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Mailing Address1091 S. Cimarron
Suite A4
Summerlin, NV 89145

This company calls people to sell SEO/ website optmization. They have been calling me for the past 3 months. I have not had any service from them. They claim that my website has been the #1 search on Google for the last month. I never signed into any contract, (They are yet to provide me with one that I signed), and I never even showed interest in their service. They do not or never had administrative access to my website.

I have filed a harrassment police report about this company to my local police department, the Las Vegas Nevada police department, and I will report it to the Business Licensing Board as well. If they continue these practices, their business license can be revoked.

The "collection rep" Chris Wallace aka Mr. Brooks has called me everyday and sometimes multiple times in a day. He is very rude and threatening. I have a separate police report filed for him for harassment. He threatened that I need to pay them or he will "pound me to the ground" That is an automatic lawsuit. Good thing I have his direct phone # and company address. I recorded that conversation of him being very loud and threatening.

I am done dealing with this company. I have submitted multiple written and verbal requests not to be contacted. Per the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act- once you tell a "collector" or someone who claims you have a debt with them- to cease contact- they must abide.

I don’t believe they are even a licensed collection agency. However I will continue to pursue this legal matter. For breaking the Fair Practices Act and for Harassment I can definitely sue this company. Which I very well plan on doing.

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  • Ih
    ih8powersportsmax Oct 11, 2008

    here is a suggestion to stop and Business Development Institute just cut/copy paste and then submit your own personal experience send to Sec of State of Nevada who is the elected official to protect people especially seniors from consumer fraud!
    To the Attention of the
    Nevada Secretary of State
    Ross Miller,

    Please review the attached documents in relationship to possible intent to defraud by a company under your jurisdiction in Nevada. .
    Please advise.

    I am a resident of Oregon and was seeking advice and interest in filing for an LLC. The attached
    communication will give you some indication of why I am alarmed and concerned as a senior and a long time bs owner of
    over 40 years of a swimming school in Oregon. I asked for a confirmation of cancellation by this/ these companies of
    my alleged intent to order.

    I originally thought I was dealing with a company called Nevada Corporate Filings with their website at to file for a LLC . They were charging an exhorbitant price of $3530.Later my research has revealed that
    at the most they should be charging less than $500 for this service. .
    The company website says they have been in business for over 50 years of experience. When researching, their claims proved to be

    in the end I was dealing with all kinds of people using 5 different dbas . and the order was put through as an order with AMEX for that amount for a website search engine optimazation pkg with google ! I never even talked to them about search engines!!! Let alone order one!

    Also I was contacted by one of their " specialists" who was supposed to be married to an attorney by the name of Michael Potter, her last name is
    Genet and she congratulates me for applying for a C-Corporation by email and wants more information out of me which thankfully I did not give. . Needless to say the alarms are deffinitely going off in my brain by this time!

    I have informed all entities that I could find regarding this matter that I expect to be protected by the laws of Nevada to cancel this order. I have canceled my AMEX to protect my self further and have asked Nevada Corporate Filings, Randal Young, Benjamin Defrita and their offices with Bs
    Development Institute which I never heard of until I called a company called Dynamic Web Products who switched me to their other division?
    What ever DBA s they decide to use, I have asked them to stop harrassing me with phone calls trying to talk me into doing business with them

    It now appears that all the companies/ dbas are somehow linked. Regardless ...I do not want to do bs with them, I have received no services or materials from them and I will refuse all materials that they try to send me returned to them unopened / marked refused .

    I do not want to form an LLC in Nevada after this experience.
    Thank you for your investigation into this matter and for the sake of other Seniors that might be vulnerablly trying to protect their assets and

