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Videos > Tricks of the Trade: Car Dealers

Tricks of the Trade: Car Dealers

Posted: 2013-01-28 by ComplaintsBoard  [send email]

Tricks of the Trade: car dealers.
Comments Cars, Parts & Vehicles
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N  25th of Feb, 2013 by   Star1@1
I signed up for this service in 2011 for three years. They didn't explain to me that if I ever sale my house I still will be obligated to pay until contract is over. When I sold my house and called asking for canceling service hoping to pay cancellation fees, they told me they will charge me the full amount for all three entire years, like they will holding you as a HOSTAGE and secure you only ASS you got after all! Don't go for this, otherwise you are stuck there until your nightmare with them is over. They told me even if you serve your country oversees they still will BILL you because all they want is YOUR MONEY not the service, and they will get it one way or another regardless you dead or alive.
N  17th of Apr, 2013 by   babydoll123
Did you read the fine print?
N  19th of Jun, 2013 by   J. Coulter
Has anyone else had dealings with Windows of Michigan, also doing business as First Choice Windows & Sunroom? They are located in Hudsonville, Michigan. We are having a nightmare experience with them with a metal roof installation. Wondering if this is an ongoing way of doing business.
N  26th of Aug, 2013 by   Sumit 720
Hi My name is Sumit Kumar. I purchased Nokia Lumia 720 on 29th may 13 from Sec-14 Gurgaon HR (122001) and Ex. Name is Kawalpreet Singh, I've already mailed to Nokia Care but i didn't get response from Nokia even I m so disappointed with the Nokia service bcs i couldn't use of my phone for 3 days and it was hanged, i submitted my mobile after 2 hrs ther returned me back and said u didn't charge this mobile while it was 76% remaining when i attached with my Laptop. After some days it was again hanged, i submitted again but not given me good response and said it was not problem now it's ok.. And again after 2 weeks touch was damaged then they changed display of mobile even i said pls replace this mobile if it's possible, actually the reason was that i was not aware completly with the nokia care services that's why the were befooling me till now. and after that camera was not worked it's was also damaged and touch was working automatically now, also there is spot on the back side of mobile my mobile is at nokia ca
if your company do like these kind of work, nobody will be happy with u as soon your market will be go down. give me response
N  18th of Oct, 2013 by   endopsych
My Periodontist referred me to an Endodontist for an infected tooth(#6) that needed a root canal. The Endodontist sent me to a Prosthodontist who was asked to clip the three tooth bridge that was attached to tooth #2 and #6 so that I could then have endodontic treatment of tooth #6 and return afterward for permanent crowns on tooth #2 and #6. I was to go from the Prosthodontist's office to the Endodontist's office for the removal and then the root canal on the same day since I live in Jim Thorpe Pa. and travel 90 miles for the visits to these specialists. Prior to my visit to this Prosthodontist he made phone calls to the other two specialists and suggested that he be in charge of the plan for my mouth - which I had designated to the Periodontist whom I see regularly and whom had made a partial removable denture that he planned to add three teeth to after my bridge removal and endodontic procedure. This Dr. Weinstock (David - the Prosthodontist) actually cancelled the appointment that I had with the Endodontist - Dr. Peter Brothman - without my consent and did not produce an estimate of what his charges would be for his part of the procedure. When I traveled to his office he had a new (first day) dental assistant there who was to be instructed on taking individual xrays of each of my teeth despite the fact that full mouth xrays had been produced by my Periodontist Dr. Edward Woehling. He had a Univ. of Pa. Dental student in the office who started to instruct the new dental assistant on the taking of these xrays which excoriated the floor of my mouth and I interrupted their procedure, got up from the chair and was going to leave when Dr. Wienstock intervened, finished the temporary crown on the tooth he had cleaned up after removing the bridge, and told me that I needed implants (I am 78 years old), or I should have all of my teeth removed and have full dentures. He then charged me $975 for the work he had done and I believe that the fee is unfairly exploitative. He whined that he had made phone calls and (interfered) planning etc. etc. but this amount of money seems to me to be a punishment for not doing as he said despite his knowledge that I had a plan to have the prosthesis that Dr. Woehling designed and our plan was for me to try to use for my problem. Parenthetically, I am using it now and it is very satisfactory. One of my colleagues called this operation a "Walletectomy" and I quite agree.

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