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Vibrant WhiteningUnexpected Card Charges

Thinking it was a great idea, I checked out an offer from someone I did not know that said there were 2 great ways to very cheaply get your teeth whitened. Both of the offers were trials. Dazzle White was $1.95 for their trial and VIBRANT WHITENEING was $1.00. These were the full size product without all the thrills and you just filled out the form & ordered it.

I received both products and have had no concerns with Dazzle White at all. However, Vibrant Whitening managed to trick me into charging my account almost $100.00!!! When I saw the charge on my account for $88.97, I was in shock! I called them immediately, not believing or understanding what this could possibly be.

The rather surly girl on the phone, Betty, assured me that I'd agreed to some 'trial' that would charge me monthly if I did not cancel it in 15 days and I asured her that I had never, in any way, ever agreed to such a trial. She said it was in the 'fine print' and that I had already passed up my 15 days to cancel and thus, I was now being billed.

I insisted she cancel it IMMEDIATELY and she started being rude to me. I told her I would not put up with her attitude and she informed me I had to EMAIL the company to get a refund. I asked her why she could not process the credit right now on the phone & this is when she became beligerent and said she was not the 'billing department' and when I called the company, it never said it/she was the billing dept., etc. Oh, ugly. So, I now have to write an EMAIL to the company & 'assume' they will credit my money & she (Betty) said they will credit my account w/in 24-48 hrs. We'll see.

That wasn't enough. There was a $9.99 charge on my account that I did not recognize either. Different company, different phone number. I called it & Betty answered again. Oh boy, here we go! This company is AXIS WELLNESS PORTAL & is evidently affiliated with VIBRANT WHITENEING. The story on this one is that I did not 'un-check' some tiny box & therefore, I agreed to this monthly charge. bs

I asked Betty to cancel the AXIS WELLNESS PORTAL monthly charge, whatever it was & I was very nice to her this time because I'd been very angry on the other call & have learned that staying calm in these situations serves me very well.

I'm a teacher. I DO read the fine print. I'm VERY careful on offers like this. So, I find it hard to believe that someone else has not run into this problem. Therefore, this letter.

Hope you have better eyesight, read more carefully, and watch even more closely than I do to things like this. Best of luck to you!



  • Mb
    M_B Aug 11, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similar experience with this company.

    I am a law student and apt to look for fine print or boiler plate language in offers, and there was not anything there.

    On July 25, 2009, I responded to an internet advertisement regarding an initial offer by Vibrant Whitening.

    I accepted only the initial offer.

    Before receipt of the initial offer, on July 29, I received a telemarketing phone call from someone representing Vibrant Whitening inquiring if I would be interested in a monthly subscription to the Wellness Portal, and more of the Vibrant whitening products along with discount gasoline coupons for a year. All contingent upon my acceptance of the offers.

    I expressly told the telemarketer I was not interested.

    On August 9, 2009, my checking account was debited in the amount of 9.99 for the monthly subscription, and 88.97 for Vibrant Whitening products not ordered.

    There was never any acceptance of these products or additional offers.

    When I called the company on August 11, I was connected to someone calling himself Aaron. He told me that he could not cancel or refund anything, and that I would need to send my concern via email to billing support.

    During our telephone conversation however, I received 2 emails. One email confirming cancellation of the Wellness portal. The other email confirming cancellation of Vibrant Whitening.

    Both of these emails were sent from the same email address.

    Strangely, the service rep ( Aaron) indicated that Vibrant White/ Axis Portal does not have a telemarketing division. It is funny since I have a recorded conversation with the telemarketer.

    I have already sent my email to "billing support. " I am now awaiting resolution on my refund.

    Depending on the outcome with this, the matter may have to be resolved legally.


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  • Ey
    EYT Aug 12, 2009

    I agree with this complaint and additional comments as I have had the identical experience and did not agree to any "membership" program, but yesterday received a shipment of the vibrant white product in addition to the "trial" offer which lead you to believe was free...

    The CS Rep also told me that it was in the "fine print" that I agreed to a membership which I told him I did not remember reading... I went re-read the confirmation email they had originally sent to me an there was nothing in the email about a membership program. I just emailed them to request information about returning the product and refund - so I will see what happens.

    Obviously this is a big scam - and reinforces the notion that "nothing is free"!

