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Veronica Mayor, aka Veronica Mayor Carvo. I was a victim of her sales of sick English bulldogs. I'm not the only one. many complaints against her company. She does not honor her contracts, and has yet failed to up hold any court rulings on these matters. Several cases still stand against her in Maryland, and now new cases are forming as well In CO. Golden area. From sells of dogs that have infectious diseases to importing and claiming they are from the state she lives in. that Information CAN BE OBTAINED IN MARYLAND PUBLIC COURT RECORDS. Many dogs have died, even after closing down the week of Easter Holiday of 2009, she is now working as a local breeder out in CO. Checkout : YouTube.COM, for, Justice For liberty, one of her former pups sold, a English bulldog that died while still under her one year heath contract with Veronica Mayor, her 14 month body was mangled with caner and mange. I also have spoken to many other owners that dogs are dieing at young ages, or have already die do to poor breeding, and in breeding. They all came from her stock of dogs. I have even spoken to her former veterinarian whom is not pleased with her company. Google her name and you will be shocked of the people she has ripped off! She is as well part owner of VERONICA MAYOR (Colorado), how ever It is her brother and herself running the bulldog company. He is Located in FL. Now days she is a local breeder only so she claims! veronica mayor veronica mayor veronica mayor veronica mayor veronica mayor veronica mayor


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      Jul 22, 2009

    Hi I am writing to disagree about Veronica. I have 2 of her dogs one is 3 years and the other is 7 months. My father also owns two a 1 year old and a 2year old. We have not had any problems with our dogs or Veronica. I have nothing to gain by writing this. I am so pleased with our dogs I had to comment. Our 1 year old male is so beautiful, sweet, athletic and smart, as are all our dogs. All of our dogs have been vet checked and are fine. Also to the people with the 14 month old with mange and cancer. My aunt has dogs with some of the best bloodlines and have gotten cancer. As for mange that sounds like the people who bought the puppy either didn't know what mange looks like and bought a dog that had patches of missing hair or it got mange while in their care.

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      Aug 05, 2009

    To Lovemybulls: It seems that you and your father got very lucky with the dogs you received and I hope that their health continues. I also bought a dog from Veronica and have been very lucky myself. Although the puppy I received had skin irritations and mange when she arrived in Florida from Maryland (so she definitely contracted these issues while in Veronica's care, not mine) I was able to treat them and she is now healthy and smart at 3-years-old. I have done some research on Veronica on the internet and there are in fact a large number of complaints against her from various buyers.

    I myself had difficulties in getting my contract fulfilled by Veronica but chalked it up to her being an inept businessperson. However, after reading others' complaints, I believe she had intent to deceive. My puppy did not have a microchip when I got her, nor could I obtain vet records showing a history of medications or checkups.

    All this has helped me learn a very important lesson: NEVER BUY FROM BREEDERS UNLESS YOU ARE CERTAIN THEY ARE REPUTABLE. And even better, get your dogs from a shelter or rescue group. is a great resource.

