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Reviews and Complaints

money stealing

In April 2008 we received order from Sheila M. for Panasonic PV-GS80 MiniDV Camcorder. The product was considered new-open box because the box was not sealed by the manufacturer anymore but the product, the camcorder was never used, therefore, brand new. Before shipping it to the customer, weve taken it out of the box and checked everything was ok and that all the accessories that were supposed to be in were actually in the box. All was included; the camcorder was in a perfect condition. We packed it and shipped it to the address the customer provided us with.

After several weeks we received a complaint from the customer as well as a negative feedback on our amazon.com account. We also received an email from amazon.com informing us about the issue and requesting our action. Immediately, we logged in to our and responded to the customer, we reassured her the camcorder was in a perfect condition when we were sending it out to her. We asked her what would she like us to do in order to resolve the problem. She replied in an email, said shed like to replace the camcorder. When we tried to reach her at the phone number she gave us in the email, we found out she is not from the US, Sheila M. lives in Venezuela. She had us ship the product to a shipping company in Miami, FL and they were supposed to ship the item to Venezuela.

Our shipping policy clearly stated we do not ship outside the US therefore we are not responsible for the items in transit while being shipped outside the United States. We shipped item in a perfect condition to the address the customer provided us with. What happened after that is not our fault, we didnt choose the company, customer did, were not responsible for the item anymore.

When we tried contacting amazon.com a few days later to see what can be done about this case, they said theres nothing to be done anymore, the customer will be given a refund and we get nothing. When we were inquiring about the reason, they said we received an email on May 6th and were supposed to reply within 5 days. Failing to do so results in our loss of rights in this case, we cant do anything. When we said we did try to resolve the issue and contacted the customer, the amazon.com customer service representative told us to email A-to-Z Guarantee Program regarding this, said we should be able to work something out even though we did not respond to the email itself as long as we tried to resolve the issue.

We emailed the amazon.com immediately, explained we responded to the issue, contacted the customer and tried to resolve. We also explained our situation, said we shipped the product in a perfect condition and are not responsible for the item in transit while being shipped outside the US by an unknown shipping company. The response we got was:

Thank you for writing back to us. Sellers are protected and are not held accountable as long as they follow our guidelines specified in Participation Agreement and they respond to our inquiries in a timely manner. As previously stated, your account was debited for this particular transaction because we did not receive a response to our email that was sent to you on May 5th. Please note, the buyer is automatically eligible for the A-to-z Guarantee, whether they return the item or not.

At this time, it is too late for us to represent support for this claim, as it is closed. We will not be able to credit your account for the amount of the transaction. Please note that this is the final decision.

What happens if a merchant is unable to answer within 5 days? If he�s on a vacation? Or in a hospital? And the fact that he did respond and it was by going directly to his account and answering the customers complaint is simply negligible?

We did our part, shipped item just as it was described. When we received the complaint, we responded to it, tried to resolve the issue. When we try to explain we are not responsible for whatever happened to the product on the way to Venezuela, amazon.com refunds the customer and states were not eligible for anything, not the money, not the product. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE FACTS!


  • Ki
    kiml Apr 16, 2009

    Something similar happened to me. I sent out new video game hardware for the Playstation 2, but because it was in an open box, which I stated in the "comments" section, the buyer complained, and asked for her money back. I told her that was okay, and she could ship the item back to me. She refused, saying she didn't want to look at it, she just wanted her money back. The item was BRAND NEW, just with an open box. She said I wrapped in in "toilet paper", when it was clearly tissue paper, actually the kind from Yankee Candle. She filed a claim and Amazon immediately gave her her money back, stating that because it was in an open box, I violated their terms of service. They would not even refund my shipping! I bet the girl is playing with her new toy right now.

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  • Sa
    SavvySeller May 21, 2009

    I'm sorry you had to learn the hard way, but there are some real misconceptions in your post that need cleared up so others don't make the same mistakes. Please bear with me and know that I'm not pointing any blame at anyone. These are mistakes that anyone can make!

    As a small business owner (and selling at Amazon or ebay *is* a business) - it's your responsibility to stay on top of your business communication. Five days to respond is perfectly reasonable. Who sells things on the Internet and doesn't check their e-mail every day? How do you know if you have a sale?

    If you're going to be out of town or in the hospital, put your account on "vacation." It absolutely stinks that it takes this kind of circumstance to teach this kind of lesson, but I can guarantee you if yo ucontinue to sell on Amazon or ebay that you'll be checking your mail more often, am I right?

    Another thing I'd do is insure your packages if you're selling something that is more expensive than you can write off. When I sell online, my threshold is $25.00 USD for signature required and $50.00 is when I'll pay extra for insurance. I simply add the $1.00 for insurance to the price of my item when I list it. That keeps those costs form cutting into my profit.

    I hope this helps - I really do.

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scam and fraud!