    I too am a teacher and am very careful about the fine print and details and did see anything about authorizing additional shipments. I too got a phone call from a marketing person and told him I was not interested in anything he was offering.


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  • Kb
    KBM Aug 13, 2009

    I have the same problem. I signed up for the trial package (which was a big mistake). The company representative called me few days later and I clearly told the lady that I was not interested and wanted to cancel the membership.
    Few weeks later I received more stuff in the mail from Vibrant WHitening and I was charged $88.97! This is totally a scam! I'm going to call them up to get a full refund and I will take legal action on this matter.

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  • Ge
    gensei Aug 14, 2009

    Hello everyone, I just made the wrong decision just like everyone on this page did. Yesterday I saw an advertisement on the internet about teeth whitening free trial kit. I clicked it in and enter all my informations (address, card number, etc) and today this guy representing te Vibrant Whitening) offering me a hundred dollars and some gasoline thing along with my package, and I naively agreed to whatever he had offered me. I am now very worried if they would charge me more than I purchased, some advice please? Much thanks!

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  • St
    Staff Sergeant Aug 15, 2009

    I have recently signed up for and canceled the trials with no issue. It sounds like "attention to detail" is a large issue for many of you. Take DivaElvis who iniated this. She states, "I'm a teacher. I DO read the fine print." For one, I'm not sure what being a teacher has to do with anything. Two, you didn't. Both offers, Vibrant Whitening and Brite Teeth Pro, had their fine print in a convenient scrolling text box next to the order form. Just guessing here, but many of you got caught up in the flashing lights that said, "hurry order here you X:XX minutes left." So now you turn this forum to join forces with masses of other idiots who suffer from the same issue in an attempt to what...feel better about yourselves. The only reasons companies like this make money is because probability states there are people like you out there.

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  • Dd
    DDK Aug 17, 2009

    I had the same thing happen to me, I signed up for the trial and I do not recall anywhere that I agreed to the membership. I do know the screens were changing quickly. Thanks for the update I was assuming the $9.99 was shipping charges. When I called Vibrant Whitening, asking for an RMA to return the merchandise the Customer Rep hung up on me, he was extremely rude. If this wasn't a scam there would be no reason for a Support Rep to behave in that manner. The rep was adamant that I could not get a refund. That is yet to be determined since all product has been returned.

    I did also order the trial for Dazzle White, when I contacted them they agreed that as soon as the product is recieved they will refund my credit card even though the 15 days was past.

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  • Ma
    mandysmom Aug 17, 2009

    I had the same experience and I did read the Terms and Conditions which state 15 days. I canceled on the 14th day and still got charged on my credit card and still having a hard time. They are RIP OFF -- do NOT order anything from them! I tried calling to cancel and got hung up on 3 times so I emailed and have the confirmation of the email I sent but they still charged me. I have all the proof so I will win with the credit card company BUT they have asked me NOT to file and they will help me get the refund. You know why? If a company gets a lot of chargebacks, they lose their merchant account OR they have to pay really really high fees. So the more that charge back, the better they will get or be put out of business. There is NO reason for this type of company or strong arm tactics to take place. Uncalled for and just plain bad business.

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  • Mb
    M_B Aug 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Staff Sergeant makes a good point with regard to how the scrupulous companies make money this way.

    Many of them are succeeding only because potential customers have a moment, or in some cases, several moments of vulnerability with the "too good to be true offer."

    What was not mentioned however was that in the case of illegitimate transactions, it is not beneath these same types of companies to bait and switch their transactions process.

    Alternatively, in the event of mutual mistakes where nothing illegitimate is occurring, make changes to the transactions process so that it can be better understood by the customers.

    What remains to be seen with Vibrant Whitening and their transaction page process is, “Was this case of mistake or deceptive trade practice?"

    What is reflected on the Vibrant Whitening check out page now was not there when I had my experience with the company.

    On the check out page now, a drop down scroll through box does appear letting the customer know that they cannot proceed until it is acknowledged that the terms and conditions have been read. Once the customer opens the terms and conditions, there is easy to read information pertaining to the 15 - day trial.

    When I ordered just the Vibrant White product on July 25, that drop down box on the check out page was not there.

    The terms and conditions on July 25 were at the bottom of the page. Included in the terms and condition information was only a discussion about the steps that needed to be taken to obtain the RMA number.

