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RealBenefits changed/sold out to USCT recently and now I am getting calls from my doctor's office stating that they are having problems getting paid. I can't even find them on the internet. I'm wondering now if they are legit.


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    Theresafox Jul 19, 2012

    I am working on a packet to mail to various media outlets. Who would like to help me push this issue publicly?

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  • Me
    mekjtm Jan 27, 2012
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    Just found out I’m also victim of the same scam in excess of over $100 k

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  • Gg
    ggore349 Oct 28, 2011

    Just found out they are not returning calls to my provider and I am stuck with a bill from last year! I made contact with their accounting firm and he says all is well. However their customer service says USCT is waiting on a huge return from a lawsuit. Sounds too fishy for my business. I would love a class action lawsuit. [email protected]

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  • Bw
    BWTEXAS Oct 27, 2011


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  • Co
    Connie Greene Oct 18, 2011

    I have also been scammed.No claims have been paid. I would like to participate in a class action lawsuit as well.

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  • Pe
    Pedro7993 Sep 20, 2011

    Same thing happened to my parents. What are the steps to report this? Where can we file a claim? I don't expect to get any money back, but at least we should be able to voice our concern.

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  • Da
    Daniel Atchison Sep 04, 2011

    I too have been scammed by this same company, I have had this so called insurance for 18 months and not one penny has been paid on any of my claims, I also have been told the same things as all of the above peolpe have expressed, after speaking to all of the people that you all have spoken about I insisted on getting the CEO's number whom I was told was a Mr. David Clark, of course after calling his number and getting no answer, and after leaving several messages, to which I have gotten no response, I called customer service again to complain to which I was told that he will not even answer their calls, I find this pretty telling that this is a scam company that the leader of this company is to CHICKEN to call the customers back and give them some answers, instead he has his employees lie to the very people that are paying their premiums thus paying his wages. I know this world is getting more corrupt by the day, I just dont know how these people can get up every morning and go to their job knowing that they are STEALING from inicent people, my wife and I are both diabled and on very limited incomes it takes a lot to pay the premiums on this so called insurance but now we are having to pay the bills that this company is suppose to be helping with. I want these people to know that they may be enjoying bilking people out of their money now but one day they are going to have to stand in front of the real judge and they will have to answer. I would appreciate it if anyone could direct me to where I need to go to take action on this company, I live in Colorado. I pray one day that these people will get what they deserve, and I hope one day someone does to them what they have done to all of us and see how they like it.

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  • Ti
    Tiffani2011 Aug 24, 2011

    I have been scammed by this company as well. I initially signed up with NABL/USCT last year. I was making payments every single month and calling them to ensure they were processing my claims because I had not received any EOB's stating what my "30%" of each visit would be. I now have been billed over $10, 000 in medical bills because this company didn't pay. I too, would LOVE to find some way to get my money back from them!

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  • La
    l&kinva Jul 06, 2011

    We are in VA. My husband has claims back to Aug. 2010 that have not been paid. When I call the no. on the USCT membership card, I am told that they are now processing claims for May-Nov 2010. The person I talked to says she is a call center agent; that whenever they try to reach someone at USCT, the calls go to voice mail and no one will return calls. I called the no. shown on our credit card in CA and they say that USCT bought NABL last May and that NABL was in bankruptcy and she mentioned there was litigation between the two companies about claims that were made during the transition. We are realizing that something is terribly fishy with USCT and are interested in learning more and hearing from others. We are in the process of filing a complaint with the SCC Bureau of Insurance and the BBB in Richmond, VA. This is really scary to think you have health insurance coverage and you pay premiums every month and it may turn out that the co. is a scam. L&K in VA

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  • Ma
    Mad as heck in VA Jul 02, 2011

    Sounds like we need a class action suit against these guys. I too have been scammed ! How do we get our money back from these jerks ?

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  • Jh
    jhcny May 14, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I am in NY have had this insurance since March of 2010. They paid for an eye exam and for what they said they would cover for one lab test. Have been on the phone with them at least once/month since last June trying to get clarity about what else will be covered from bills that are a year old. Today they said that they would give my dentist the info necessary so we can figure out what they will "eventually" pay and what I will owe from LAST spring's dental work. No one would want to purchase insurance from these people knowing what we know now. You can't reach people who can give you solid answers and there is no way of knowing if or when bills will be paid.

