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deleted my esi

Below is an email that I sent to Mr. Daniel Mead, President and CEO of Verizon Wireless, on 6 December 2010 after not receiveing adequate compensation for the loss of my ESI. I received a phone call from Jennifer, a representative from Mr Mead's office, today and am still unsatisfied with their offer of compensation ($100.98). I would appreciate your assistance in this matter.


Dear Verizon,
The following is what, to the best of my recollection, transpired today in one of your Verizon Wireless stores.

~~~ Today I went in to my local Verizon Wireless store to fix a few issues with my LG Dare. The first issues pertained to my usage and the need to change my plan since I had just gone over my minutes and needed my minutes to be increased. The associate that I worked with, I believe his name was Allen, was very pleasant and help me with that task and offered some other services as well.
The second issue was that my phone was slow. When I tried to use certain programs the phone would not respond or would begin to turn off. Allen was sure that he could help me with this matter. He proceeded to do a couple of system checks and ultimately did what the store manager called a Hard Reset. Apparently, Allen had checked for the appropriate data back up program on my phone, however failed to ensure that it was synced to the phone.
When Allen did the Hard Reset my entire phone was wiped of all personal settings, email accounts, saved web addresses, ring tones, games and above all the contact list. He then asked me right away if I had my contacts backed up somewhere other than my phone. I told him that I did not and asked if all of my contacts had just been erased. He apologized and confirmed that all of my contacts had indeed been erased.
He again apologized and I could tell that, understandably, he was not happy with his mistake. I explained that I had countless personal and professional contacts on there. He tried for a moment to defend himself saying that I should have had those contacts backed up and that if I had destroyed the phone some how, I would then be in the same boat. I explained to him that yes, I understood his logic. However, my phone was in the hands of a Verizon Wireless professional and that it was Verizon Wireless that ultimately destroyed my phone.
I then asked to speak to a manager. Allen left his work station and went to speak to the manager. He then returned and told me that the best compensation that I would be offered was one months worth of service for free. I explained again that I needed to speak with a manager. He later returned with Rob, the store manager.
Rob greeted me and apologized for the mistake and explained that one month of free service was the best that he could do. I expressed to him that approximately $90 worth of free service was not going to be an acceptable amount of compensation for a loss due to a mistake made by Verizon and that I had a suggestion for an acceptable compensation.
I explained that I needed one year of global internet service so that I could Skype with my husband who is currently on a year long deployment in Iraq. He expressed that it would be over $1, 000.00 worth of service and that it was not going to be possible. I then asked to speak to the next person in management. He said that his District Manager was currently out of town on vacation and that he would be back in a few days but that he would be sure to contact the DM in regards to this issue. He then specified that he was going to email the DM. When he said that I requested that I be CCed on that email. Rob then walked me out and again apologized.
Soon after I left the store I attempted to make a call. The call would not go through and I had to call one of the numbers on the pre-recorded error message. Once I called and confirmed who I was with the operator and explained that my phone had been reset I was then able to make and receive calls. It was at that time that I actually realized that absolutely everything had been wiped off of my phone. I then tried to call Rob and had to leave a message with a store associate.
After waiting for 20 minutes to receive a call back from Rob, I returned to the store to be sure that Rob understood that the phone had been entirely erased. I thought it was just contacts at first but then saw that everything had been erased. It was as if the phone had never been used before. This added a little salt to the already festering wound.
Rob then asked me to clarified what it was that I was hoping to get out of requesting global internet access. I explained to him that I simply wanted to Skype with my husband. I explained that my husband did not have the same internet access that most deployed soldiers do and that the current wireless internet capabilities where he was stationed cost $200.00 to start and $100.00 a month and that was just not going to be feasible.
He then explained that he would be sure to get the email out to his DM before the end of his day and that, as a formerly deployed soldier, he truly wanted to help me. ~~~

If Verizon Wireless could create a way for my husband to be able to Skype and use the internet from his NetBook for the year that he is gone, then that would be acceptable compensation for Verizon Wireless' error in erasing all of the contacts and other items from my phone.

My request for compensation remains. My husband and I have been valued Verizon customers for a number of years and I feel that this amount of compensation is not unrealistic and is very do-able. It may be over $1, 000.00 worth of service but I can only imagine that the actual cost that it would be to Verizon Wireless is far less than the cost of losing 2 valued customers as well as the negative press/word of mouth and loss of other customers due to this injustice.

Below you will find a cut and paste correspondence between Rob and myself. It did not appear that I been CCed in the message as there was not an address appearing referring to the DM or any other management. Perhaps the email system that the Verizon employees use at the store does not show that info. However, the point of being CCed on that email was so that there was clear 3 way communication between the parties.

Thank you for your time and interest in this matter.


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To robert.[protected]
From: Bethany
Sent: Mon 12/06/10 8:16 PM
To: robert.[protected]

Rob, I appreciate your attempt to CC me on this message to your district manager per our discussion today in your store. However, the point of that request was so that there was clear three way communication in this matter and that I was able to see what and when communication was sent. The below email is simply and email to me about what transpired today. It does not ensure me that the issue has been brought up to the proper management. Please forward the message that you sent to your DM to me so I can see the date, time and address that it was sent to.