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      Aug 09, 2009

    Well i also bought a bulldog from Veronica Mayorit's been about 21/2 years now that my poor baby died at just 9 months old.This was to be the 2nd bulldog that i was going to own and i decided to go with a differenet breeder because Veronica was $500.00 cheaper, that was the worst mistake i ever did since i knew my last breader was fantastic never had a problem with my last dog not even one but because i wanted to say a little money this is what happened.
    When i got poor little Dozer i took him to the Dr's before the 7 day peroid and he did seem fine but then after about a month he was getting very very sick the Dr. told me he had so many things wrong with him that a much older dog should have but not a puppy and things were wrong with him that are not Bulldog problems.
    The 1st time i did get him better for a little while but the vet was not sure if he would stay that way so i was going to put him to sleep i just did not want to see him suffer but the vet talked me out of it since at the time he was only a few months old and if did not take much for him to talk me out of it becuase i loved Dozer so much.I did call her up and she did say she would give me another dog but she wanted Dozer back and i did not want to give him back i wanted my money back to to keep him, what was she going to do with such a sick dog, all i kept thinking of is she would give him to a science lab for experiments or something like that and i could not let that happened, so i declined and kept him and then about 6 weeks later on Christmas day i notice he was getting sick again rushed him to hospital and the next day the vet called me and said he just dropped dead at only 9 months old.OMG i cryied so much. The Dr. gave me an Unfit to sell letter and i called someplace in Fl that handles things like that with bad breeders and i thought they could do something and they even said they heard of her but there hands were tied, i still don't understand that.So now i called her and balled her out that how could any human beeing do this to these animal they did not ask for this. She did give me another dog after i sent all the paper work to her vet about what was wrong with Dozer but i did not want another bad dog. It was bad enough i lost my 1st dog at 9 years old which is old for a bulldog but i got him from a very good breeder. then i lost poor Dozer at 9 months and he cost me about $7, 000.00 and my poor baby still died, i just tried so hard to say his little life but nothing would work. and now she was going to give me another dog and what if he were to get sick how would i explaine this all to my young son why these dogs are dieing on us.So i took him i only lived a few hours from Maryland so i drove there to pick him up, i wanted to see where she has these poor animals and i took my camera i was going to try and take pictures but when i got to where she said she lived it did not look like anyone lived there so now i thought i had been taken big time so i called and i can't believe she answered the phone and she said she would meet me at WAWA and that's where i got my new puppy, I just wonder what kind of a puppy mill she is running.Even when she said she would give me another puppy it took her like 6 monts to give me another once she always had excues why i could'nt get one.I have been a little lucky with this one he has not really been sick at all for the exceptin on it took me about 8 months to get him dewormed and over a year to potty train, and a few months ago i took him to the Dr's because ther was something wrong with his tail and the Dr. said his tail was growing inside his but and it had to be cut completely off so i had no choice but to do that and when the operation was over the Dr. told me that his tail was 5 inches in his but and he had never seen anything like that before. but still i keep thinking that he looks like a bulldog but don't really act like a bulldog about 1/12 ago i really thought i might have to get ride of him because he can be a little nasty at times and the vet told me it was due to overbreeding and i did not want the chance that he would bite my son but he seems to be doing fine now he still gets a little nasty at times but i just could not get give him away.I just don't know how anybody can do this to these animals.I really tried to get somebody to look into this but the few people i tried said there was really nothing they could do because i bought him out of state.I still can't believe all these things he had wrong with him.Even though it's been almost 3 years now i still think of Dozer which i did bury him in my backyard with my other bulldog i still think about him a lot and look at the pictures i had of him.
    It's just so so sad what she is doing to these poor animals.
    Thanks for letting me vent.
    New Jersy

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      Aug 13, 2009

    I highly disagree with all of the information about veronica's bullies. I bought a bully from Veronica and he is soooo healthy and the best dog EVER. She took very good care of my dog and was very good at keeping in touch with me. Many bulldogs have issues and need special attention from their owners. Many owners don't realize what they are getting into and don't take the proper care of their bully. I am very upset that Veronica is not breeding anymore because I would get another bulldog from her!

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      Sep 03, 2009


    We got Ernie from Verobull in June. We've had nothing but problems with the way they do business to be quite honest. Ernie is a great dog and we are in no way regretful about getting him...

    But communication was slow if at all, paying for the dog was a hassle, he had Coccitia when we got him which cost us about $500 in his first two weeks with us. He was showing symptoms the day after we brought him home and from what I've been told and found out through research, it takes about 12-14 days from exposure to the time symptoms are evident.

    ALL paperwork and vaccination records, etc had to be repeatedly asked for. At one point I actually had to get in touch with the vet clinic myself because he was in the ER and they needed to know about his vaccinations ASAP. The clinic that did the vaccinations expressed displeasure with verobull's business practices.

    We're also still waiting on our Kennel club registration to be returned after several weeks of asking for the form from Veronica. We finally sent it in and I assume all is well.

    We love our dog and the price was reasonable, but their business practices made what would normally be an exciting and pleasurable experience a complete headache.

    Veronica also told me she was in the process of moving to Colorado when we were buying Ernie. That was this May/June.


    Ernie began limping and having a hard time walking as of a few weeks past. We took him to the vet and after some X-rays the diagnosis is hip dysplasia in BOTH hips which have caused some knee issues. After speaking to my vet he assured me this is the result of breeding. It's somewhere in his line.

    Words cannot describe how angry I am with Verobull and Veronica Mayor. I will contact her about this issue but the pup being over 1 year old there will be no satisfaction on our part. There will be several surgeries at a very high cost which we cannot afford.

    STAY AWAY from Verobull, and Veronica mayor. She is an irresponsible breeder who is outright criminal and cruel in her practices.

