Vapornine/New Leaf Vapor Cowarranty dispute


I was one of the first customers @ New Leaf Vapor Co/Vapornine (NOW) & spent over $$$ on mini kit, oils, cartomizers, etc.-Met BEN, Owner of store 2/14/13 & was promised to save receipt as kit had warranty & if we had problems w batteries he would replace NO CHARGE! Visited store again on 3/11/13-Mini's had been phased out or were in process-No cartomizers in stock & BEN talked us into buying 650-it was piece meal-Per Item sale-They did not sell Kits anymore-?-More $ to break up products-Again we spent over $$$ & again I was promised if I had receipt the batteries were warranty-He said it was 1yr but assured me they would be replaced NO CHARGE just keep receipt-Both batteries failed within 2 mo but I had health issues & could not return to store until 9/5/13-I had my receipt-BEN was not there-I was told by Cody that they could not replace them & receipt looked old-warranty was 60 Days but they would give me a $5 off on 1 battery-they run $20-Also the oils cannot be purchased in small 5ml anymore-So much for goodwill & loyalty to the customers that bought items when you first started out Ben-Your company is only as good as the word & bond you keep w your customers-Furthermore I did NOT even receive the $5 off on my battery-Buyers Beware-If they promise you 105% custozmer satisfaction I WOULD NOT HOLD MY BREATH-I spent the last $$$ in your store if you do not resolve this & make it right as you Promised BEN & I intend to take this further if I do not hear from you-This was NOT the customer to screw over!!!


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    VapeGuy Nov 02, 2014

    This place sucks . Overpriced cheap hardware watered downed juice and nasty hipster sales people that need to get over themselves. I only buy here if I'm in a jam and really need something NOW .

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