Valet Parkingcomplaint

S Nov 13, 2019

I think it is ridiculous for the excessive amount of Valet parking spots that is in front of the dentistry door. Have you ever considered that Not everyone Wants to valet their car? Each time I come I see So many Empty spots marked Valet and those of us wanting to park our own car has to hunt for the little available to us and walk far. Today it was raining and I had to park in front of the medical side and have a student walk me to the Dentist area through all the unnecessary hallways or get soaked? How is that looking out for you customer? It's not. It is ridiculously inconvenient.
I will submit a complaint each until the Valet spots decrease again in front of the dentist entrance!
I believe the valet workers can Walk to the spots further away, that is part of the valet service! I shouldn't have to be forced to valet or walk far, get wet, get inconvenience. I am paying your facility my hard working money for braces for my son. That's enough.

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