Subject: Customer escalation
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 17:34:52 -0700
From: Robert.[protected]

Allen worked with a customer on 12-6-10, Bethany, regarding phone troubleshooting on her Dare. He did a hard reset on the phone. Before performing the hard reset he checked for backup assistant. He saw that it had been downloaded on the phone, but didn't check to make sure that it had been synced. As a result the customers contacts were erased to which she was not happy. I spoke with her as she requested to speak with a manager. She has requested a years worth of international internet credited to her as compensation. International internet in Iraq is charged at .02/kb. I again apologized, but said that was something that we could not do. She said that would be the best way to compensate her. Her husband is deployed to Iraq and she wants a way to be able to communicate with him more effectively. She would appreciate a call. Thank you,

  • Gr
    gr1mr34l1ty Feb 26, 2011

    Not trying to sound rude, but it sounds like you looking for a handout. An offer of $100 for erasing contacts is extremely generous. Data usage is expensive. International data usage is extremely expensive. There profit margins on that is alot less than you would think. So yes demanding that much data when the damage incurred was in the end was merely an inconvience to you is way out of line.

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bad customer/records practice

Dear Verizon Wireless and Verizon Member; The following bullets give a short synopsis of what has occurred...

lying, trash

Worst example of trash I have ever experienced. I went in to purchase a Droid incredible phone. The attendant...

coverage in panama country

On a Business trip from Miami to Panama (the Country) my evening flight landed just in time to allow me a call home in order to let my family know I arrived OK before they go to sleep. As soon as I was allowed turned my HTC2 from VZW ON and waited for the phone to sync with the first provider available in the area.

After some minutes (the aircraft was delayed in the runway) everybody around me finished their calls while my phone was still looking for signal. Once in the terminal the same thing, waited after Immigration and Customs and still the same condition in my phone, at that point I started to get concerned. On the taxi, on my way to the Hotel, the phone could not reach any party to sync with and 50 minutes after I landed I was at the Hotel Lobby still looking for a signal, in the mean time I did a reset of the phone for at least 4 times. At the end, I arrived to my room and finally gave up on my provider. Before somebody asks, the phone was NOT in Airplane mode.

The next day I tried again with same results, according to VZW coverage there is a great map indicating plenty of GSM coverage all the way from the Airport to where the Hotel "El Panama" is

I tried on the Phone settings changing the Mode of Operation from "Global" to "GSM/UMTS only" and also "CDMA" but the phone could not find a Service Partner.

At this point I had to alert all the people in my Team that I would not be available on my cell phone but unfortunately I can't prevent the Customers that try to reach me to feel disappointed for not been able to reach me.


their billing mistakes sent me to collections!

Since summer of 2010 I have spent 15hrs on the phone to Verizon Customer Service, effectively doing their job for them! If you're considering Verizon BE WARNED! They may be one of the big players but they DO NOT PLAY FAIR! I'm a professional, educated, law-abiding individual and I pay close attention to my bills. Over the last 2 years I've logged billing errors which Verizon won't admit to and that have cost me almost $1000!

Here's my story: In summer I had the Verizon Internet/TV/land line and wireless package and decided to drop all of their services apart from the wireless service (this was due to my contractual commitment and NOT because it's a good service - it's really NOT). Just before I made this change, I received a bill THREE TIMES ($706.12) the amount of my normal bill! I called them and the error in billing was identified and resolved..or so I thought! Subsequently I continued to receive periodic bills for the disputed amount! Whenever I'd call Verizon, I'd be told not to worry about it and that it was an error in the billing dept. It's now late November and I've just received a bill from a credit collection company(!) for the amount Verizon told me I did not owe!

Their internal communication is HORRIBLE! Existing customers who've had to call Customer Service and who have multiple services from this carrier will already know the nightmare that is Verizon Customer Service and Billing. People in the SAME department will give you five different answers to the same question. Written confirmation in non-existent so you never know where you stand (until of course they send you to a collections agency - by which time both your wallet AND credit history are suffering)!

As soon as my 2yr contract is up Verizon are HISTORY and I would NEVER have a good word to say about this company to anyone! Over the last few years, Ive had to pay top dollar for cell phones which were already obsolete. Their handsets break on average after only 3 months of ownership (this has happened three times now). Verizon will do everything NOT to replace defective or substandard equipment if it can help it. And pay close attention if this happens to you and you DO receive a replacement handset, because they will more than likely mark it as an early upgrade and your 2yr contract will start all over again! This has happened to me twice now. The second time I contested it when I saw my bill a few weeks later, but by that time it's your word against theirs and guess who they'll believe...


As if all that isn't enough, early on in my time as a Verizon customer I was billed an additional $254 for downloading FOUR ring tones advertised at under $3 each!! Like a sucker I paid thinking maybe I'd hit the wrong button on my phone or something! When more billing errors started to occur I realized that it wasn't something I was doing it was VERIZON'S INCOMPETENCE!