    During my email communications to billing support, I made this point to them. In one of their replies, they attempted to discuss how I would not have not been able to proceed with the purchase until I acknowledged the terms.

    This was on August 13, and also what prompted me to go back and take another look at the page. When I saw that the page was different, I challenged them on that point in my next communication. They did not make any further references to it.

    Sometime between July 25 and August 13, the check out page was changed to reflect what is now there.

    Possible Scenario #1 : This change to the check out page process may have been the result of a mistake on the part of the company after realizing that their terms and conditions were being ignored.

    If their changing of the check out page was done to ensure customers understood what they were bargaining for, this would have been a reasonable step to take on their part.

    The question however still remains about the 15-day trial.

    The transactions occurring on or before July 25 more than likely had the same check out page I saw. Where the terms and conditions were at the bottom of the page and mentioned nothing about receiving future promotions or a 15-day trial.

    If we assume the company was not attempting to take advantage of potential customers, the information about the 15-day trial would have appeared somewhere on the website. Moreover, the telemarketing calls made by the Vibrant White representatives after product purchase would have also confirmed or negated this.

    Possible Scenario # 2: If on the other hand, we work on the assumption that the 15- day trial information was somewhere on the website and missed, this would be a mistake on my part, and on the part of all the other customers that also missed it.

    However, if customer after customer is missing or not seeing the same thing, doesn't that suggest in a strong way that the company is not making it easy to find.

    If in fact, the 15-day trial information was there and hidden, that amounts to unfair business practice ( which in the end equates to deceptive trade practice. Which is illegal)

    With regard to my refund. According to my last email communication with the company on August 14, I was told that after I received the first installment of the product, I would need to send it back to them unopened and unused for a full refund

    It has been sent to them and I have confirmation that it was received at a Los Angeles Post Office yesterday. Assuming mail delivery in Los Angeles is equivalent to mail delivery in the rest of the country, Vibrant should receive the installment packet back today or Wednesday.

    I should have my refund by Friday. I will keep you posted.

    My answer to the questions of what Vibrant Whitening is attempting to do will be rendered after several things have happened:

    1. Once my full refund is issued
    2. Vibrant White honoring the cancellation of their services without any trickery or deceit

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  • Je
    Jeanette lipio Aug 22, 2009

    This is exactly what had happened to me, i got billed $1.00 for shipping of free trial of vibrant whitenning last july 28 then today, 8/21/09, i just checked my credit card and i was billed $88.97 on august 11 and $58.71 fr. white smile company, and another 9.99 fr. company that is unfamiliar to me, i been calling their provided company no. but just one ring and got disconnected right away.

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  • Pd
    P. Duncan Aug 24, 2009

    I also saw the teeth whitening combination on the internet and ordered the trial offer. I started receiving phone calls everyday every couple of hours. I told the lady I was not happy with the product and my daughter also spoke to her and told her to stop calling. She was very rude to her and did not cancel the order within the 14 day trial period and still kept calling my number. Next thing I know I receive another shipment stating my account will be charged the $88.97 monthly which I do not recall reading in the fine print. I called the number and requested to cancel the order and get my account credited back. She said she canceled the order but I would need to email support for a refund. You have to get an RMA number before sending the product back to them or you will NOT get your refund. I emailed asking for the RMA number because you have 15 days to return the product, well they will not give me one. All I got was an email quoting the agreement policy that I supposedly checked I agree to. So basically you can't even return the product to get your refund if they refuse to give you the RMA number to return it. This is a BIG SCAM people don't fall into it!!!

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  • Ju
    Judy Heiss Aug 25, 2009

    They scammed me for $88, .97 on my credit card, and I want the charge reversed.

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  • Eb
    ebl Aug 25, 2009

    This really is a pisser!!! I have canceled this so called subscription and was still charged - I've called and emailed without any resolution. People beware!!!

    They are probably owned by a credit card company

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  • Eb
    ebl Aug 25, 2009

    I'm really upset with this whole scam - they have not sent me a refund or issued the credit for their so called continued subscription that I did not agree to

    Do not fall into this trap - it is a time waster!!!

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  • Mb
    M_B Aug 27, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    As of today 08/27/2009, both Vibrant White and Wellness Portal have refunded all monies.