    Jackie Young
    Founder/ Director
    [protected]/ phone/ fax

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  • Ro
    Robert T. Scoviak Oct 14, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    USA SEO PROS, Nevada, USA w months ago. After talking to there sales rep and following links on there site according to his demo instructions, I was in paypal with a thankyou for your payment. I went straight to the bank, put a stop to the payment. $1600 payment for my website to optimise it. Theres no way they did anything to the site, they don't have my user name or pass. As far as building the site I have don't my own meta optimization along with my own submitions. I build my own sites from the ground up! This guy claiming to be from a fraud department call's me, say's I never payed these guy's for work they have done to my website. That right there was a huge red flag in my mind. Mr. Brooks Number [protected] Ext: 699 looks strikingly familiar to [protected] USASEOPROS www usa number. They use caller ID Blocking, shows as private when they call. Go figure I might do an automatic *67 is I was in the thieving scam business of taking people's money and they get nothing in return. My opinion usaseopros need to be shut down, the owner and employee's involved need to be investigated, and the owner needs to be in prison for what they do! Anyhow that set aside they claim they are going to turn me over to the Nevada D.A. to be prosecuted for fraud, FRAUD!!! This from a dummy company, that steels people blind? Needless to say they didn't work on my website, are using scare tactics to try and get me to give them $847 to settle the issue out of court. This company after trying to scam me out of $1600 shut there website down for maintenance, when it came back up was identical to the site used to try and scam me. I did ton's of research on page placement needing more business, this company I am reporting feeds on guy's like myself for a fast buck. Think about it, there in Nevada, how did they find you? The internet!!! That means you were already searchable when they found you!!! I do my own sites, own meta tags, Name my own Titles of pages and submit my own links. Every website I have ever built is searchable, and runs me undes $20 per year!!! USASEOPROS.COM is a fake, don't find out the hard way, if they call hangup! or they keep harassing you. They tried getting me to post date them a check, when I said no, that writing a bad check is a real criminal charge the guy tried telling me it was what I was facing rightnow anyhow, he then offered I can extend it one more day and let you sleep on what you want to do till tommorow. I told him *** with it, you're not getting what I don't have. Basically he was trying to make me feel like I was in a rock and a hardspot. My response was I will grind through the rock. Here is a helpful hint for anyone needing better placement, google, yahoo, or msn search meta tag's and page titles and do some self experimenting with it. Then wait a few weeks to see your own result's. You will only be out a little time, plus may learn a little at the same time. Good luck with it, just whatever you do don't let USASEOPROS.COM or other guy's scam you. USA SEO PROs, Nevada,

    Robert T. Scoviak
    Janesville WI, Wisconsin

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  • Ro
    Robert T. Scoviak Oct 14, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this one is funny cut and paste into your browser

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  • Ro
    Robert T. Scoviak Oct 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is all in the head section of your webpage, I can help you to understand all this by the monky see monky do method. Below I am going to creat an example, change to fit your site and page title, description, and keywords are the most important part! Don't fall for scams such as page Title: USA SEO Pros, Summerlin Nevada Search Engine Optimization Specialists who's website has a description of USA SEO Pros offers search engine optimization services to all types of business across the web for maximum search engine visibilty, increased traffic and top placement in all of the major search engines along with keywords as follows improve search engine ranking, engine, submit, search engine, search engine optimization, seo, search engine optimisation, search engine placement, search engine rankings, keywords these people won't deliver what they say, and if they do you were already going to be there anyhow. They will only try to lighten the wallet up thousand's. Want low cost or free SEO advise? Give me a call at [protected] below should be enough to get most people off to an excellent start. I removed the symbols around each sample tag. head titleUSA, NORTH AMERICAN SEO, Pros, Search Engine Optimization Specialiststitle meta http equiv Content Type content texthtml; charset ISO 8859 1 meta http equiv cache control content public meta name author content Bob meta name subject content Search Engine Optimization Specialists meta name publisher content NORTH AMERICAN SEO meta name copyright content 2006 NORTH AMERICAN SEO, All rights reserved meta name classification content NORTH AMERICAN SEO offers search engine optimization services to all types of business across the web for maximum search engine visibilty, and placement in most of the major top search engines meta name distribution content Global meta name language content English meta name robots content index, archive, follow meta name expires content never meta name revisit after content 8 day meta name geography content 436 W. Delavan dr., Janesville, WI. [protected] meta name country content USA, United States, United States Of America, America, North American meta name description content USA SEO Pros offers search engine optimization services to all types of business across the web for maximum search engine visibilty, increased traffic and top placement in all of the major search engines meta name keywords content north american seo, improve search engine ranking, engine, submit, search engine, search engine optimization, seo, search engine optimisation, search engine placement, search engine rankings, keywords head Copy and past into note pad or another plain text editor before editing, any editors with html may add additional coding you might not want. For local Janesville, WI, USA residence I offer low priced in home computer repair, general maintanence, and service. Call: [protected] I'm low priced because I have a real job, I am a hardwood flooring specialist refinishing, installs, custon inlay, and more Free local estimates in the Janesville, WI area call me at [protected]

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  • Je
    Jessica Nov 04, 2008
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    Verified customer

    USA SEO PROS is a SCAM! They do not do what they say they are going to do and they do not bring your company a single dollar! They prey upon innocent people trying to make a decent living for themselves. The best thing you can do to get your money back is contact the BBB file a complaint, contact the Nevada General attorney and report this horrible company! I would know, I used to work for them. If you have any questions you can email me at [protected]

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  • Jo
    Joel Nov 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used to work for these guys about a year ago. BIG TIME SCAM! I don't think they know one thing about SEO is a crappy website and the owners are shady. aren't they out of business yet?

