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This is my guys are all idiot's, i got the the birthday card in the mail. called the phone # on it and got the company name, also checked out the company name on the card, VIP travel Reservations, Inc, it was a local company. I checked out both companies, and i don't mean on online blogs going by what other people assume, i checked out on BBB, AG, ARC, IATAN, chambers of commerce, and state of florida, I also went down there since it is a local company and asked point blank why they had bad feedback from so many people. You know what the manager i talked to said? well first she laughed but when she got done with that she told me they do not do any presentations, they do not have any other locactions or alias's (i knew this already because i checked out all the company records online w/ the state of florida) she said they can't do anything about the online complaints but that they weren't really concerned because there were less than 100 out there and they have close to 50, 000 customers, which mean about 1 out of every 500 are complaning and that a lot of those complaints are not even their customers because they never sent in the certificates they got, and about 80% weren't even really about VIP, that people just assume it's one big company, not realizing that there are 100's of timshare companies out there, that because VIP's name is on the cetificate that they did the presentation or are affiliated to the company that did. i asked her who is doing the presentation's? turns out they sell thousands of certificates to all differnt types of compaines. car dealerships, water filtration, mary kay, radio stations, and of course timeshare. she said they only ever get complaints about the certificates from the timeshare customers. i asked her why VIP lets the timeshare companies say they are "free" when the certifictes requires deposit's. she told me they their are 100's of companies that have them and it's pretty impossible to control what they tell people, that's why all the terms and conditions are on the certificates. customers should read them the second they are handed them. i asked what the deposit's are for? she said it covers reservations fees of $35.00 per person, taxes and fuel surcharge. I asked her about something i read about not flying close to a major holiday and she told me that airfare goes way up around major holidays and they would go bankrupt if they had to spend a $1, 000 per ticket to fly people. I understood that. at this point i'm thinking i can't complain about it when all i'm spending is 100 bucks for 2 tickets. now that i was armed with real knowledge, i called the # on the card and went to a presentation. lol! what a bunch of crap it was! timeshare salesmen are such liars, they didn't tell me anything correct. but i did my time and got the airfare cetificate and the car rental. i went back to VIP the next day and submitted my deposit with the forms, they handed me my request forms to pick my cities and dates, i filled them out right there, the girl at the front helped me. i even reread the terms on the request forms just to make sure nothing had changed, one thing had. on the airfare you now have to give a 60 day notice instead of 45. that was no big deal to me. gues what? i have already taken my trip. I flew from orlando, fl to las vegas, nv. I stayed oct 13th -oct 19th. I had an economy car with enterprise, it was a little 2 door kia. but all i paid was a a res fee of $25 buck and like $45 bucks for tax. I even got a print out at eneterprise just to double check the tax amount. my total cost not counting hotel i had VIP book for me in vegas. oh i forgot that part. since they are travel agents i had them book me in the jockey club. It was great! anyway my total cost to vip travel was $95 bucks in reservations fees and $98.05 in taxes (again i double checked the taxes with southwest) so in conclusion. It was worth it. Just follow the rules on each certificate. and don't listen to what other people are assuming, do your own homework!


  • Ck
    CKoontzi Jan 26, 2011

    Ray I totally agree, especially that timeshare salesman are such liars! and BThom you just prove that, thank you! I had 2 certificates 1 for air line tickets and the other for a 7 day cruise. I opted to use them separately. My tickets are booked for the end of March to Indianapolis and cost me all taxes and fees right at 1/3 of what I'm used to. My cruise I requested for September out of my local port, Port Canaveral. I'm a local and got my certificate from PDI and so far most everything has seemed very reasonable and has worked good.

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  • Ty
    tyler Mac Jan 20, 2011

    My certificate was for a 3, 4, or 5 night cruise during low season. We ended up not being able to use it because my wife had to have surgery. But the reservation process seemed fairly cut and dry. I sent in my activation form, they sent me travel request form, I sent them dates, they called and told me what was available and of course, I couldn't go. Oh well, maybe it will work out better next time. Thanks VIP anyhow for the effort.

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  • Bl
    BLOE1 Jan 11, 2011

    Some of the things you read here are appalling, I must say! I had the two airline tickets, I didn't get the car rental the company offered because I guess that was only if you responded in a specified amount of time. oh well, I sent my stuff in, they sent me 3 green sheets, one was the travel request form, I filled it out and sent it back. It asked for two dates and destinations, but I really only wanted one but i called and they said this was okay but it would be based on availability. Alexia called me yesterday and offered it to me, it cost me $166 and I got exactly what we needed. I called today just to be sure and it is all booked. Just waiting on my confirmation and the $75 gift card that came with it now.

