Virgin Active Westville KZNadmin consultant putting phone down before I get to finish my complaint

I phoned Virgin Active Westville in order to establish when My and my family's contract ends due to working shifts and being unable to get to Gym. First the manager and the admin lady was on lunch at 15h00 and I was asked to phone back at 15h30. Which I did I then was fortunate to get assistance. Could not understand the lady has she was mumbling and I asked please to try and speak up so that I could hear her speak. I persevered and tried to get the lady to e-mail me my contract, wife and son's as they were all loaded on the same day! And asked what the cancellation fee will be...should I cancel before the 31st December 2019? The lady then informed me that I will have to come in - agreed I will do so but first give me the info on cancellation etc so that I can discuss with my family. I asked again for her to speak into the phone as her mumbling was frustrating. I was told that it will be some pro-rata etc etc fee. I then discovered that My son's is for 2 years which I could not understand as he was the same time as me and my wife? I was getting nowhere fast with this lady and asked her to send me the contracts as we never received them...she then said I HAVE TO SPEAK TO ASHLEY WHO HAS DONE THE CONTRACTS - I see no need for this as she can send me the contracts to my e-mail. She then got agitated with me and put the phone down on me!!! I then phoned back and asked for the manager on duty. Being Cookie, I explained to her that it is rude for staff members to put the phone down on a customer when they feel they had enough and do not want to help no more...! I gave the details of my e-mail and requested that Cookie send me urgently the contracts that we signed so that I can act on them going forward. I am still waiting and if it is not sent, will drive to Virgin active tomorrow and pick them up myself. Virgin Active if your staff are not able to answer questions and are fed up with customers then they should not be answering phones. Just another shocking experience to add to many one receives on a daily basis. Problem no actions get taken and the staff get away with this attitude.

Oct 11, 2019

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