Valvoline Instant Oil Changehenderson, ky location


Our business has been bringing our fleet of trucks to this location for years. They have always given us a 10% discount and I have always been satisfied with the service. Today I pull in to get an oil change when the manager came up to my window to see what I needed which I told him but since I didn’t recognize him I mentioned the 10% discount. He said we don’t do those anymore, sorry. So as he was walking away I asked him was he sure because I couldn’t believe they would want to turn away a local business that had continued to do business with another local business but he said there was nothing he could do. I decided to leave and went opened a new account with Raven Tire and they were so accommodating and gave me the discount across the board so I don’t have to ask in the future. The main reason I am sending you this information is because as a business owner I would love to know what is going on at my location and why I lost good business especially being I got the impression this guy didn’t care if he got our continued business or not. If 10% discounts aren’t given anymore that is one thing but I don’t think that is the case. I believe this guy was of bad attitude and didn’t care how much business he runs off. Anyways, that is my view and what happened and obviously I left not happy.
Your former customer

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