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  • Lo
    LollyQ Dec 21, 2010

    I must say I did not get my certificate through an invitation or from attending anything, I got it from my local chevy dealership, I am glad it worked well for all of you however, BThom (above) I hope you have found a new line of work, as anyone that reads this post, and something tells me this isn't the only one, would NEVER attend anything of the sort. I have gone to things like that in the past and whether i purchased or not, the things you are saying here are disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself! That said, my certificate was for the 2 airline tickets. We got back from our trip last night. My only complaint is that the notice they gave me of my trip being available was inside a month from the dates we wanted. But who am I to complain, they came through even if I was getting a little nervous! They also booked a car for me while I was there and a hotel stay for the three nights I couldn't stay with my sister, both at a reasonable rate. I will use VIP again in the future.

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  • Ki
    Kim at VIP Dec 02, 2010

    BThom: I am appalled by your complete and udder disrespect, I'm with the consumer above and would be extremely interested in where you work, if for no other reason than to be aware of why customers where already mad before they got to us! However, as the only thing that you said that remotely had to do with us was your little price break down, riddle me this... we travel a lot more than 1 in 10, there is a casino (that do not subsidize us) at 2 of the hotels we offer (so in the event they did your claim is still ridiculous), of hundreds across the country and that is only speaking of hotel. That is not including car rental, air fare, cruise, condo, and all the other certificates we offer. So before you wildly attempt to alienate customers that, god forbid, one day end up as your customers, maybe YOU should check your facts. And while you are calling all these potential clients, all these lovely names, may I remind you, you are being paid to tell them about your "exciting" products, and offer them three day old danish and orange juice as their gourmet breakfast.

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  • Ca
    catywht Apr 30, 2010

    Well it's just lovely to know how the people that lured us into the presentation feel (BThom), and do find it interesting that you didn't leave any contact information so someone could contact you... your lack of tact and complete arrogance should really be reported to the company you've worked for "for 30 years" so hopefully you would no longer be having to sell to the people your so much better then. and as this is obviously a widely used post your purposely giving yourself a bad name. and calling others stupid... I think it'd be greatly amusing to hear you try to defend yourself in your own market as this post CLEARLY isn't about the presentation of lies that connected us with vip, and you sir, should be ashamed of yourself. While I'm sure many of your customers may simply be there for the gifts, some of them, such as myself aren't I go to many of them for nothing, actually in the market and really feel it's people like you that is the reason the travel industry is going under. You BThom are a disgrace to yourself, others, and as representation for ANY company, but especially one dealing with the public.

    On the other hand I was very skeptical about the "free" offer from VIP as the people I bought the travel club through went out of their way to stamp new member on my information, they almost give VIP a bad name from the get go. But after giving it a try they exceeded my expectations. They got me booked in the area I was looking for for my daughters graduation and got me the car rental at the same time to get there. From my deposits I was due back a refund of $34 which we received last week as promised. What VIP offered wasn't free, but I got it all at about a tenth of the cost, so all in all I have nothing bad to say. Thanks VIP

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  • Bt
    BThom Apr 14, 2010

    You guys are funny. I've been a timeshare salesman for 30 years. I've given away more crap than I care to count. 10% of the mooches buy a timeshare for 8 to 40 thousand dollars. It would be much less pressure if we didn't have to sell to the liars and mooches.
    I would quit lying! We have contests about lies that you guys tell first, before we lie.
    The most popular is "we sleep on everything".
    We never buy anything "the first day". Thats a practiced one.
    Hey, I know honey, lets tell them we have to talk to our financial advisor! Stupid, you always win the pot because how would a gift mooch like you have a financial advisor? If you really had one, he'd have told you not to buy, and if it was a she, she'd have told you "don't go! And please don't say "we gotta think it over". The salesman raises his hand (watch how many fingers he holds up), and the person you think is a manager is a T.O. turn over. He'll know your objection and make you a liar or a buyer. How? C'mon, you are a mooch, have you never crawled out of a presentation humiliated? (with free gift in hand).
    I would say, "Oh gosh, I didn't show you much value if you have to think about it."
    "Oh no, you did a great job".
    "Hmmm, it must be me or my credibility."
    "No, you were good, we'll BE BACK!"
    "Well that leaves only the money."
    "No, we just have to think about it."
    "If we gave it to you for free, would you take it?"
    "Well, Yaah!"
    "So it is the money, the down payment, or monthly?"