I searched the net for 'Canon PowerShot SD790IS 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom' the best price I got was $229.95 from amazon.com so I naturally placed the order, received a confirmation and thought I was going to get my order in a few days. Well the next day I received this email:

Greetings from Amazon.com,

We're sorry, but the following order from Ace Photo Digital has been canceled because the items you purchased were out of stock. Please return and attempt to purchase again at a later time.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


1 of Canon PowerShot SD790IS 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

Your credit card was not charged for the order. To view your transaction status online, please visit:


Thank you for shopping at Amazon.com.


Well as you can see Amazon.com is claiming that the vendor Ace Photo Digital does not have the camera in stock, what I did was go to acephotodigital.com and searched for the same item, they had it in stock, then proceeded to check out, now granted the price was $399.00 almost $200 more than it was on Amazon.com. I printed the page where I had to pay the $399.00 price it's on PDF I have proof that this is a bait and switch scam and I cant believe a company like Amazon.com is willing to take a big risk and opening themselves up to a big class action suit.

It is illegal to advertise something at a price then offer a higher price, it's called bait and switch!

  • Rh
    Rhonda Parks Jan 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I sold on Amazon.com for over a year. I had 93-100% feedback until Christmas when Doba, a drop shipper, sent out shoddy guitars. My feedback went to 73% even though I worked day and night to satisfy all these complaints with refunds or replacements. I got my feedback back up to 93% which is no easy task as I had to send out 2nd and 3rd requests to get customers to leave it, then it is only 1/4 who do. Amazon knows and admits this but yet still has such rigid rules of 95% feedback to continue selling. They closed my account and removed my over 1000 products listed and now say I have to wait 3 months to receive any of the $3000 owed to me for sales. I have purchased the products and shipped all orders so I am out the money but they are keeping my money!!! They are crooks!!

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  • Ar
    Arty Jan 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Amazon does this to everyone. 3k is nothing to what they held from me. I started selling on amazon everything was fine till my feedback also droped to 87%. Once is droped they held 53k and didnt stop my listing. They advised me to ship all out standing orders and provide tracking which brought me little over 70k. 6 months later they released my money only after me emailing them everyday. Also there is no phone number to call its email and hope for the best type of deal. AMAZON IS THE WAY TO GO!! (OUT OF BUSINESS).

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  • Valerie Apr 11, 2008

    I have joined the amazon seller account membership on March 2008. Two buyers had bought my items on this website on March and April 2008 but amazon.com has never transfer or released my funds to my bank account. They held my funds for 14 days because they wanted to check my performance first for A-to-z Guarantee claims from the buyer. After waiting for 14 days period, they did not transfer and release my funds yet. So, I emailed and complained to amazon.com why they did not release my money after 14 days. They replied my emails and told me that they need to hold my funds again until 45 days period. Well, I wasn't agree with this because they didn't give me a good reason why they still hold my funds such as long as like that.

    One day later after I complained them, they blocked and suspended my seller account without the reason. I emailed and asked them why. They have never told me why they blocked and terminated my seller account. I can not sell my items again at this website now. Well, this is not fair! I asked them to transfer and release my funds now! But they never did it!
    Now, they sent me email again and held my funds for 90 days!

    Well, this is not right! They stole and ripped off my funds now! They told me that they will transfer and release my funds for 14 days, then 45 days and 90 days now! Then what after 90 days? I believe that they are racist and discriminated with me!
    I hope I will get a justice against Amazon.com for this matter.

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  • 12
    123 Apr 14, 2008

    Yeah... they're racist... sure. You got what you deserved. Their system doesn't ban people for no reason. Period.

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  • Ri
    Rita Jun 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After reading your comment I found out that I am not alone.
    I ordered a diamond ring from Amazon as a mother’s day gift one month before mother’s day. It is very expensive however I just want to surprised my mom with this luxury gift.

    Unfortunately, Amazon kept postponed the shipping date and when I called them and they just told me due to some reasons that they can’t ship my order on time.

    I kept waiting for it and checked my order everyday. Finally, one week after mother’s day, I got an email from them and inform me that they can’t find the diamond that I ordered. If they don’t have the product how could they post it online at the first time?
    It’s a totally scam. I emailed them but they just cancelled my order without any notification.

    I am very frustrated about the services from Amazon. I will never shop there.

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  • Ju
    J Underwood Dec 28, 2009

    Having same issue right now with ace photo digital . The item I ordered was a Sony HDR-XR200V 120GB HDD High Definition Camcorder w/15x Optical Zoom + Sony Leather Case for $134.99‏ That was an great price given the MSRP is $899.00 so I placed my order very quick but I got that Your order has been canceled notice the next day the reason was out of stock ... obviously that pissed me off I'm sending them email to their customer service with a carbon copy to the bulk merchandise seller hopfully they will honor the price but I'm sure this will be a battle wish me luck... oh yeh I'm looking for all the places to complain if things don't work out to my satisfactrion...

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