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  • La
    Laird Carlson Nov 25, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Laird and my partner is Joe G. We both are victims of USASEOPRO. They made promises they did not keep We lost $1495.00. An employee of theirs was fired because he tried to do the right thing and help us. The truth is we have lost the money. We have a complaint with the BBB and just this week we send in our complete to the Attorney General of N.V.

    I think what we all need to do is make a Youtube Video about this company and put a stop to these thieves. We need to do more then just file out a complete. How many more people will be taken to the cleaners. I have all their names and addresses. And I have access to things that will put them in Jail if anyone really wants to put a stop to this crime.

    My friend Joe trusted my judgment and put up the money to get our website on the search engines. Both of us are seniors and living on small Pensions. I am disabled and was hoping to jump start our business. Not understanding the ins and outs of the Internet we trusted the sale people at USASEOPRO. I even tried to help them by creating my own information for my site with good info. The bottom line here is they are only interested in the money and to HELL with what is right.

    Laird and Joe

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  • In
    Insurance Jan 17, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Was contacted via phone by USA SEO Pros. I recently started my insurance agency about 15 months ago. Sam Jones was the rep I spoke with regarding my package. I guess I am ###ed for paying for $3695 over the phone for 40 key words and 200 First Page Placement on "major" search engines. I figured out how they got away with it and I'm looking for people to help put our heads together and shut this business down and possibly get a class action law suit going. I'm doing my research for the past months. We all should get our money back. Have any of you got a refund. Because I haven't, and I'm not a struggling business...almost had to shut my business down because of this scandal. how can they sleep at night?

    Well, basically they put me First place on 3 search engines that they own. They optimized our key words on their own websites. The people who work for them are just regular people like you and me. They're trained to do what they were hired for. We'll be lucky if we get 200 First placements on Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. but we're not.

    I spoke with a girl who was fired for trying to help victims like us. She was asking them questions out of curiousity, and they let her go.
    USA SEO Pros, Business Development Institue, LLC, USA Sub Pros, Solutions 4 the Net, KJR Mgnt, LLC, Cloud Nine and many more.

    Does anyone know how to request the courts to subpoena records and interview all their clients, aka "victims". they really need to be shut down. who's in?

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  • Se
    seoexpert1 Apr 13, 2009 is not a scam! USA SEO Pros has been in business for over 6 years, has developed some of the best sites on the Internet, and has an extensive background of satisfied SEO clients.In fact, we manage over 100 internet marketing campaigns for a range of clients in various product and service industries. Our highly skilled team of specialists has a proven track record of SEO success, spanning many years and dozens of satisfied clients. Other SEO companies may simply use software programs to do the work for them, with little understanding or concern for the work itself. We believe that personal knowledge and experience are far more important. Software applications are a good tool, but they are just one ingredient to a much larger recipe.

    Many SEO companies use underhanded, sneaky techniques in order to achieve higher rankings. These techniques never work for long, and ultimately end in having the "optimized" site banned from the search engines for using these tactics. Not only has the client lost their initial investment, but they are also left with a banned domain name and abysmal search engine rankings. USA SEO Pros makes sure to use techniques that work WITH the search engines, not against them.

    Additionally, USA SEO Pros will provide an unparalleled degree of personalized service. Your representative will speak directly to, and work closely with, our SEO specialists assigned to your site. Our professionals take a lot of pride in the work that they do, and we take the time to understand your business, your competition, and your buyer`s searching habits.

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  • Bu
    Business Owner Apr 13, 2009

    USA SEO Pros is one of the worst scams I have ever encountered.

    In early 2007 I was cold-called by these people. At the time I was woefully undereducated about search-engine optimization, and when I was promised a #1 ranking on Google and other search engines, I blissfully plunked down about $1100 for their services.

