Versatubeshelter frame; online purchasing, shipping departments

J Sep 14, 2018

Over a month ago I placed an order (confirmation no. [protected]), I got a call my order was ready to be delivered, scheduled it. When arrived the truck only had the siding sheets, no self taping screws, nor frame 14'. x27'x14', asked where the balance of the order, he called the shipping department didn't know anything about it, that's all they had. I went to the store took my receipt and they did find the balance of the order but did not have that nor knew about the order because it was ordered online and the rest of the order didn't come through all as one order, then proceeded to tell me it was my fault because I didn't check some box, I have no idea what she was talking about I used Menards order form online and it understood it was one order and took $3, 696.23. They said that the balance would be shipped on Sept 5, 7,. Well came and gone by and no word, so I went to the store asked the latest, looked and no up date. The manager asked someone from Building office to contact the main office and get some update and call me and let me know and yet again nothing.
This is available here local as well but I thought it would be good to have Menards Support if needed or additional materials, boy was I mistaking.
I would like to know if someone that cares about customers let me know if your going to ship it or otherwise, get me a refund and will get it locally and not cause Menards any more issues.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this issue

John Kincaid

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