Valley Rd GP surgeryuseless general practitioners


The UK National Health Service gps here are thick as bricks. Years ago i realised they were screwing things up so went to see a private GP who diagnosed several chronic diseases these idiots had missed.

Even when i presented several written reports from a highly qualified specialist to these thickos, they refused to follow his recommendations for treatment - because it costs them money (the taxes i contribute, thank you very much).
They have absolutely NO concern for your health and would happily let you endure a slow death

These doctors are a serious health hazard. As a lay person, i know more than they do and one even asks me technical medical questions - i do her job for her as it is! They all have this inability to take in new information and are very threatened by well informed tax payers like me.

To think public funds are going into running this place is just sickening. Hard to believe it's legal for them to ignore diagnoses and recommendations from specialists FAR MORE HIGHLY qualified than these less-than-mediocre 'doctors' with crap attitudes.

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