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These estate agents are rip offs. Total rip offs!

They charge for everything, contract extension, contract termination, everything.. They charged me for leaving the property! The house was perfectly clean but on top of the cost of leaving the property they still charged for cleaning!! CRAZY!!

They wont last for long.. A very bad experience..



  • Mc
    Mcollen Apr 23, 2016

    Victor Michael (startford branch)
    Staff are greedy and rude, be aware with this people, every time you deal with them as a paper first before signing it, because they always hidden something you think you are fully paid but surprise you own a lot of charges..they are a thief they not there to help you..beside they will give you a lot of pressure & stress.
    Careful people...they're are worst than snatcher.
    If not going to happened to you it will happened to your family.

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  • Ki
    Kiramae Apr 22, 2016

    Victor Michael is the worst happened in our life, We rented one of their property for long time, We pay on time and were a good tenant for long time, every year they put rent up for how many years we didn't complaints.only this year because we realise they put the rent up unreasonable, we email them and ask if they can only put the rent up £50 not more than that a year, but still they are greedy people, they started to be rude and sarcastic to us, since we live there We haven't meet the landlord @ all, we consider this company a silent sucker, We can't believed people like most of them are happy to took the money from the people, they started to charges us a lot of money, if you want to work in this company in order to qualified you need a thick face, no emotions, greedy and no love and care to people.bad people, how can you provide food to your family and that money you earn is dirty money.if you forgot to look at your face to the mirror, try now you bad people have a chance to go to hell soon.

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  • Ka
    Katsu Apr 21, 2016

    Bad agency, staff most of them are playing ugly until you give up once you give up goodbye £500, agent supposed to be helping you not ripping you, Taking advantage to people specially to the people who really need it and yet the agent are happy to ignoring the client and give the clients more problem is don't know when is KARMA is coming to are life make sure you treat people with respect.

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  • Xa
    xaks Oct 21, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Had the most terrible experience with this agent. The staff i dealt with were so sarcastic, so rude. I very much disliked the one man who "created" victor michael. Such a rude man, id never recommend anyone to use this agent. Absoloutly horrible, giving me a lecture and telling me how to do things. making a mockery and humiliating me, making me UPSET and laughing at me, throwing me indirects in the conversation and mocking other agents off .. they are just a basic estate agent, nothing special. i was disgusted. They are so proud for nothing because theres nothing to be proud of. Id change the way i talk to someone if i wanted to be successful, something they need to work on (their customer service) as much as they are rip offs and all these extra payments which most people need to be aware of to get a little extra from people, theres never no fixed fee to pay before moving in, its what they want and most payments are just extra. iM aware because iv worked in the sector. They provide such a terrible service id never use them ever. ERGH.

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  • Xa
    xaks Oct 21, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I absoloutly agree Such a RUBBISH estate agent SO unprofessional its unbeleivable. Bad customer service paying no attention to me as a customer they are horrible rip offs. They are such a bad agent i have nothing good to say about them. They take pride in their service and staff but all the comments above have stated otherwise and i completly agree. They are so dishonest and maybe more research needs to be done before taking an agent, they just say what you want to hear, but its all dishonesty for
    the commission, not quality. which is something they dont invest in.

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  • Vb
    Vbx Jan 09, 2015

    With virtually no exceptions I have found Victor Michael to be awful. As with others above, I felt pressured into signing their contract there and then in the office. When I moved in they gave me the keys, but although there was a picture of an electricity top-up key in the inventory, they didn't give me one. When questioned, they said "everything you need is in the flat" - which it wasn't. When I called the morning after I moved in (you guessed it, no electric) they back tracked and said "Oh, the inventory is just to show *what once was there* and the key was registered to the tenant" aka complete rubbish. On calling the electricity company, the contact there confirmed that this wasn't the case and the electric key belonged to the flat.

    They have since, in letters confirmed electric checks and management checks, alternated between saying they don't have management keys (so I have to be there, on a workday) and that they do (so I don't have to be there.)

    Condescending, inefficient and downright dishonest, their automatic email response says "we will reply within 2 days" and the last two occasions I've had to contact them I've still been chasing 4+ days later.

