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Videos > Doctors Warn Against Swine Flu Vaccine

Doctors Warn Against Swine Flu Vaccine

Posted: 2009-11-10 by Complaints Board  [send email]

You are being programmed.
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N  13th of Nov, 2009 by   [send email]
I was treated like a thief because I waved at a customer that acknowledged me first, and pointed at a guy that I thought was with him. I was approached at a later time by three men one who shoved a badge in my face saying, "You just interfered with an investigation!", and I was no longer a customer I could not pay for the items in my cart and I needed to get out of his store. I was shocked and kept telling them that I did not understand what was going on... I only waved and pointed, I had no way to know what was going on. I would not have done anything if I had known that the guys in plain clothese were wallmart security and I never got to read the badge because it was thrusted in my face and then pulled back with just as much agression. I asked to see the badge again told them they were crazy I did nothing wrong. I was followed and antagonised and put down by a guy who is susposed to be the top rank in the security department. he got in front of me and said the u scans are closed to you. I went to another checkout and he got in front of me and told her not to ring me up. I told him I would wait at customer service for the general manager to clear this up, he brought some lady down with just as bad of an attitude as himself i found out later there was no general manager there. I asked them to call the police and report whatever i did because i did not understand what i did wrong. they told me they were calling them and i would be charged with disordely conduct when they arrived i asked if they were called and told them i could wait outside no police ever came, my father purchased what i needed and voiced his opinion and told them alot of people would not be comming after he tells everyone what happened. The guy responded we are wall-mart it won't hurt us we don't care.

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