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  • Pi
    pixi May 11, 2011

    I am having the EXACT same issues. I am in NYC and received a phone call today from my hospital saying i owe a little over $21, 000.00 for the birth o my son. USCT has zero problem in charging my credit card and taking the money but the have yet to pay out anything! I am not sure what to do? Anyone out there have any suggestions? I will call my credit card and see if I can charge back payments. I think we will need an attorney another part of it the only paperwork I have is the "replacement cards" they sent me and the "package" from NABL! What should we do? it's been over a year of payments and then me adding my son to it also... I hope no identity theft will happen I am very concerned!

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  • Wi
    WITTMEYER Apr 25, 2011

    4/25/11 I called today and spoke with an arrogant SOB named Bobby Roundtree to cancel my policy - knowing that my policy was from the beginning of the month to the end of the month. He said that my credit card had alreay been billed and there was nothing I could do (or no pro-rating could be done - but I would be covered until May 31, 2011. I told me that I would contest the credit card statement and he said go ahead and try it won't work. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said that he would NOT give me the owners name and that the owner will not speak to anyone. I also told Bobby that I was the customer and did not appreciate being screamed at. He said that was his normal voice - I told him he needed to take an anger management course. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Also, I check on a procedure to have done only to find out that this insurance company will not pay for a local injection for out patient surgery. So I'm guessing - if you want surgery you must bite on a bullet - because they will not pay for numming medication. Carol - Illinois
    I plan on writing the Illinois Buerau of Insurance to complain. I don't know if it will do any good - but I hope people will read this.
    PS - Bobby also said that you must cancel you policy 10 days before their billing. I have yet found this information in the literature they sent me.

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  • Js
    jsgtigger Apr 18, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Indeed you are not alone. I too am experiencing the same problems. When speaking with the lady(Shana) who answers the phone number on my card, I am told that no updates have been made to any claims since December 2010. My doctors office is continually told that "claims have not been received." Everything you have stated is above is what I have experienced as well. jsgtigger

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  • Th
    Theresafox Mar 26, 2011

    This company is scam! They are not licensed to sell insurance in any of the 50 states, which includes California. United States Contractors Trust or USCT's founders/affiliates have operated many previous companies, under a multitude of names/owners all just as unreputable as USCT. Companies such as American Trade Association (ATA), Smart Data Solutions, Serve America Assurance Companies, National Business Leaders of America (NABL).

    Last year, I completed a short questionnaire on I had several companies and insurance brokers call me to discuss my health insurance needs. I originally went with Blue Shield of California. Within a few weeks after applying with BS I was declined due to a pre-existing medical condition. A woman named Kimberly called me from an 817 number (Dallas Area). She and I spoke multiple times regarding USCT and their "health insurance plans". She also informed me that USCT at that time had a open enrollment for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. So, after ensuring that I was going to get the Premier plan which was equivalent to a PPO, I went through the phone application process. At the end of that call I provided my credit card which was to be used to pay my enrollment fees, first months payment but to be billed each month thereafter. Within a week, I received my welcome packet in the mail; complete with my insurance cards.

    Little did I know until this week, that USCT is not only a scam but they have never paid one doctor or hospital bill! I have called USCT many times now as well as Benefit Plan Administrators in the San Diego, CA area. Benefit Plan Administrators which is in bed with USCT is the party who is DIRECTLY responsible for making the credit card authorizations/charges to our credit cards each month. They can be reached at [protected]. Good luck if you attempt to call this number to ask for a refund; Jean will just hang up on you. If you tell her you are going to complain to your states Insurance Commissioner or Attorney General; well in her words "go ahead; call them".

    I since have called each and every doctor and hospital that I have been seen at since becoming a plan member of USCT. It was not shocking the more calls I made to hear the billing departments of each facility echo the same statements:

    "They told me I had the wrong address/fax"
    "They said they didn't receive the claim"
    "They said they were months behind in processing the claims; call back in a month"
    "We now hired a new processing company; we are behind; call back later"

    After 10 months, the excuses really have not changed nor has anyone to date received payment.

    I called USCT Member Services [protected]. Whether I spoke with Sheena, Kaitlin or Bobby Roundtree who is supposed to be the Customer Service Manager they tell me they cannot give me the contact information to the claims department. All they know is it's a "disaster". Apparently, their excuse is USCT bought out NABL. NABL's claims were never paid so now they are going through boxes and boxes of claims. They have to pay these before they can pay the claims of USCT members.

    I guess the fact that we have been allowing them to charge our payments we aren't supposed to hold them accountable for providing the services that they promised. At some point the doctor's offices do not see it as their burden to continue to try to collect from a insurance company after they are clearly being given the run around and after "x" amount of time has elapsed. It becomes the responsibility of us the patient to make the payment on these delinquent claims or face collection.