Message to Verizon: If you're going to lock people into a 2yr contract:
a): Provide hardware that will last for the life of the contract.
c): You have a LONG way to go in terms of your communication both internally and with your customers...and you call yourself a 'communications' company. You should be ashamed.

If there's anything positive to come from all this it's that I've now learned to AVOID cell phone carriers' two year contracts. This is their way of locking you in to two years of poor service at an over-inflated price. Companies that provide good service and treat their customers well don't need restrictive contracts and early termination fees to stop their customers from leaving - it's that simple.

  • Ke
    KevinKoba Jun 03, 2016

    When I moved abroad a few years ago, I cancelled out my cell phone the week before I left but Verizon charged me a $9 servicing fee later on the same day. I specifically asked the agent if my phone was indeed free and clear and she stated yes it was, and in fact I had paid for the next month in advance ahead of time even though I would never used it again.
    A year later, my friends gave me a box of all my mail of which I had had forwarded to them. There were probably 80-100 letters from Verizon and my friends didn't bother to open one due to who knows why.
    Verizon wouldn't even deal with me at all. When I called them they told me that I should have dealt with the servicing fee within 90 days. While looking at my bill, I told them that they charged me a servicing fee AFTER I HAD CANCELLED my phone and had been out of the country ever since. They directed me to collections to settle it and said it was out of their hands.
    SO... I hung up and paid the collections people the $150 something charge right then and there with my debit card.
    OVER A YEAR later I ran my credit score only to find that Verizon had never settled the disbute. I had to pay my old bank to dig up scanned copies of my old bank transactions to show them I had paid Verizon's collection agency. Finally after 2-3 weeks of threatening letters, Verizon finally agreed that the bank statements I provided were enough to close out my case.

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billing error, technical difficulties

I'm having a problem with my billing and technical issues. I used all my minutes but Verizon provided bonus minutes at my request (8 yr customer). But the bill did not reflect the bonus minutes. I accidentally paid the whole bill and called to get a credit back to my credit card. Verizon (supervisor level) told me their system only allows for a credit to my account. I refuse to accept this and will cancel if they do not credit my card but also credit my entire month of service ($160). I've spent over 6 hours dealing with cell phone issues, backup assistant issues, now billing errors. I just want to talk on my cell; I get no thrill out of shopping for cells, talking to their reps, dealing with their technical difficulties and system limitations. A supervisor's supervisor is supposed to call me tomorrow to tell me their decision. I also told them to read their notes; I'm tired of having to start from ground zero everytime I call.

identity theft or another fraud

ON july 12th, four months ago this sixteen year old girl took it upon her self and wals in saying she wanted...

put payment on wrong account

My husband and I each had separate VW accounts, and since I use about 100 minutes a month, we decided to combine the accounts into one bill. Well, that took a while, but it got straitened out finally ( I thought). Well, it WASN'T straitened out, it took 2 hrs on the phone to get it right. I then received my final bill of $77.58. On Sept. 27, I went into the VW store in Plattsburgh WITH my bill, and explained that I wanted to pay the bill off. The girl took the paper and looked it up on her computer, and put my payment through. Fast forward 1 month. I get a bill in the mail from VW stating that I owe this money. Apparently, that girl put the $77.58 on my husband's account. I called them about it, and got the run around. They say that they will take that money from my husband's account, and zero out my bill. I have NEVER in my life dealt with such incompetent people, and I can't wait until I have the money to break my contract and go with another cell phone company. VW is like the mafia, they nickle and dime you to death.

  • Ma
    MartMart Nov 04, 2010

    Good thing Verizon is nothing like the Mafia or they would be knocking on your door and breaking your fingers or removing a part of your body for not giving them the money, yeah nothing at all like the Mafia. Oh and get one account and keep things simple in the future.

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  • Ti
    Tiffany129 Nov 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That was I was trying to do. Keep it simple. It took 3 hrs in person at Verizon Wireless, and on the phone with "Customer Service" to have it on one bill. I then took my final bill to Verizon Wireless and said "I want to pay this off". She typed in the wrong account number. I don't know how clearer I could have been.

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Let me tell you something about this company... First of all I hate verizon with a passion!!! They sent me a modem that I don't need and now u p s wants freaking $8.00 to return this stupid thing... I have nothing but trouble with verizon... Such a real bad company to deal with!!! Any where from there tech service, customer service and credit department... They all suck!!! I am giving them 24 hours then I am going to the attorney general and the bbb and everybody I can to help me deal with this lousy company... These people lie through there teeth!!! I hate verizon... More people should complain about this lousy company and put them out of freaking business. Period.

  • Br
    brian fa Nov 01, 2010

    you are an idiot...stealth speak of what you do not know..idiot...such an idiot...i never said i opened it idiot...but i can tell you idiot that verizon sent me a return label and P A I D for it to be piicked up by UPS...idiot...and who the @#$%^&*()( are you anyway besides a idiot. you are a genius aren't you, or a rocket sciencetist...surely no brains!