    The service I received:

    The creation of about a dozen different webpages each for a different keyword, filled with useless content scavenged from the internet, all cross-linked to each other. I sell Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and many of the pages were filled with information for Male-sex-with-Males... Great research, folks.

    I called to complain, and was told that these pages would be "improved", but never were.

    Net result: zero traffic increase, zero refund, and our website was hacked - files corrupted and pornography hidden away in obscure subdirectories. These are the only other people in the world who knew my ftp password, so it had to be them, or someone that worked for them, or they sold my password to a pornographer.

    They promised me the world, and their website looks slick. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. If they contact you, hang up. Any rebuttals posted to complaint boards are either from company employees or paid shills. THESE PEOPLE ARE CRIMINALS.

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  • An
    anthemra Apr 20, 2009

    yes, LA crack gangs are more honest than the crooks behind They hire pretty good sales people and their pitch is attractive to beginning online business owners. They have you "sign" a non-refund agreement after they manipulate you to feeling good about their so called services. Written copies of these 'contracts' are never supplied . No legitimate business would ever have a non-refund steal the money and run policy like STAY AWAY ... this 'company' will be gone soon anyway either by multiple lawsuits or after they have stolen enough money.

    these 'positive' posts you see are from 'employees' and part of their propaganda campaign ... you see the exact same words posted all over the place ... bogus.

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  • Te
    Terraci Apr 23, 2009

    Ha! Iv meet the owners of this company.. Rob and Kathy Raskin.. Huge scam artist... they will definitely go to the 4th circle of hell from robbing all these people to feed their greed. they have another office at 1063 high tide ct. Las Vegas, NV 89146... I own a chocolate biz in Utah, they scammed me, so my wife and I drove down to Vegas to confront them. Rob Raskin is like the court jester for the company and his wife seemed so medicated, I don't even think she knew where she was. I guess you must be high to numb the feeling of being so dishonest.

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  • Hi
    hitter Sep 16, 2009

    Everyone should send an email to the tv show American greed and tell their story so they can handle these hell bound scam artist.

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  • Jo
    Joey Aszterbaum Nov 29, 2009

    USA SEO Pros took our $2795 and gave us nothing but lies in return.

    I wish there was some way to get my money back. Unfortunately, we paid with Paypal and are outside the 45 day limit.

    If anyone knows some other way to get our money back, please advise. Contact me through our website,


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  • Sa
    Salt Lake Businessman Nov 29, 2009

    Joey, I wish I had better news for you. Getting your money back from these turdballs will be less likely than finding teeth in a hen's mouth. I sympathize with everyone that this "evileyed - blackhanded - bowlegged - flinthearted - clawfingered - foulbellied - bloodthirsty" company has taken for a ride, but it surprises me that after so many complaints, and so much patently illegal activity, they are still in business.

    I run a website that tracks and educates people against elder fraud, sweepstakes scams in particular. A *huge* percentage of these cons operate out of Las Vegas - there can be only one reason. Lax supervision, because the supervisors are on the payroll.

    You may just have to chalk your money up to "education" and move on, like I did. But I'll hope for better luck for you than I had.

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  • Do
    DOLORES187 Jun 10, 2010

    Robert Raskin killed his Ex wife. His children know it and thats why they dont speak to him.

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  • Aw
    A.Wozniak Nov 10, 2011

    I have a some bad experience with this company almost year ago, but after a few payments I realize that I cannot afford this services and so far (after few months) I didn't receive any service from them anyway. I call the company back and the person I talk to give me his email address and told me to send a letter saying that I do not want my invested money back, but I don’t want their services. I did what I was told. Today after over a year I had a call from a guy telling and scriming at me that I own them almost $900, and that I cannot cancel their services. What should I do?

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  • Jo
    jonathan1234 Jul 21, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is owned and does business under the name Usa Seo Pros and Top Of The First Page and a few other names. They are a complete scam and you should not do business with them!

    They will take you through a very convincing sales pitch and promise you just what you want to hear but it will never happen! They do not know a damn thing about building sites or seo...all they want you to do is send that money. Once you do that you are screwed!! You will not get anything in return.

    After fighting with them for 2 months to give me my money back, I finally gave in and agreed to give them a second chance to put up the correct web site for me. I basically had to build everything myself. Once it was up I waited and waited but received not one lead from that website...not one!!

    I will sue them but I am pretty sure I will be waiting in a long line of people trying to do the same thing. Stay away from any company that says they are USA SEO PROS or TOP OF THE FIRST PAGE!!!

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