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my name is dennis and if you call us loss mitigation and speak to one of their reps i am sure they know who i am. i will send anyone the email that the conman shults sent to me. he owes me $1750. and has not paid. in the email he states he is having some financial problems and will send my money that was 5 months ago. know no one returns my calls or even takes my calls. i have spoken to some of the people but they say to speak to shults. i say shults because a mr he is not he has ripped me off and does not care. i had a lawyer send him a letter which i willl send to anyone so they can see i am not full of it and i am not a compeditor. his daughter is also full of ***** . Josh is also full of ****. he also has not returned my calls. Those people do not care about their rep they figure people will still look for them there is a sucker born every min and that is why they dont care. I WILL TELL YOU THIS IF YOU ARE DOING YOUR RESEARCH ON THIS CO JUST GO SOMEWERE ELSE. THEY ARE NO GOOD AND THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. I am sure he is in trouble and one day maybe soooner than later their lives are going to get worse. trust me something will happpend to them. why you may ask? simple some people do not take someone ripping them off to lightly. me i live in another state and dont have the time to go over there and file a lawsuit, but someone else closer will most likely do something. i am sure his life as a descent human being is bad. i feel sorry for his wife, and kids what kind of example does he have for his family. i hope his friends watch out for him, christina and josh they will rip you off. they have given me the run around and that is pathetic. I am sure his rep with his collegues is bad and people know him for what him and his family stand for. he is lucky he is not in CA because i would go to his shop and stand out side and drive people out of their office and i would be doing them a favor. life right now for many is hard with little to sometimes no money but it is know that you show who you really are and not when things are great. i dont know about his brother i cant say but i do know about him, christina, and josh. they all throw the ball at each other. i am sure his mom is ashames of him and his kids know ing he is like this a thief. if she does not know well maybe she should if she does not care maybe their is a reason. i wonder how his parents would feel knowing he is a thief if they dont already know

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