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  • Br
    brian fa Dec 06, 2010

    stealthpilot you are blind...againyou speak of something you don't understand...such an EEEEEEEEEEEEE DDDDDDDDDDDDDD IT!...guess what ed picked it up the same night and no charge for the pick can't return a package for an account you don't have unless you know what you need to do..i have been trained in such which you have no freaking clue...oh by the way get off of the will charge $8.00 for a non customer...eeeee ddddd it!

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  • Br
    brian fa Feb 07, 2011

    eeeedddd is up to the rep...if you have a bad rep...then the public feels the needle...and i was going on what they i don't think you had a company for 20 years either...since your comments don't show that you are a smart guy...oh yea darling this s-hole

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  • Br
    brian fa Jun 09, 2011

    it means stealth pilot...and has a picture of a monkey next to it

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unreturned equipment charge

I moved to a new place in May and transferred my Verizon Fios phone and internet services from my old place to my new place. When the technician came to my new place to activate my services, I told him that I had the wireless router from my old place and do not need a new one. So he activated my services with the OLD router and took the NEW router back to his service truck.

The first bill for my new place had a $139.99 charge for an UNRETURNED equipment since they thought I took the new router and also kept the old one. I called Verizon customer service every month for the following 3 months in a row asking them to remove the $139.99 charge since I did not take the new router. Every time I was told that the credit could take up to 3 months to be posted to my account.

Well, it have been 5 months now and the $139.99 charge is still there. Tonight, I received a letter from Verizon stating that my service will be terminated on 10/29 since I did not pay the $139.99 charge. I am extremely frustrated and hope someone from Verizon will do something. Comcast will have a new customer soon.

unauthorized billing

There has been Unauthorized charges on my bill for a Streaming Flix billed by HBS for 14.95. I call HBS & was told by Randy that he could not address this & forwarded me to [protected] Streaming Flix, which did not answer there phone. When I called HBS back I got Randy back again, who then told me that they could credit the funds back & prevent further billing once I told him I was going to report this as fraud. I then call Frontier Communication which has recently purchased the landlines from Verizon ( I still think they are the same company). The Billing representative, put a Third Party Billing Block on my phone, encouraging me to continue to pay close attention to my bills. That this block doesn't always block previous third party billing companies from billing again. I have to to say that, if all a person needs to know is your name & phone number to order services & bill them to your home or cell phone, & the company not call to verify these charges is ridiculous. I am so fed up with this fraud going on it has happened to me way to many times.

bad service/installation

Arranged to have Verizon install Fios in my house. Waited about 2-3 weeks for an install appointment. On the date of the appointment (install time was between 8 -12), nobody showed up. Called at 11;30 and was told someone would get back to me.

At 12:30, Verizon called to say the installer was on the way. He got to my house on or after 1PM. Walked around the house, checked out stuff for about 15 minutes. He said he needed help as the Fios line was several blocks down the street. Another technician with a "bucket truck" was needed to run the line to my house. The first guy began to do the interior install.

About 1:30 he walked into my kitchen and helped himself to the microwave, heating up his lunch. Would've been nice if he'd asked first. Thereafter he went to his truck and ate lunch. Afterwards he completed putting the box on the outside of the house. About 2:30, a second installer arrived with the bucket truck; however he did not have the proper cables/equipment. He left. A third guy showed up about 4 and the first guy left indicating this last guy would finish everything.

The last guy came into the house about 5:30-6 and said all was completed and that he needed a PC. We're a Mac family, something clearly communicated to Verizon from Day 1 (we had a DSL line with them for a couple of years), and don't have one. He said he couldn't install necessary software; later said it didn't matter. He tried to connect the router (none new - all 3 were rebuilt and, according to him, defective). Eventually got one to work - had power and Wi-Fi. Unfortunately no internet. He jerry-rigged it to work while he was there, indicated the first guy had installed the outside box incorrectly, gave us the Manager's name and phone number, and left before it failed. It failed about 10 minutes after he left. Hasn't come back since.

Numerous calls to Verizon, without success or even a call-back. No internet service at house and can't go back to DSL because they put the fiber line to the house. Can't work at home. Kids can't get homework assignments or do schoolwork (pretty much everything is on-line). If there's a class action lawsuit or a way to handle this, conatct me at [protected] Thanks.