    In the world of appalling shysters that is estate agency, Victor Michael is one of the very worst.

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  • Br
    Brian Morgan1 Aug 14, 2014

    Worst people Ever, They charge for everything, increase rent 10%, watch out for every year contract and 2 months notice, big catch

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  • Mi
    MiKaa Jul 27, 2014

    Worst agency ever! That idiots don't want to pay my deposit back. Be aware, think responsibly.

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  • Da
    danci tiberius Feb 23, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Victor Michael is one of the worst agencies in London.A water leaking in the bathroom ceiling from the apartment above for 5months then ceiling fell down. I told them many a times but dind't take any action, the ciling is down from 2weeks and the pipe is disconnected and all the water coming down from upstairs.

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  • Na
    Naj-eastlondon Nov 26, 2011

    I must disagree with the above comments, I have personally dealt with them over the last year and am very satisfied with the service i have received, it seems like a few rotten apples have given the firm a infamous rep, I have used other estate agents in the local area and have found them to be very un ethical and un professional. The staff at victor Michael are very helpful and professional and there management department are always available to help. I would strongly recommend there services.

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  • Wa
    Walthamsteve May 02, 2011

    It seems everyones had a similer experience with these lot. We rented a property which was meant to be newly refurbished and was given a move-in date. They promised it would be ready. Rang me the day before to say we couldnt move in as it wasnt finished. Didnt give a damn that I had a van booked and everything. Moved in a week later as they advised and it still wasn't ready but I had to move in anyway. Once we were moved in the builders didnt bother finishing it and Victor Michael didnt wanna know until we stopped paying rent. Tried to intimidate us into paying but we told em to stick it. They threatened us with court but we went to citizens advice and they put good old Victor in his place. We lived the last 2 months there rent free so they lost out! Stay well clear of these cowboys!

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  • Ar
    armija Mar 23, 2011

    3 years ago I tried to rent a flat in Redbridge, flat was £50 more expensive than the flat I lived at that time, we agreed about the rent, and I left £250 handling fee, I was a working person and after all the administration papers were signed the agent has decided that he didn't think that my wages were sufficient for the flat, so he suggested I get a guarantor, if I dont I'll lose my handling was a disgrace I didn't even look a guarantor as I didnt want anything to do with these people anymore and ofcourse I lost my money

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  • Ju
    Julie Heggi Sep 12, 2010

    I have used Victor Michael for many years now. And would disagree with most of the above comments. I have found them one of the best agents in the whole of East London. Abu from Stratford office is one of the nicest people you would ever meet. I have made enquiries with many other agents and have found Victor Michael' s fee's to be standard with other agents.
    When ever I have a problem with the property the managment team deal with it with no questions asked.

    I have found Victor Michael to be without doubt


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  • Ms
    Ms Carrington Aug 04, 2010

    I totally disagree, i have found the company to be extremely welcoming and helpful, they even helped me when i couldn't get all my money together straight away, they also managed to get me lower rental for the property i wanted for me and my family. also i am very grateful to their maintenance department who have fixed any problems i have had straight away, they are worth every penny!

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  • Eu
    Eurostar Apr 14, 2010

    They do not even care about tenants! I paid fees that I was not aware of before signing! you have to pay firstly the deposit, then sign, then paying (really really dubious fees). If you don t sign, they keep the deposit, so you losse or money! if you sign, you pay fees, so you loose more money! they are theft! I hate them!
    Moreover, they have MICE in their properties. When I went to the office last week to complaint, I ve been told "everybody says that, everybody says a mouse was walked on me last night, I saw a mouse in my shower ect Then what? What do you want me to do?! "

    Can you guys believe that! I was so upset!!! I am gonna leave this house without paying!!!

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  • An
    anthony edwards Mar 31, 2010

    I have been to victor michael been treated very well they explained all the fee's they charge fully explained the contract the fee's i paid every ather agents charges same or more .

