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I am not at all satisfied with Valencia. When I attempted to enroll, in December 2007, they had three different people handling my file. Two on the East Campus, one on the West. I had originally applied and taken the entrance test at the West Campus in 2002. They still had my original file, under my maiden name. I guess they could not figure out that I was the same person, with a different last name. (That's what Social Security numbers are for!). They lost my documents. I had my transcript sent from another school and they claimed they never received it. A month or so later, it mysteriously "showed up". They were rude when I tried calling them to straighten out the mess.
The placement test is a joke. If you flunk it, they put you in "remedial classes". I flunked the math part, so they put me in remedial algebra. I learned almost all of the material in 9th grade (I went to school in NJ). Some of it I learned in elementary school (like adding or multiplying fractions!!). I refused to finish the class and flunked out. I am 30 years old and I do not belong in a dummy class.
The instructors are a joke too. The algebra teacher was about my age and teaches full-time at a local high school. She doesn't have a clue about teaching at the college level. My real estate law class was taught by an attorney who had never taught before. She raced through the lecture, and we all had to constantly ask her to wait while we caught up. All of her tests were from her lectures. If you did not take good notes, you were out of luck.
Please do not waste your money on this school.


  • Ju
    justin time May 19, 2009

    I was following you right up to the part where you said you were from New Jersey...

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  • Ro
    Rosanna's Mom May 30, 2009

    What does being from NJ have to do with anything? I meant that I did not go through the screwed up, backwards, pathetic Orange County (or FL in general) school system. I went through the East Brunswick, NJ school system which is one of the best in the state!

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  • An
    Anonymous Jun 02, 2009

    In all reality, if the East Brunswick, NJ school system, which to what you had stated is one of the BEST in the state and by opinion better than than the entire Florida School System as a whole, provided a "better" education advantage, than flunking a Florida based college placement test would actually be on you than the test as whole. You may have had an experience with the with a professor that can not teach and that can happen at any university/college. This situation may have not the been the best for you but the school may work for others.

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  • Fl
    FLValenciaGraduate Aug 28, 2009

    You sound like an idiot in the 1st place who just expected your instructors to do your homework. Maybe you should have taken a course learning how to take better notes. Don't forget to enroll in the "dummy class" since that's where you obviously belong. Starbucks is always hiring and you won't have to worry about remedial algebra if you work in the kitchen.

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  • Gi
    ginrummy Nov 24, 2009
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    You sound like a typical ### from the Northeast. They all seem to act as if everyone owes them something. Sorry Jersey Girl, nobody owes you sh*t. Northeasterners have done incorrigible damage to central Florida.

    I'm from Chicago and attended Northside College Preparatory High School, which is one of the top 100 high schools ranked by US News. Do you think I received special accommodations when I enrolled at Valencia? The fact that you did so poorly on the placement test just goes to show that you're not college material. Do us all a favor and drive your U-Haul back to New Jersey.

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  • Tr
    trock2 Sep 09, 2010

    I am going thru hardship thanks to Valencia community college that could soon force to lose my car and my place to stay . the bad part about this is I have a child and the thought homeless because of something the school did and the school is going to leave me high and dry is just not right . when I talk to the people in my chain I am not getting any where . that is just not right. We have a saying in the military you treat a man with respect . I guess Valencia doesn’t believe in that when comes to its treatment of students and veterans . Well it is like I owed the school money for a book during the summer term, so I could not register for the next term fine I accept that . I paid it and then I found out that they dropped me from a class that was 100% paid by the VA . they eventually put back in the class but the damage was done. I can’t get my BAH for the month plus I have no books, which means I can’t make my car payment and can’t pay my rent or any of my bills . All I keep getting is what can we do for you and push out the door. The staff doesn’t return my calls and it feels like I am been sent on a chase and they are hoping I go away . this is not right hel

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  • Pf
    pfftwhatev Jun 29, 2011

    Wow trock, I know this is necrothreading but I just had to comment about your horrible writing skills. It would seem that NO college will ever be able to help you. Learn a trade OJT, that's your only hope...

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  • Ae
    aerospace engineer to be Jan 14, 2013

    Does anyone know how good the aerospace engineering is from Valencia? I plan on transferring to UCF as a junior, but I want to know if the associate degree sets you up for success when you transfer, knowledge wise. Also are there anymore Military Veterans that have had an experience good or bad with the VA rep at Valencia? If so which campus?

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