fraudulent charges

Louise & kevin laroy
195 barclay avenue
Staten island, new york 10312
Home: [protected]
Louise cell: [protected]
Kevin cell: [protected]
october 15, 2010

Verizon – consumer information verizon (copper phones)
P. o. box 9000 p. o. box 33078
Annapolis, md [protected] st. petersburg, florida [protected]

Verizon verizon wireless
Fiber phones (fios) attention: correspondence team
P. o. box 33077 20 alexander drive
St. petersburg, florida [protected] wallingford, ct 06392

Via e-mail [protected]@dps. state. ny. us via e-mail : [protected]@dps. state. ny. us
And u. s. first class mail and u. s. first class mail
Attn: hon. jaclyn a. brilling mr. james denn
Secretary to the commission public information officer
New york state public service commission new york state public service commission
Empire state plaza empire state plaza
Agency building 3 agency building 3
Albany, new york [protected] albany, new york [protected]

Federal communications commission predicto
445 12th street, sw cannot locate an actual address – sent a text to
Washington, dc 20554 654654 ‘if they would like a copy of the complaint
Fcc id: ny1893 (number listed on phone bill) please supply us with an actual address’ no response

Via website:
Complaints board

Via e-mail [protected]@newyork. staten island advance
And u. s. first class mail staten island local newspaper
Better business bureau 950 fingerboard road
Serving metropolitan new york, inc. staten island, new york 10305
30 east 33rd street – 12th floor
New york, new york 10016

New york city department of consumer affairs
Public office
42 broadway
New york, new york 10004
re: verizon complaint and predicto complaint
verizon acct no.: [protected] 1

Dear gentlepersons:

please be advised that we are customers of verizon fios package. we have two cell phones, home phone and cable all attached to the same bill. my bill is always at least 12 pages long and in the range of $370.00 to $400.00 monthly. just recently a family member told us they reviewed their cell phone bill and saw a fee of $14.99 a month with a phone number next to it. while the family member called verizon wireless to clarify this charge, she was informed that this is a third-party that was allowed to bill her through verizon because verizon said she “gave this third-party permission to do so.” this “permission” did not come from my family member, but instead through the word of a third-party. the family member was charged this fee without knowing for the last six months. the third-party is in the process of crediting my family member’s verizon wireless account and the she put a block on her verizon wireless to not allow any third-party company to bill her through them. then while bringing our oldest son to school the next day we heard another mom talking about a premium fee she just noticed on her verizon wireless bill. while talking to her and informing her of the problem we just heard of the night before, another mom said she had the same problem a week ago.

so this is where we are at now. we went home and, of course read through our 12 page bill. while doing that we noticed a premium texting package of $9.99 on louise’s cell number (and of course, just assumed that it was for texting usage of louise’s phone). it did not list that this was a third-party company or that this was not a verizon service. and, unlike a family member’s problem, it did not list the third-party company or a phone number next to this item. this was listed in the middle of other services, for example, pix-flix messaging, kilobyte usage, unlimited m2m txt, etc. (please see page 10 of 12 which we attached for your review). while reviewing kevin’s cell “data” we noticed that he did not have a similar fee.

we then called verizon with the verizon fios number listed on our bill, who informed us it was a verizon wireless matter, and we would have to contact them. upon contacting verizon wireless and being told this was in fact, a third-party company that we ‘supposedly’ gave them access to bill us through verizon, we informed the customer service operator that this in fact is not true and we never gave permission for this. when starting to explain that this is not the first time we are hearing about this problem, she kept on interrupting us that we gave the third-party company permission to bill us through verizon, and then she hung up on us. when re-contacting verizon wireless (and after playing with the automated system for about 5 more minutes to get to a live operator again) we informed the new customer service operator (andy) that we wanted a supervisor and we were just hung up on. we also wanted the woman’s name who hung up on us so that we could put in a complaint. he informed us that he was not allowed to reveal the person’s name and he could not give us that information. we asked for a supervisor again, which andy kept on dismissing this request and just kept saying that this was company policy and could not give that out but wanted to help us with our problem. so after explaining to him the problem regarding the fee of $9.99, he repeated the same thing the last operator did (that we had to give the third-party permission to do this, it’s legally done and doesn’t have to be confirmed with the customer). after asking him to stop repeating himself that we did not give any third-party company access to bill us through verizon, he said that maybe someone else got louise’s phone. we have a four year old son and a one year old son. neither of them could have gotten louise’s phone, never mind what my 4 year old son would have to do. 1) go through the complicated tasks of how we ‘supposedly’ accessed the web, 2) accept service and 3) type in louise’s cell phone number back to the third-party company to acknowledge this premium service! we were told that we have been paying for this service since april 12, 2010!! this date is around the time louise purchased her blackberry. she was just getting use to her phone never mind accepting anything via her blackberry.

we asked andy why we would even want a premium text package when we have unlimited text messaging. he never gave us an answer. we feel like this was done very shady and fraudulently. we were never asked to confirm this service before verizon added on this third-party the bill itself (which is attached) this “premium messaging” is listed right in the middle of other verizon services and not listed separately as a third-party company’s service. we believe this is done very sneaky. this is just put right in the middle of other services of verizon wireless for that specific cell phone. the reason we are saying how sneaky and shady this is done is also because louise cannot even access verizon wireless without kevin actually getting on the phone to verify information and okaying louise to be able to request information. louise and kevin both are customers and have numbers through verizon, but since kevin is the primary person, louise cannot access this account without kevin being personally there to get on the phone. this is just ridiculous and unacceptable!! we know we are not the first persons being taken advantage of this way and we are sure not going to be the last. this needs to be brought out in the open so that other people who are not reading their entire 12 pages plus bills can stop being taken advantage of in this sham.