    In this economy, I find it quite alarming that these people (and there are quite a few of them) have such ego's that they don't think for one minute there will be any penalties for defrauding hundreds of people across America. Health insurance is at the forefront of public concerns. It's one of the largest problems facing American's these days. President Obama ran on the platform of health care for all. I may not agree with the President on everything but I don't believe any citizen has the right to be defrauded especially when you are paying for it.

    USCT, RBA, ATA, NABL are all massive, multi-state health insurance fraud schemes, being orchestrated in large part from South Carolina, in which limited benefit medical plans backed by nonexistent insurance are being sold to unsuspecting consumers through associations (per State of South Carolina - SCDOI File NO. 06-0795). South Carolina and Tennessee are taking them on with vigor. We now need to stand up, tell our stories, and work with our respective states Attorney General's Offices, State Insurance Commissioner’s Office and Insurance Fraud Departments as well as the FBI.

    If you were alarmed to find out that you had been monetarily taken without any payments being made to your doctor's or hospitals, then you may be further alarmed to learn the following:

    *21 States have Cease & Desist Orders against USCT and/or their "former" affiliate member groups, companies or founders (as of 6/2010). Did you know that at one point these companies and potentially our money was linked to Beema-Pakistan Company Limited (Beema) which is located in Karachi, Pakistan?

    *These parties sold, solicited and negotiated insurance without a license.

    *Multiple states have taken regulatory disciplinary action against these companies/individuals (NC, OH, CT, MT, & IN just to name a few).

    *Multiple states have active investigations into these companies/individuals.

    *As of 5/2010 Davidson County, Tennessee Chancery Court issued an Order of Liquidation of ATA, Smart Data Solutions & Serve America Assurance companies for conducting unauthorized insurance company business.

    *It was estimated that at least 12, 400 individuals purchased ATA policies and paid at least $14 million in premiums-perhaps as much as $100 million was collected (Families USA Special Report 2010)

    *In a meeting with an investigator for the Indiana Department of Insurance, an ATA officer admitted that the company’s medical benefits did not have an underwriter and that ATA’s ability to pay outstanding claims was unclear (Families USA Special Report 2010)

    *12/29/2010 – Worth accused of wire fraud, insurance theft. At the center of the FBI probe are more than $3.5 million in medical premiums collected by Worthy (Insurance New Net).

    *Worthy was identified by the Department of Insurance this year as the central figure in an alleged medical insurance fraud. The agency issued an emergency order in May to halt the alleged sales of fake health policies that triggered at least 419 million in unpaid claims around the country. (Insurance New Net/12/29/10).

    I will not sit idle and remain quiet while Mr. Worthy, Mr. Katz and others related to this Nationwide scam continue to take us for thousands upon thousands of dollars when they never intended to deliver on their promised service of health care coverage. I have the letters that USCT sent. I know what was said to me and what I have from them in writing. They clearly have not delivered nor do I believe that they have ever had any intentions of paying this medical claims. I heard someone say recently that they complained so much that NABL/USCT finally made some payments. The person was actually relieved to know their doctor's office was finally going to get paid. I don't know why it should come as a shock to later find out the check bounced. Shocking!

    Since it’s clearly illegal what these individuals and associations/companies are doing; it seems simple we need criminal prosecution. Further, we would like a refund of the premiums we have paid into this scan and/or payment in full or our medical bills. I want to encourage everyone who has experienced the same hardships caused by these companies to not only make complaints to these companies, billing services but also to your State Insurance Commissioner, Department of Managed Care, Insurance Fraud Departments, Attorney General’s Office as well as your regional FBI offices. You may be surprised to find out you are not alone. The more of us who speak up the more action will be taken.

    If anyone needs help, I can connect you with the right personnel and departments. I have one state and attorney's office that is seeking any marketing materials that USCT/NABL/ATA or whatever else they may have been sent via USPS or via email.

    I know I am not alone.

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  • Th
    Theresafox Mar 22, 2011

    I am looking for anyone who has paid premiums to USCT and never had premiums or benefits paid out. I live in California but would like to hear from anyone who has been in my position. I know their are hundreds upon hundreds of us out there. The scam that USCT is running is costing us all an overwhelming amount of financial and emotional grief. I think if we all stand as a group maybe we can push our respective state insurance commissions, attorney generals and possibly the FBI into taking swift justice against all the individuals of USCT and related companies who have profited off of us for millions. I can be reached at [email protected]

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