    Our business is concluded.

    The card number they were originally given in July when this began, was canceled and a new card was immediately issued. So, I won't need to worry about future unauthorized transactions.

    For everyone else. Good luck with your fight. Make sure you can support and document every position you take.


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  • Ma
    Maarla Liebling Aug 28, 2009

    I am actually furious. I feel duped. This company is a scam and I am actually afraid to now use their product...No where did I see anything about the 15 cancellation days beginning the day I made my order. That's ridiculous particularly as nobody has control over the USPS or other mailing sources. I called within 15 days of RECEIVING the stuff and the $88.97 had already been charged to my account. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. I DO NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH THIS SNEAKY AND SCAMMING on-line trap. I don't usually purchase products on line and now I know why.

    I believe that if I don't get the $88.97 refunded back onto my credit card, that I am going to report this company to the Better Business Bureau, among other on line companies who's job it is to stop
    on line scams of which I am SURE this is one.


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  • Na
    nanan Aug 30, 2009

    I am a 73-year-old semi-invalid in a retirement home and on a very limited income. I was duped into trying the so-called free sample. So far, it has cost me nearly $100 for the useless "free" sample. My credit card company offered no help with this problem, and I am having a devil of a time trying to reach the company in order to cancel any on-going relationship. I never intended to do more than try a free sample, but I seem to be locked into a nightmare on-going agreement with these thieves.

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  • Da
    David Elsner Sep 04, 2009

    BEWARE - Vibrant Witening is a SCAM. I was checking my account balance today and noticed that there had been a deduction made in the amount of $88.97 for a tooth whitening product monthly subscription. Someone should be taking these jerks to court. Has anyone been successful in getting their money back? Has the Better Business Bureau been notified?

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  • Ca
    CA mom Sep 07, 2009

    Well, like all of you, I was suckered into this. Interestingly enough the lady with the blog on the two products combined was from my home town!! Yeah RIGHT!! Anyways, I figured I would pay the small shipping charges and try them. I swear I didn't see any small print at all but I guess it must have been there somewhere?? I didn't even have a chance to try the product when I received the second package from Vibrant Whitening and then I figured something was up. I immediately called and told them I was not interested but the very UNsympathetic guy told me that i agreed to it and couldn't get any money back. I of course asked to talk to his supervisor but no success at that. He told me to email the customer support people to see about sending the products back and that there was no other phone number to call.

    So...I then started an email trail with customer service. I mentioned that I did contact my credit card company. I did not indicate that I opened a dispute but V.W. assumed that I did. It took a number of emails to convince them that all i wanted was a full refund and to send the products back. I kept asking for a RMS number (never got one) to put on the envelope when I sent them back. They begrudgingly offered me to cut my payment in half but I said no, I wanted a full refund. After several days of emails and me swearing up and down that I didn't open a dispute, they decided they would give me a full refund and that it would take 3 to 5 days to show up on my credit card statement. I emailed them back and asked "don't you want your products back??"...they replied "just put 'return to sender' on the envelope. Guess they didn't care so much about the products after all. Long story short, I called my credit card company 5 days later and they did reverse the charges several days before. So I did get my money back and I did send the products back but with delivery confirmation so I was sure they got them.

    My advice is just be persistent, consistent and don't be threatening. Make it clear that you haven't opened a dispute and that you will not accept a partial refund. I really think that I got my money back by becoming a bit of a thorn in their side and they figured they were better off giving me what I wanted.

    Also, Dazzle White was very cooperative about canceling as long as they received their product back before they sent the second shipment. I just sent it USPS FIrst Class WITH delivery confirmation. I called them, they received it and no additional charges were ever made to my credit card.

    These companies are very deceptive and I have noticed that the company names keep changing. I don't even think you can find Vibrant Whitening anymore. Not sure what they are calling themselves now! Good luck...I got my money back and you can too...just be persistent!!!

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  • Be
    Bebop 62 Sep 08, 2009

    If you used your Debit Card to pay Vibrant Whitening ( or one of their other 10+ companies ) don't give up on getting your money back. I spoke to my personal banker this morning. He canceled my Debit cards while I was on the phone. Then asked me to see him today so he can file ' fraudulent charges ' against this company and all others they are affillated with. They used 3 different ones with me. ( VW, Health Smile and Teeth Whitening for a total of $ 178.82 from 8/7 to 9/3 ) It seems the more banks and cc companies hear this type of complaints they start to take closer looks at the companies. So, if enough people do this thru their bank or CC company maybe we can hurt them in " their " pocketbook. GOOD LUCK!!