while talking with andy, we asked for the name of the third-party company that was billing us. andy informed us that by law he was not allowed to give us this information and this was legal what was being done to us. we don’t understand how verizon cannot give us a company’s name that we ‘supposedly’ okayed to bill us through verizon, if in fact this was legal.

after going back and forth with andy, and how this was unacceptable as we are customers of verizon and are stating that we never want a third-party company to bill us through verizon he told us we would have to text the numbers “654654” and text the word “stop.” while doing that we received a message that stated “you are unsubscribed from predicto. no further charges applied. no further texts will be sent. have questions: call [protected].” we have never heard of predicto and after about 20 minutes on the phone and andy suggesting how all the different ways we could have accessed a website like horoscopes or dating, and okayed this service and wrote back the cell number to confirm, etc., andy asked for the number that was texted back to find out the problem and how exactly we were billed. after a few minutes ann from predicto gets telephone conferenced in with us and andy, and states she is a representative and that we ‘supposedly’ purchased this through an online ad. she also informed us that we have been getting texts from predicto since april confirming said service. we informed her that we have not received texts from predicto. recently louise did received a text from an unknown place and the name predicto could have been it, but nothing to the fact that ann said it confirmed a third-party the last six months only that one text has ever come in from an unknown name. again, the reason why this is so memorable is because both cell phone numbers only get texts from family and friends.

obviously, ann could not prove any such proof of acknowledgment on our behalf to bill us through verizon, because she is crediting our account for the last three months. she said she can only credit us for the last three months since that was on her system. she also informed us that since the first three months are not on her computer anymore predicto will have to go through the system/managers for the additional three month credit. ann gave us a confirmation number of p57932289. we will be following up with predicto to make sure the credit went through and that the first three months are being reviewed.

after ann hung up, and while still on the line with andy we told him that we wanted a block on our phones so that no other third-party company can access our account without our knowledge. andy informed us that premium messaging was blocked but there was no way of blocking all third-party companies if we give the third-party an okay to do so. we informed andy that there is no way we would okay a third-party company to bill us through verizon and we wanted a block. we are customers of verizon and we did not want that option of another third-party company billing us every to happen since we will never okay it. we also informed andy that the family member with a similar problem had a block put on and they informed our family member this was called “cramming.”

now, after the repeated remarks of andy along with his tone which has become very unprofessional, as well as that we are still being repeated with, we “must have” okayed this service since verizon doesn’t give out our information… we told him we didn’t care how it happened, it was done fraudulently and we wanted to make sure this will never happen again. after we kept on repeated that we wanted our number blocked from a third-party company and andy informing us it can’t be done, andy then changed to say it was done. louise asked andy what his verizon id was or his last name, because if we ever got charged from another third-party we are sure going to bring up his name and id and that we were told by andy that we were blocked from third-party companies billing us.

andy then informed us, very rudely, that it was his turn to talk… and that this was “only a $9.99 fee.” at this point, we became very angry. we informed him that louise owns her own small business and kevin works for the fire department of new york. we are average people and how dare he make a comment that this was only $9.99 fee we are complaining about. he has no idea about our living expenses, our money, or anything about us for that matter. we informed him that since it was “only $9.99” then we suggest he make the first three months credit that we are waiting for. this is uncalled for anyone to make any comment like he did. we don’t care if it’s 97 cents!! this is our money, this was done in a sneaky and fraudulently manner and it needs to stop!! he said what he meant was that it could be worse like with a credit card and thousands. we said it didn’t matter the amount, when you’re being robbed, you’re robbed. the fact is we did not okay this service, we were not notified that a third party company would be billing us through verizon, and that this service didn’t even come on our bill from a third-party. we are customers of verizon and can’t imagine treating a customer of louise’s company like this and still having a business. just by saying “well… the third-party company said you okayed it!!” is not good enough! this should not be a valid or lawful reason to put a third-party company’s fee on a customer’s account without their personal confirmation. verizon should have a duty and obligation to verify and notify their own customers of a change/add-on in their account. we were not notified of any such change/add-on by verizon. instead, it just appears in the middle of a breakdown of data. and it took hearing of a problem with verizon bills for me to take the time to read all 12 pages.

while not letting andy speak anymore after his “well, it’s only $9.99” comment, we kept interrupting him and saying we were done with this, and wanted a supervisor. we wanted our account blocked from any third-party having access to bill us through verizon. after a few minutes of requesting this, charles came on the phone and identified himself as andy’s supervisor.

we restated the above for him. he apologized for andy’s behavior and said that he should have given us the name of the first person who hung up on us. when louise asked for the woman’s name who hung up on us and that we wanted to make a complaint, he informed us that it will be taken care of, and he will be e-mailing this information. charles, a supervisor from verizon, informed us that our account is now blocked and no other third-party company will be allowed access to bill us through verizon. again, he stated this is legally done. and we informed him we would be writing about this situation and problem, and the policy needs to be changed!! asap!

