money from us. But who shall decline from the offer that is so tempting. Let us face, we all need to work in a greener pasture, so if someone is offering a bright future I am sure we will grab the opportunity. So here goes the story...We ended up victims. But we are not losers here. God is up there to punish them what is right for them. It is just a money, we can still find that w/out stepping others. All we can do right now is to spread the news and tell others so that this will end. I just hope that the numbers commented here will be the last people that will be victims of visagovernor...Let us just be thankful that we can sleep tight everyday without the fear...God bless us all in our journey...There is still bright future ahead of us! Mabuhay!

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  • Mi
    mira1 Aug 13, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I actually applied in april of this year and I recently got my application approved, I haven't paid for the postage service, because I really want to know more about this "company". But now that I've heard all this I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me a trustable agency that I can reach to get a Job in the UK thank you

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  • Mi
    mizy Aug 18, 2009

    Shoot|! ALL IS FRAUD. I KNEW IT! MY 68.92 GBP IS ALL WENT TO NOTHING. I hate the thought. I paid the fee and til now havent received any frm them. not a single paper. FRAUD REALLY IT IS! I HATE YOU VISAGOVERNOR.

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  • Vi
    VictimOfScam Aug 22, 2009

    Guys, here is onemore story:

    patrick - 8 Aug 2009
    Here's the thing.. VisaGovernor is not a genuine company and is not operating legally in the UK.

    When I received my sponsorship approval email from them in early June 2009, they've been so responsive. They answered all of my queries either thru their email support address or thru their direct 'Chat' box on their website. I trusted them eventually as I've had great hopes of coming in the UK to have a brighter future. Third week of June, I paid for the postages in the amount of 48.25 pounds. I even had to open my own bank account so they would initially recognize my name. I emailed them right away and they replied 3 days that the payment has been posted in their account already and that my documents would be posted by Royal Mail a week after that.

    First week of July 2009, I received the mail posted by Royal Mail but it only contained the Letter of Enrollment from a London College, (which I'll keep the name anonymous) confirming my enrollment to commence on Sept 21, and their Bank Statements (covering Jan to March). I emailed them right away as I was expecting other documents as agreed upon and which I also paid for. They responded around 3 days and they said that since the documents are coming from different sources, they should be sent in another 2 sets of mail. So 'okay', i told myself. I'll just wait for them.

    While waiting for those documents, I suddenly thought of verifying my enrollment by sending an email thru the College admin that VisaGovernor sent me. By the way, the email address that they indicated in the enrollment letter was incorrect, and once you try to email it, your email will bounce back stating that it was an invalid address. I researched the school's website and was able to find an email address to confirm my enrollment. The school admin required me to send the copy of the enrollment letter to them so I scanned it right away and emailed back to them. Day after, they responded that they can confirm that the Enrollment Letter was fake and has not been issued thru their College. They asked me who sent it to me, how I acquired it and how much I paid for it. Without any hesitation, I directed them to the VisaGorvernor site. Two days after, I emailed back the college asking if there's a way to confirm if VisaGovernor is operating legally in the UK. And they responded that, "we don't know anything about it as they don't have a business office which seems to us that they are not a genuine company".

    All of my hopes of getting in the UK were starting to fall one by one. All of my efforts were now taken for granted. But this didn't stop me from asking straight from VisaGovernor if they are to send me a legal document. When I visited their website and typed in the 'chat' box, I can no longer send messages. I tried sending emails to them but they are no longer responsive. I tried it day after day after day. I then told myself that this is the sign, they are not operating legally and that they use 'fake' documents so they can recruit people going to the UK under student visa. I researched related news in the web about illegal people who were able to enter the UK under 'fake' documents and it alarmed me as I don't want to be part of them. I had someone from the UK embassy to confirm if VisaGovernor is legal, but they can't find it from the business list.

    Good thing I have not resigned from my current job yet. Good thing I verified it first straight from the college which the college in turn, also did their research about VisaGovernor that they don't have a business office.

    I still have the fake documents with me.. And I'll just keep them as remembrance to always remind myself that there are really some people out there who will take advantage of you for their own welfare..

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  • No
    noypi Sep 09, 2009

    Patience is all you need guys. Your character is a must.Your excellent personality would give you the key so will pass their requirements.That's it!

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  • Yv
    yvescervantes Sep 10, 2009

    My case is exactly the same as the last one EXACTLY, I am with you guys... but I can send messages by my ipod, its blocked by web but you can use other mobile devices.

    at least you can free your anger...

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  • Ud
    udre Sep 20, 2009

    Hello, I have been a victim of the same website and NO I have NEVER received the promised documents and now I am dealing with PayPal to try and have my money refunded.

    I ask everyone who have been scammed - let us report this. Let us not be empty cans complaining and yet not doing anything. This website that goes by or is a scam. I have already contacted in the UK and one of their staff was kind enough to look into this for me and confirmed they are a scam.

    Report your situation as well because the more of us providing proof and information will really bring them down.

    Here are websites and email addresses we can report them to:
    1. - this link will bring you directly to the page where one can log questions, issues, etc.

    2. - from here go to the bottom of the page and select LONDON as the region. It will bring you to the next page where one can fill out details about the establishment a complaint is being filed against and what the details are.

    3. The U.S website is also helpful and you can email the details to this email address because their online complaint form is limited.

    Remember to provide as much details as you can: dates when you paid and when they said they received it, what you paid fro, when you followed up and what has been promised you. If you were able to save screen shots of your account details, that can be proof, too.

    It can be exhausting I know, I felt it myself but nothing will happen if we do not do anything. Please - lets do something.

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  • Su
    Sunny LSCE Sep 21, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Prospective Students,

    Please note that we at LSCE are not affiliated in any way with this Agency and please do not send any money to them in our name. If you would like to enrol with us, please contact us directly at

    In general, it is good advice that whenever you deal with an agency, try to contact the actual college or university they claim to be acting for as they are most likely would have a website and contact details - if they don't it should raise a red flag. You can email me [email protected] if you have any questions.

    Best Wishes, and I hope those of you who got scammed get some justice.

    Best regards,


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  • Ru
    Ruben Cabreros Sep 28, 2009

    Thank you guys for your complaints, made my decision not to pursue my plan to use this company(???). I'm about to pay 48.5GBP for the postage of visa governor "documents".

    -Ruben Cabreros

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  • Vi
    VictimOfScam Oct 17, 2009

    Forget it guys, lets work hard for our bright future. They are what we call SIN .. our GOD is with us and he will take us to success through different source if it is our destiny. My good wishes to all the victims and if someone would like to stay in touch they can email me.


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  • Ra
    randomram Oct 28, 2009

    thnxx guyss i just gone apply in u guyzzss are eye openers thanxx a lot

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  • Mi
    miran1 Mar 15, 2010

    I made a report to the UK embassy in my country which kindly directed me to the met police, so I suggest you guys try the same thing, I didn't pay a thing to those so called company, before all that I called the UK embassy and gave me a site where by UK law all companies that are legal and have offices within the country must be registered there, if they don't prompt up there then it's a scam.

    i'm serious if you guys are pursuing a job in UK search in that site cos that's the one i was talking about earlier, don't be a victim, be a player and put your heads back in the game... good luck

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