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  • Sh
    Sheila Owens Sep 13, 2009

    I ordered a free sample of vibrant teeth whitening for a dollar. Iget on my bank account and see that they had taken 9.99 out for what i dont no and they took out 88.97 for a kit that i DID NOT order. I am a single mother and i cant afford this.It is hard enough to make ends meat with the economy the way it is, we dont need people like you (Vibrant Whitening ) taken money out of our accounts. Because you did this i had two checks to bounce and i feel you should pay for them, I need that money back in my account ASAP before they shut my house gas off! PLEASE
    Thank You
    Sheila Owens

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  • Xx
    xxx2 Sep 27, 2009

    This is the order of charges that came through on the current statement. We contacted the credit card company and was told to keep a watch for "unauthorized" charges. We appear to have been successful on the first charge but will have to see what happens on the following.

    23-Sep TWG Vibrant Whitening (88.97) $
    14-Sep GRC*PROACTIV SOLUTION - 2009254463352856212230001 31.95 $
    12-Sep Foreign Transaction Fee FTF 2.37 $
    12-Sep Health Smile 79.28 $
    6-Sep HWP Health Wellness 9.99 $
    6-Sep TWG Vibrant Whitening 88.97 $
    22-Aug TEETHWHITE8779892350 DZW472087956348 1.95 $
    22-Aug TWG Vibrant Whitening 1.00 $
    22-Aug TWG Vibrant Whitening 0.97 $

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  • Li
    Linda Dominici-Dickins Oct 01, 2009

    I was unaware the free sample would be billed to my bank account at the rate of $88.97, I live on a very small amount of money and this charge put my account into overdraft resulting in overdraft charges in the amount of $105.00. Thus making my bank account $199.97 over the limit. I have not used your sample due to the fact we had a death in the family and it got put aside I would be happy to return it and anything else I receive from you. These overdraft charges will make me short o0n my rent on monday by $200.00 I have no way of getting. I need these charges taken off my bank account ASAP or I'll be out on the street. Linda Dominici-Dickins-643 Shepard St-San Pedro, Ca 90731

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  • St
    stanton Oct 05, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had the same experience as the above complaints. I e-mailed support @, that I wold return the product and requested that the $ 88.97 be refunded to my credit card from which I used. I also spoke to a representative on the phone, who said the request would be honored and that I would receive an e-mail from "support" in 2 to 3 days. I will be waiting, and post the outcome.


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  • Ww Feb 27, 2010

    I had no idea that I would be billed after asking for two little samples. In fact the samples didn't arrive until after the 15 day trial period. To put out over 200 dollars for this is terrible. It truly is a scam as fat as my husband and I are concerned, and we certainly will share this information with our friends!!

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  • Bo
    Bob R Jun 09, 2016

    Like alL the other complaints, I ordered a TRIAL size of Vibrant Whitening. I was charged $0.97 and $1.00 for
    the product/shipping on Aug. 5, 2009. Then on Aug. 20 I was charged $88.97 for something I did NOT
    order or authorize. My bank said they saw 2 charges for $88.97, but there was only one on my on-line
    statement. For other reasons, I had to order new debit cards and cancel the old ones. That may be why
    I only had one charge. I called the company and was told to send an e-mail to [email protected]
    to request a refund. In that e-mail I indicated that if I do not get a refund within 7 days I will file a dispute
    with Master Card.

    A lack of a NO from me to their "membership", in no way should be interpreted as a YES on their part.

    Additionally, the trial sample only had enough for one and a half applications. Hardly enough for any kind
    of evaluation.


    Bob R.

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  • Ju
    Judith K Hoffmann Jun 09, 2016

    I did not authorize anyone to charge my credit card - but there it is!! I want that charge deducted from my Visa card Judy Hoffmann

    883 San Angelo Dr
    Bismarck ND 58404 The amt. is $88.97.I will send back the product I did not order. I ordered ONLY the free try-out sample. Please take care of this or I will go to the States Attorney in ND.

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