this is a terrible problem that needs to be brought to light so that other people are not taken advantage of. any help or suggestions anyone can give us regarding how to get our full refund from predicto along with how to stop these fraudulent third-party companies access to someone’s account without being notified/confirmed with a customer, would be greatly appreciated. also, this is also to put in a complaint for the way we were treated and talked to by verizon’s customer service. louise being a small business owner could not imagine finding out that an employee would be treating a customer like this. knowing how big verizon is, we would hope that this would still be looked into and be an important complaint to follow-up with.

verizon’s policy needs to be changed. why is it taken on a third party company’s word that we ‘supposedly’ okayed them to bill us through verizon, without anyone from verizon calling us or contacting us about this acceptance of service!! we don’t get it… louise cannot access an account she is on jointly, but a third-party can say that we okayed a service and a fee be added on and that is acceptable… no proof, no verifying!! that’s just a sham on both predicto and verizon’s part! and more to the point, on my bill, it no where lists predicto or that this fee for “premium messaging” was not part of verizon.

p. s. while searching for addresses on-line where to send complaints to predicto there is no way of getting an e-mail address or mailing address for the meantime, there are many complaints listed, class action suits, shams, and other problems, etc. (just google predicto complaints, you’ll see voluminous complaints about predicto such as shams, unwanted service and fees, unauthorized charges, people who never signed up, etc.) louise sent a text to 654654 stating “to receive a copy of a complaint against predicto, please supply me with an address.” as of end of the day october 19, 2010 (when mailing this complaint) no one has responded to our text. if anyone has any suggestions where to mail this complaint to them, or for that matter, anyone else we can send this compliant to that is not listed above, please provide us with an address, and we will be happy to send them a copy. all the help we can get will be helpful. also, if you are not a correct provider to put in a compliant with please let us know, or please forward it to the correct department within your company.

also, speaking to a co-worker who has fios, we found out something similar happened where it was stated this ‘supposedly’ woman went on line and accepted a fee and service for a different third-party company. she was charged $20.00 for two months, and a similar situation happened to her father. this just has to stop!!! both of them do not have cell phones through verizon, but have fios at their residence. we hope that everyone that is having this problem will take the time like we are, to write in since this has been going on for a while now.

please know that you can contact us at any of the information above. again, thank you for your time and attention to this matter. again, any help or suggestions, we would love to hear from all.

thank you again.

very truly yours,

louise laroy

kevin laroy

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    Louise LaRoy Oct 19, 2010
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    This comment above about shopping is suppose to be a response to the sham and fraud by Verizon and Predicto!! Ridiculous!!!

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  • Lo
    Louise LaRoy Oct 21, 2010
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damage to roof by dish installer

Damage Claim Department

The purpose for this letter is to file a claim for damages to our property. I'm the property owner at 1159 N. Baker Avenue in the city of Ontario, California 91764. The name of my tenant and the subscriber to Verizon Fios is Angel Ramos. A contractor from Verizon Fios installed a dish directly onto my roof. The installer drilled several holes through my roof in order to install the dish causing damage to my shingles and the wood underneath. We are requesting the dish removed and relocated with an appropriate bracket mounted on the facial.

As you can see from the photo’s included, there was a bracket on the facial from a previous installation. The installer was instructed by the tenant to mount the dish on the existing bracket. The installer ignored the tenants request and mounted the dish on the roof regardless. This is not the first time a Dish installer damages our property. The installers have little to no regard for the damage they cause.

I'm including photographs of the damage, along with an estimate from All-Rain Roofing Company who will perform the roof repairs, replacing the wood and painting.

Thanks you for your attention to this matter.

Roger Planas
5777 Cameo Street
Alta Loma, Ca. 91701
Email: [protected]
Cell [protected]

unauthorized charges

Verizon is now scamming customers into paying for premium channels that they did not request.

Today I discovered that I've been paying for HBO since May, because Verizon gave HBO free for 90 days, I'm being told, and if you did not cancel the service after 90 days, you would be charged for it.

I was NEVER notified that this service was being offered, and that I would need to cancel it if I did not want it. When I discovered I was being charged for it, I was told that I had been paying for it since May, and I did not discovered that I had HBO until June, so I had already passed the 90 day free period.

When I asked how does Verizon notify their customers that they are getting a temporary free service that they (the customer) will need to cancel so they are not charged for it, I was told..."If I called into Verizon then I would have been informed of the promotional features being offered"...If I called in.

When I replied that if I'm not having a problem with my service or bill I would have no need to call in, I was told, that I have to monitor my bill.

I have to monitor my bill to make sure Verizon doesn't sneak an unwanted charge on my bill for something they gave free, never sent email, called, texted, anything about this FREE service, and because I did not know about it, I'm at fault, and there for charged for it.

This can not be legal.

  • De
    destruc Oct 11, 2010

    Verizon offered me a "Business Up-Grade" for $89.00 a month, which was less than I was paying. They then started billing me over $300.00 a month. I dropped their service and am now getting dunning phone calls from some fake law firm in Albany NY.

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  • Ja
    JasonTx Dec 28, 2010

    Same thing just happened to me. I was promised 3 free months on the phone when I upgraded my account and extended my 2 year agreement. Then my first bill came and it was not free, I called and they said that some reps had been promising that to customers in order to get them to upgrade but then not putting in the code. I talked to a friend of mine who works there and they said that they have an incentive to upgrade people or extend their contract and often some shady tactics are used.