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      Sep 10, 2009

    My husband and I got our now 3 year old Bully from her. He did not come with the so-called health guarantee. He was diagnosed with pneumonia not even a week after we got him. Veronica also claimed her dogs came micro-chipped and our vet scanned our dog several times and no micro-chip showed up during the scan.'s a shame that people can be so greedy and not even care about jeopardizing an animals life and selling in-bred puppies to unkowing families. That's horrible. SHAME ON VERO BULL.

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      Oct 07, 2009





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      Oct 12, 2009

    I got a bully from verobull and she is great no broublems with her butt i have never recived the papers for the kennel club i am still waiting i got her 11 months ago and try to get a hold of her

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      Oct 21, 2009

    I also purchased a BULLDOG from VEROBULL in Colorado and my dog first got sick when he was 3months after that he had a operation on his eyes and now he is in the hosiptal and needs another operation I really need some advice. VERO will never stop doing this if we don't stop her . I love my dog and i have already spent over $3000.00 but think he will always be sick i don't know what to do contact info [protected]
    Thank you

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      Oct 22, 2009

    I purchased a bulldog from Veronica @ 4 years ago. Immediatly he was diagnosed with "puppy mange" as the vet referred to it. I contacted Veronica she said none of her dogs have ever had that. The vet said it could only be contracted via the mother. After @ $1000 we cleared that up. But wait, we were not out of the vet bill nightmare yet. We then had a problem with his third eye lid which popped out. They call it cherry eye. 2 surgeries totalling $5000 and medication 2 times a day for the rest of his life we have a somewhat healthy dog. The ointment for his eyes runs $50 per month. Although he can not go anyplace that has any dirt (ie. dog park or beach or camping with our family) because of his eye condition we do love our dog very much with all his disabilities. I've gotten over the hate stage, Veronica will have to answer to a much higher power.

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      Nov 03, 2009

    Hmmm being shown on Fox 31 News saying "I'm sellin' dogs. If they're sick it's not my problem" and "people don't scare me" doesn't help your case any, Veronica. Too much damning evidence against you. HEY just because your dog can spit out puppies, that does not make you a reputable breeder.

    Good job, Fox News. This dumb ### belongs in jail.

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      Nov 04, 2009

    I saw the news report today and she lied right on camera that this was the 1st time she had bred dogs!! Beware of this person and don't buy a dog from the back of anyone's vehicle no matter how cheap the price. Use a reputable breeder or adopt or rescue, a dog is killed every 8 seconds, 900 per day because they cannot find homes and someone willing to adopt vs. buying a puppy. Please consider this before getting your pet.

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      Nov 07, 2009

    Did any of you who had a sick puppy actually perform any due diligence before purchasing the pup? As a breeder I am interviewing the people looking to buy my babies as intensely as I hope that they are interviewing me. Perhaps Ms. Mayor's mistake was to allow people with only a financial motivation to purchase her pups. Seriously, was the fact that her pup was $500 less to buy the reason you chose her pups? If so, you got what you paid for. When buying any animal you should see the place the pup is being raised, meet the dam and sire and see other pups in the litter. If you bought a pup sight unseen you do not have my sympathy, sorry.

    As for Ms. Mayor, if she is breaking the law take her to court. Unless, of course, you realize that all you have is a case of bad luck and no real evidence with which you bring charges. Stop acting like whiney children and either do something about it or move on.

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      Nov 23, 2009

    there is a special place in hell for people like her these are the best breed of dog out there they are like babies and need to be loved and taken care of damn you vero you will pay one way or another just wish i would be there when your day in court comes

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      Dec 22, 2009

    I just want all of you to know that I have known Veronica for several years and she is not a breeder she brings her dogs in from Colombia into Miami FL. The guy she says is her brother is her ex brother in law. She was registering the litter from Colombia to any fake female and male bulldogs she had registered with CKC. Those dogs that she ahs registered are misc. dogs that the breeder has in Colombia. i know this cuz i worked with her in CO for a few months it is scary how she gets her dogs

