Venture Home Solarsolar

L Nov 18, 2017

I was contacted and scheduled an appointment with venture solar to come over and see if i could save money. There is so much solar happening i figured it would be a good thing. Brent Hebert came out and explained everything, it all sounded good so we signed up. They led me to believe i wouldnt have a Con Edison bill anymore and only 1 fixed lease payment. The install went pretty good but after the installation is when everything went downhill. 1st of all, it took 6 months to get my system turned on so i could start saving money, brent initially said it would only take 30 days. Secondly, i am now getting 2 bills, a lease payment of 136 dollars and my usual con ed bill of about 150 a month is now about 70 dollars. So, i am actually paying 50 dollrs a month more to go solar!! Lastly, my roof is only 4 years old and is leaking now!! I called and spoke with both owners, alex yackery and alex giles. They dispatched a service crew and said the roof leak is my problem and i need to pay them to uninstall the solar so my roofer can fix the leaks!!! UNREAL!! I've contacted my attorney to try and get this whole thing taken off my house, i wish i never met Venture Home Solar!!!

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