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  • Ta
    tanya hurley Mar 20, 2010

    well lets face it, estate agents are not particularly honest. if you are hired as an estate agent in east london if you have to have a good track record of dishonesty. Victor michael is particulary plays a pioneering role in dishonesty, rudeness and this place is full of ###. they force you into signing the contract and they will surely disappeare if you have any problem with your property. they will also make sure you lose your deposite when you leave the property. all the people who have taken the trouble to write few lines here, i urge all of you to write few more lines to estate ombudsman. do something legal so that they lose their licence and dont get the chance to rip someone else..

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  • Hu
    humadoon Oct 02, 2009

    Victor Michael are cheats and cons ...very unprofessional ..their manager was smoking inside the office infront of the customers and very rude including all the staff..i think they were hired from a fish market..

    I went there liked a property they asked me for ref and all the other fees the actual rent was 650 a month but they were asking ref of two people which was initially 250 and then reduced to 235 with the admin and what not fee..

    anyways i refused to pay all them fees at the end i manage to push them just for reference fee..

    but i seriously doubt there professionalism... never ever will deal with them again..

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  • Nb
    nbilal Jun 03, 2009

    The whole purpose of doing a refernce check is to determine wether someone is eligible and trustworthy enough to be bound into a contract of any nature or form.

    Victor Michael defeat the object by supplying keys to individuals before the results of a reference check have been obtained. Mine didnt come back as of yet and guess what?? THE PILLOCKS GAVE ME ENTRY INTO A FLAT AND AM LIVING THERE NOW.!!!

    Shows how unprincipled and flaccid there whole system is.

    Landlords beware THE BIGGEST CROOKS could be entering your properties, if letting via Victor Michael.

    Inventory!!! y do i have to pay for that the conn artists charged me 95.00 whent the landlord clearly stipulated they did not enter the flat to do one.
    Burn in Hell Damien in Leytonstone Victor Michael.

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  • Ba
    B Azeem Jun 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We strongly agree that we will never use vitor michael again. They changed us too much to rent a flat in Leyton.

    203£ for reference check
    95£ inventory fee
    100£ admin fee

    They will never last for long. amen!

    I will register a complain to NAEA and OAE. Please you do the same.

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  • An
    ANON Feb 23, 2009

    We STRONGLY agree! They have ripped us off totally and they have the nerve to be rude and ignorant each time we contact them. We had to pay extautionate fees of £900! We have had alot of problems with the house being damp. It has been newly done up but not damp proofed properly. They have not helped. We are also being kicked out after 6 months. We have not done anything wrong- we were even commended on how clean the house was. AVOID VICTOR MICHEAL STRATFORD AT ALL COSTS!!!

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  • Co
    cops Jan 10, 2009

    i strongly agree with all the complaints made toward victor michael.
    the agent is a total be specific, they are thief .i was also charged about 700 just for the contract which is probabaly highest fees in the high street estate market.the service they provide really stink as well, the staffs are un-professional and the way they deal with the customers is very bad.
    i wouldn't advise anyone to go for the agent as it is totally a waste of hard earning money.

    victor michael is a con which hunts innocent tenants from many angle so plz donot go for it even if you get cheaper rent.

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  • Sa
    Sarah Nov 14, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes. I would strongly advise to NEVER EVER USE VICTOR MICHAEL. My boyfriend and I viewed a property and were told we had to hand over a £500 holding deposit which would be used as part payment for the full deposit.
    Weeks before we were scheduled to move in, we went to their office to "collect" our tenancy agreement. We requested to take the contract home so as to read it fully before signing it but were told that if it wasn't signed immediately, then we would lose the property and also the £500 initial deposit. Basically, we were forced into signing this contract which is completely unacceptable. However, it gets worse...
    Once the contract had been signed, we were then shown the list of EXTORTIONATE FEES which had to be paid including a £350 tenancy agreement contract fee PLUS a £110 administration fee PLUS £250 referencing fees PLUS a check-in fee of over £100. Total fees amounted to a ridiculous £820!!!
    In addition to this, we found the staff to be incredibly unprofessional, rude, pushy and downright dodgy. So I would say to anyone thinking of renting via Victor Michael to seek an alternative agency who in every probability will provide a much more honest and above the board service.

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