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  •   Jan 02, 2010

    Hello Everyone. My name is Angee. I purchased my bully who was known as Bubba from Veronica in Maryland back in November of 2006 when he was 6 weeks old. We had to put him to sleep this week on December 31st, 2009. He was only 3 years old. Veronica lived in a small apartment near Baltimore and she had 2 litters of bullies in kennels in her living room. After playing with a couple of different puppies, we instantly fell in love with Bubba. He was the biggest one out of the batch and was even bigger than the litter that was born before him. I drove an hour and a half to check out these puppies and did not want to leave without him. She did not have all of his paperwork from the vet on hand. She said that she would scan the paperwork and send it to me through email the following day. We paid $1, 600 for him. We took him home. We named him Goliath. 2 days later I noticed he had a little cough. I called her, left a message and told her he had a cough and that I needed to take him to see the vet BUT I still needed the paperwork from the vet so I know what shots he already had. She did not call me. I emailed her for a week straight. Still no response. After no response my husband had to call her and had to tell her that we would report her for her to finally get back to me and email me all his vaccine paperwork. She never sent the Kennel club registration. We took him to the vet and turned out he had bronchitis. I called her and told her and her excuse was "He did not have that when he was here. After you signed the contact and he left my home he was not my problem anymore. He got that when he was with you. If you don't want him I'll take him back." Her response made me go off on her. I was already emotionally attached to him but I couldn't believe that he was already sick! After that conversation I cut off all communication with her. We had Banfield's pet insurance for Goliath. They were great and they were on top of all his vaccines and check ups. As soon as he was old enough we got him fixed. A year and a half later, at a routine check up the Doc noticed that Goliath's eyelids were inverted. She said it was so bad that the hairs around his lids were scratching his cornea, which could cause him to go blind. So we got both of his eyes surgically fixed to prevent that. In October 2009 Goliath weighed 56 pounds. November 2009, we noticed that Goliath wasn't eating much and didn't have much energy like he used to. The whole month he continued not wanting to eat. We tried different foods, both hard and wet. He had no appetite. December 9th he weighed 46 pounds. The Doctors checked him out and they noticed his white blood cell count was very high but they couldn't quite pin point what was wrong. They gave us a couple different pills: antibiotics to fight off whatever he had and steroid pills to get his appetite back. We hoped that the pills would help. His appetite didn't seem to increase and his spine was starting to show. He kept trying to go poo outside, nothing came out and we just assumed it was because he wasn't eating. December 23rd he weighed 40 pounds. Doctors did some more blood work to make sure his kidneys and liver wasn't failing. It came back normal but his white blood cell count was higher. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with him so they suggested for us to see a specialist for ultrasounds. Until then, more antibiotic pills for whatever he was fighting. December 30th, Goliath weighed 36 pounds. He was super skinny. You could see his spine and his ribs. He didn't have much energy to walk around, only to go to the bathroom. We noticed his butt was draining some black like fluid. The nurse checked it and she noticed their was a little blood, resulting internal bleeding. The doctor noticed his white blood cell count was very high. took him to the back to do an ultrasound and xray. Turns out he had a disease we didn't know about. A part of his intestines shut close. Which caused all of the waste from his food to build up in his Stomach and Intestines. It was basically a rock hard poop built up inside of him. Doc said we can surgically get it removed but because it was a disease, it would constantly happen and his life span would not be long. She said the best thing to do would be to put him to sleep and stop his suffering. We took him home that night so all our family and friends can say good bye to him. His last night with us he kept going to the corner in the backyard where all the leaves were and he wanted to lay there alone. We had to keep carrying him back into the house. I did not want him outside in the cold by himself. The following morning, December 31st 2009, we had to put him to sleep. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. He was surrounded by my self, my husband, father in law and brother in law. He will be cremated. My husband and I are still planning on where we are going to spread his ashes. We were thinking of going back to Virginia since that is where Goliath spent most of his life, happy and healthy. Goliath was a huge part of our life, basically a son of mine and a brother to our kids. Everyone who saw him automatically said "this is the ugliest dog ever" but always left saying how much of a great dog he is and how much they loved him. He seriously was the best dog ever and it brings me to tears that I've lost him so soon and that his life was so short. I expected him to grow up with my 2 sons. I'm tearing up as I write this. I miss him dearly. I was randomly searching for verobull today and couldn't believe I came across this. I had to share my story with you all. For those of you who are experiencing something like myself, stay strong, love your bully and enjoy everyday with him/her. As far as Veronica goes, I believe what goes around comes around.
    Check out the following links to watch videos of my Baby:
    Goliath says "I love you":
    For more information you can contact me at: [protected]
    Rest in Paradise GOLIATH. We will always love you.
    September 2006-December 2009

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      Jan 12, 2010

    WOW...i feel so lucky right now. My 3 year old Duchess is a perfectly healthy, wonderful bulldog that is HUGE part of my life. My mother had a friend in town that had bought a bulldog from her and loved him so she got me one from Veronica. I picked her up from a WaWa gas station parking lot...yeah i thought it was strange but she was beautiful and healthy. Im so sorry to hear about the horror stories and heart break.

