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victory baptist templeunwanted soliciting

They knocked on my door twice. the second time i opened the door and pointed to the NO SOLICITING sign and they STILL left pamphlets on my property!!!


  • 2c
    2content Oct 26, 2009

    You point at your sign, signifying you dont want them there, they could point in the bible and show you where they are commanded to be there. Even though you have a sign, it is your "wish" to have no solicitors, its not the law. If your house was on fire, do you still not want them coming to warn you? Think about what your saying...

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  • Ni
    nigarr456 Jul 05, 2012

    ya punk think about it

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  • Br
    Brother Mark Feb 27, 2013

    The people who stopped by were doing whats called door to door visitation. Whether you agree about it or not, they were concerned about your soul and wanted to leave you something to look at. Obviously you live in the area of the church and they wanted to say hello. Solicitaions to me would be door to door salesman, people collecting for donations, etc. A invite to church or even just to stop and say Hello, Jesus Loves You, whats wrong with that? I have done door to door visitation and no one wants to bother you sir. I believe you took there actions the wrong way. And look at this, there are many neighbors in your community that welcomed a visit from the local church. So one complaint out of possibly say 50-100 homes? Naw. I will pray for you sir and maybe I will see you at church someday? I am going for the first time to a service tonight at 7pm. to check things out. Like I said, maybe we will run into each other?

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  • Jo
    Jon Klingler Feb 12, 2017
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    God's law is above man's "law".

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