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A man with an Indian accent called saying that I had gotten a $300 loan in Sept. through the parent company called USA Personal Loans. This man gave me my former address and told me I was going to be sued for a $90 settlement fee. I asked him what my current address was and he kept telling me the old one. Then he said that USA Personal Loans was the parent company and that my loan was through one of their subsidiaries. I asked him which one. He gave me several names, none of which I had ever heard of. I told him that and he politely told me that it could have been another one of their loan companies. I told him that I knew it was a scam and he could talk to my attorney. He told me that I could talk to my attorney, after the legal papers were turned over. He didn't say to who. Then he said that we could settle this in court. I told him again that I knew it was a scam and that I'd never see them in court. Then while he was arguing with me, my son took the phone and screeched in his ear and hung up the phone. The phone number he called from was [protected] in Los Angeles. I tried a reverse phone look up, but they wanted money for the phone owner's name and exact address. I didn't go any further. This is just a FYI.


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    Juller Jul 30, 2012

    Today i received a call from mark miller from usa personal loans. He told me he had seen that i had applied for a loan and I was approved. At first I couldn't believe it because i am looking for a christmas miracle, it's hard being a single mom i was just lookin for a better way to make a christmas for my kids. (Boy was I stupid) He instructed me on how to western union the first payment which was suppose to come back to along with the loan.He stayed on the phone during the transaction and everything as it came time for my turn to recieve my money from him his phone hung up. I was setting around cryinand then he called and said the trans action was havig problems because the Irs wanted tax money but don't worry he said because it would all be returned to you along with the loan, he just needed it to show the lender good faith. I don't know why I didn't think scam.I only get disability because of AN HEART CONDITION... That was everything... Its days before christmas what should I do?

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  • Wt Jul 30, 2012

    Yeah it would be a christmas miracle, since it's only JULY!!! Fake or repost.

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