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      Feb 23, 2010

    I have two wonderfull bullies from Veronica. Toro (male) 4 years old, I got him through Veronica mother in Florida, they flew him to Baltimore where I pick him up. Luna (female) a two year old, I got her directly from Veronica and her boyfriend, I pick her up in a parking lot at the BWI baltimore airport. After 8 months Toro got several cases of skin allergies, than he got a severe case of cherry eye in both eyes, this cost me $1500.00 to take care of it. When he was about 18 months he got stones in the bladder, he couldn't pee and almost die! he got a special surgery and also got fix with laser at the same time so that his prostate will become smaller and his liquids will run to the this easier, this was another $2000.00. I still remember when the doctor told us that this was a genetic problem, and that we needed to take care of the problem right away or he could day soon, , , my wife grab him like a teddy bear and started crying non stop!! I was soo mad at the moment but also I knew he is a important member of the family and I will do what ever was in my power to take care of him, lucky enough I got some extra money save at that moment and we took care of that. Luna hasn't give me as many heath problems as Toro besides some skin allergies the first year and of curse one cherry eye.
    The other problem that I had was that I never got my papers for Toro or Luna, I have this problem the first time when I got Toro, , but when I was looking for my second bulldog I was stupid enough to trust her again, and since we had some issues before, she said that to make up to me will give me Luna $500.00 less than the original price. I was looking for a full white female bulldog and at this price I could find a better deal!!! When I pick her up I actually got to meet Veronica for the fist time and her boyfriend... let me tell you that everything look very suspicious, , , , , , , , , , they had probably like 15 little bulldogs in the back of their SUV, I pay her got my puppy, but then I was waiting for then to give me the papers and they both claim that they forgot then at their house in Colorado., they promise me that they would send the papers to me in the mail the first week, so I took their word and went in my way. Big mistake, I never got the papers, again the same problem that it happen with Toro, I try to contact her at all her numbers and through e-mail, , , , , , , nothing. She never got back to me, and now I two bullies cannot be register.
    After spending several quantities of money in vet bills and the fact that I never got my papers for the dogs, , , I do believe that Veronica runs a puppy Mill and that she just breeds this poor and gorgeous dogs just for the money not taking in consideration the health of her dogs and not taking care of the people that she makes business with.
    I feel for all those people who loss their bullies, because I know that as may babies they are and always be part of our families.
    I am lucky that Toro and Luna are healthy now, and very happy that they are big part of my family!!

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      Jun 06, 2010

    My name is Jennifer(Baltimore, MD), my family and I bought our Bulldog "Roscoe" from Veronica. As I have read from so many others "Roscoe" also had some health problems from the start. All which required many vet visits and medications. A few months ago he started getting really sick. Unable to eat, very lethargic and just not your typical 2yr old bully. So like any good pet owner we took him to the vet. He was diagnosed with an enlarged liver and then when the full lab results returned he was diagnosed with leukemia and we lost him on Thursday 6/3/2010.My children found him lying in a pool of blood, our house looked like a crime scene. He was responding well to the medictions which is why we chose not to put him down, and the fact that he was just a "baby" we wanted to try every options within reason and as long as he wasn't in pain, we hoped to give him some time. even with all of our efforts his liver ruptured and he was bleeding internally and he lost his fight! He was only 2yrs old. My children are destrot, our other dog is lost without his buddy. This women needs to be stopped!!! I am commenting in hopes that other families will research her name before buying. Not only did we lose a member of our family but I believe this breeder has been selling sick dogs without care. My children ages 13 and 9 should have never had to experience this.
    I understand that death is a part of life but not at such a young age. I would love to talk with [protected]