    My advice, do not sign-up for Verizon Fios it is a scam, try Comcast, DirectTV or someone else. I've already moved my wireless account off of them and as soon as it's financially viable (I don't want to pay the full termination charge, I will move my phone, internet and TV to someone else.

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jeremy foster

Jeremy foster october 8 at 12:20pm report
Ty, if you are going to post on my wall or comment on my status negatively don't post at all. I am trying to build sales and your not helping...
jeremy foster october 8 at 12:26pm report
Grow up.
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all I did was ask what verizon was doing for those of us who have been with the company since day one.

suspend fee

I decided to cancel my phone plan where I risk early termination fee. I had to stay on the phone for 30 minutes until the cancellation is complete, it was as if they wanted me to reconsidered a million times. I call to cancel, not to negotiate, there are reason I want to cancel.

On the top of that, I have to keep my lines in service until the end of my month cycle. The worst cancellation ever! I decided to suspend my phones because I don't want to use it and don't want to incur any more extra charges. They are going to charge me $15 bucks per line to suspend. This is crazy!! My intention to suspend is to not incur extra charges, and which would result in more charges.

WTF this company has become. I was a member for 9 years, and this is how I'm treated when I jump the band wagon? I will never return back to Verizon wireless, Never!

Time to get myself a prepaid so I am not bound to these contacts. Time to use Skype for all my international calls and long distance. Skype will take out all the cellphone industry in the near future like Netflix taken out Blockbuster. I hope that day comes soon.

  • Ma
    MartMart Oct 08, 2010

    Firstly they're doing nothing wrong you still have to pay a suspend line even if you cancel cause they're active till the end of the billing cycle, how do you not understand that, hell any company who offers a service you would have to still pay their services till the end of the billing cycle if you opt out during a cycle. And not sure how Skype is going to take out the phone industry, but please do explain because im in the mood for a good laugh.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 09, 2010
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    Of course you have to finish out the monthly billing cycle.

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early termination fees

I entered a Verizon store in Omaha NE and asked if I could use an old phone, and have service activated with a Michigan number since I would be moving to Michigan for a new job. I wanted to keep my existing corporate phone until I left, and establish a new number that I could port to my new company. No problem they said. I activated my old blackberry for phone service. When I got my first bill, I found out they charged me activation charges and data charges even though I only wanted phone.

I went into a store in Kalamazoo, they said I would have to go back to the store in Omaha to get anything changed. I told them I couldn't travel 600 miles to take care of it. They said they couldnt do anything about it.

I ported my new Michigan number to my new corporate account...and was told by Verizon that I had to pay an early termination fee of $340 because I bought a new phone in Omaha and entered into a 2 year agreement. I told them that was not the case, I brought an old phone in, and just wanted bridge service. They say they have proof I did all that, and I can only resolve it by going back to Omaha.

I have made multiple calls to the Omaha store and to customer service, and each time after being on the phone an hour, I am told they have to research it...since they have no record of me calling. I am getting nowhere. I am afraid they are really going to end up charging me $600 for phone service for 30 days...on my old phone!

  • Ri
    Ripped off again and again Mar 03, 2012

    Just got a bill from NSA for a Verizon Wireless bill, I canceled the account after numerous attempts to get Verizon to fix a problem of no service, dropped calls, phone turning off and on by itself, no luck. Was told by Verizon to turn phones on and I should sell my account to someone else. Love how the customer has to fulfill the contract term but Varizon does not. They are forcing me to continue to pay them for nothing, and now send the scamming dogs after me, we citizens have no protection at all. Isn't it great how our government bails everyone who is ripping us off with our money and continues to allow then to abuse us. Land of the free, ya right! $1000.00 bill after paying $1100.00 in the two prior months.

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partial refund

I recieved a letter from Verizon thanking me for continued prepaid service and authorization for automatic...

online payment

I tried to pay a partial payment on Before I submitted the payment I checked all of the info. When the confirmation page came up they charged my credit card the full amount. I called immediately to to reverse the charge. After 2 days of fighting to have that done, they only reversed part of the payment, and said it would take 15 days to get the rest of the money put back into my account!

They told me I authorized the original transaction and I need to wait. Basically calling me a liar!

  • Ni
    NicRic Nov 24, 2010

    I'm having a similar problem with my billing. I used all my minutes but Verizon provided bonus minutes at my request (8 yr customer). But the bill did not reflect the bonus minutes. I accidentally paid the whole bill and called to get a credit back to my credit card. Verizon (supervisor level) told me their system only allows for a credit to my account. I refuse to accept this and will cancel if they do not credit my card but also credit my entire month of service ($160). I've spent over 6 hours dealing with cell phone issues, backup assistant issues, now billing errors. A supervisor's supervisor is supposed to call me tomorrow to tell me their decision. I also told them to read their notes; I'm tired of having to start from ground zero everytime I call.

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