    You guys are funny. Stupid, but funny. The breakage on vacation certs is 90%. So Mr. Idiot that checked it out paid $200, it cost us $65, and the cert company traveled 1 out of 10. The casino subsidized them so their cost was about $400 bucks, a profit of $600 for every 10 that go to the presentation. Our gift cost was $650 for 10 customers/mooches, our gross volume was $120, 000, the cert company sold thousands of certs, probably pocketed $50k, but you CHECKED IT OUT! I so wish you were my customer (mooch, up, googan, tour, broiler rat, GUEST).

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  • Df
    d.flanders Dec 23, 2009

    I'm with you! I had the certificate for the hotel stay, it was for 2 nights in a Marriott, Sheraton, or several other types of hotels. VIP travel booked my first request and got me a third night there. I'm very happy with the service I received from VIP and would be happy to travel with them again, the girls their were a delight to work with.

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  • Ti
    timmikings Dec 14, 2009

    just got my phone call that my 2 airline tickets on VIP are available ;) my total taxes and fees are $176 and the flights if I booked them on my they would have been just over $400, I just looked them up on orbitz, I'm stoked! Many thanks to VIP!!

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  • Gy
    gyllang Nov 18, 2009

    I got my certificates from a radio station out of Daytona Beach, I'm a local - so I too went down to VIP's office, it's smaller than expected, kind of the family owned feel, and everyone was very nice and helpful. They fulfilled my certificate and the guy who gave it to me didn't even pay them for it as to what I understand. I now he's under investigation for fraud and several other things. I'm very happy with everything VIP did, although I'm now very leary of the companies handing them out. of the 7 certificates I got from the radio station, VIP was the ONLY one that fulfilled my travel... Thank you VIP

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  • Ll
    LLLetson Oct 20, 2009

    Wow, so to the point! lol I too had a good experience and agree with all of you. Thank you VIP!

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  • Jt
    jttpayne Sep 24, 2009

    Wow, you really did do your homework. I on the other hand skeptically went in to this blindly and was impressed with the services I received from VIP Travel. All the girls there seemed very eager to help. I couldn't have asked for more, other than them adding a few more phone lines maybe ;)

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  • Ic
    ICanFixYourHairCut Aug 27, 2009

    I did also take the time to do my own homework, and while I'm close by in New Smyrna I decided to stop by as well. VIP Travel's office was much much smaller than I expected. All the girls there seemed very eager to help and much like walking into a family owned business. After going there to drop off my paperwork I felt confident that they would fulfill their obligations. I was pleased to find everything on the up and up, and they did in fact come through with my travel.

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  • Ja
    Jandire Aug 25, 2009

    I had 2 certificates with VIP and they did fulfill both and I was very pleased with their performance. However, I do have a question, at the presentation I went to to receive these they also gave me a certificate to a Certs, Inc and I've jumped through all of their hoops, and can not get anywhere... any advise?

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  • Mr
    M Romano Aug 24, 2009

    I'm excited now, thank you! I have 2 certificate with VIP Travel now, and they have already confirmed one of them and I was looking around on here to see the odds of them beging coordinated, and I'm finding it may work out just find... thank you

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  • Sk
    skamfinder Aug 22, 2009

    I too agree with all of you, I found the timeshare presentation I sat through to be rather rediculous but in the end absolutly worth it! VIP helped me fulfill a 2 night stay (which I upgraded to 5) in Cancun, meals and everything for dirt cheap and then they got me 2 airline tickets on jet Blue! I love VIP!!!

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  • Sh
    shesontheroadagain Aug 12, 2009

    I also agree, and also must say it's refreshing to see someone not complaining about having to follow rules, and that did their own homework... I too used VIP and thought it went rather well! I give them 2 thumbs up and would deffinitly use them again!

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  • Pr
    pris in the sun Jul 23, 2009

    I totally agree! and rather then just posting comments back to these fools, I think I'll tell my story too! But in the mean time, Thank you VIP!

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  • Ll
    llbeangirl Jul 21, 2009

    I absolutly agree with you! I had no problems using VIP's certificates! Thank you for taking the time to write this... I had a great experience with them but first asked many of the same questions it seemed you did, so I kinda feel bad for them, people really should take more responsibility for their actions!

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