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  • D
      Jun 12, 2010

    I bought my little bulldog, Macy, from this disgusting breeder December 2008. I also could not get her to let me come to her home. I found out later that she owned a home in Maryland and the only reason she was in Maryland is because she had a court date with someone who had bought a dog from her. I was put off by meeting her in a Walmart parking lot and very disturbed that she had the mama and 10 puppies in the back of her truck. She told me she had to meet me as she was on her way to Colorado for Christmas. That was a lie as I contacted the gentleman that took her to court and she had to come from Colorado with all the puppies in order to give him a replacement puppy as his died. You might ask, why did I buy a puppy out of the back of a truck in a parking lot - it was because I was a fool and believed the story this woman told me as it was the week before Christmas and she seemed legit. WHat a liar. The day after I bought Macy, I took her to the Vet because her hips made an awful popping sound - go figure, I was told her hips would need to be replaced. I had the certificate of health from Buckeystown Vet in Frederick County Maryland - I called them and asked them how in the hell did they issue a cert of health on this dog and if I had the money, I would have sued them and her. She never mailed Macy's AKCregistration. Called her numerous times, stopped payment on my check as she hadn't cashed it yet. Oh, she called back then, her and her supposed husband and left the most X-rated messages on my answering machine and when I called her back to discuss Macy's health - both her and this man cussed me out like the white trash pathetic pieces of [censor] that they are. They said they'd come pick Macy up and give me a replacement. I asked, what happens to Macy and they said they would put her down. This dog already had a miserable life in the dirty hands of Veronica Mayor so I told her to forget it, I could never give Macy back to her knowing that was the end result and I'd trash her, her family business and Verobull every chance I could get. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE - ONLY A FEW PEOPLE HAVE HAD LUCK WITH THIS DISGUSTING BREEDER - DON'T TAKE A CHANCE JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A COUPLE OF HUNDRED DOLLARS CHEAPER -

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      Jun 16, 2010


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  • B
      Aug 10, 2010

    Wow! I bought my dog from Veronica over three years ago and with few exceptions he has been healthy & happy but it really saddens me to hear of all the trouble people have had with their dogs. Knowing what I know now, I would never buy a dog from her. Like many customers I never got my paperwork and she never emailed me back.

    I let my heart take over when I saw the pups but clearly something was not right when I met her. She was avoiding the apartment security in the complex where she lived and had many pups in the back of a SUV. Now, seeing the Fox 31 clip I can see that she is very dishonest and has little care for the puppies she sells. Lesson learned.

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      Nov 15, 2010

    I bought a beautiful english bully from Veronica Mayor (Verobull)on August 2007. She met up with us at a High School Parking lot in Columbia MD. And we were so happy. She seemed so loving and carrying. At the time she has about 11 pups in a cage. She forgot to bring the paper work. But advised us she would mail it. Needless to say we never got it. But as soon as we brought him home, we noticed he had massive diarrhea and we called her and told her that he didnt seem well, she said if it continues I will refund the money. He had about 3 more seizures after that. Then in April 30, 2009 our beautiful Bruno had his last seizure. He passed away. After the autopsy we found out that our puppy died due to aging organs. We were advised that we were sold a sick puppy and to contact the breeder. Well we have tried to contact her but no luck. We want justice for our puppy as well as others.

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  • L
      Jul 18, 2012

    We also purchased a bully from Veronica which was born Feb 9, 2007. Our bully Gracie was from the litter of Hercules and Giorgia. We ended up meeting Veronica in the Wawa parking lot since it was late and she had a story why we couldn't meet her at her house. Gracie was a healthy puppy at first and when she was 5 months old she started having really bad seizures. We had blood work done and couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. When the vets also called Buckeystown vets they couldn't tell us anything and of course Veronica said that she didn't have a clue why and have never had issues with any of her pups. We had to give her meds everyday and because we didn't want to take the chance of her getting pregnant from our other bully we decided to get her fixed. When she got about a year old her seizures stopped and didn't have to take any more meds. She has been healthy and has only had one other episode about a year ago that you couldn't touch her and she started only walking on three legs. We took her to the vets and nothing came up in the blood work so they gave her some meds and she was back to normal within two weeks. Also Gracie is small for her age and for being a bully. She only weighs about 45 pounds and she's short. She is a very loving and protective dog. My family had been lucky compared to her other victims and it makes me feel good knowing that people have complaints against her. Oh and after some fighting with Veronica we got our CKC registration application but didn't send it in since we weren't sure about Veronica. It would be nice that anyone that can prove that they purchased a bully from her could get their money back from her.

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