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I am complaining about product and customer service.

I have bought sofa seat from the Belfort Furniture. The seller person name was Max has not interested and not...

Resolved Bad customer service

Do not place a special order from Belfort Furniture in Sterling, Virginia! We have been waiting for 3 months for a desk that we special-ordered to get a wood finish that is not in stock. We ordered the desk on March 1, and our receipt states a 4-5 week delivery, so we have already waited 3 times longer than the promised delivery window! NOT ONCE were we called with order status (although promised by the saleslady). We have had to call Belfort at least a half dozen times. Depending on who we talked to, we got a different answer. AND, the estimated delivery date was always pushed back. As of our last call to the manager, our desk has been on the truck for over a week, but it won't be delivered until the truck is full! How's that for customer service? It does not exist at Belfort, and we are not holding our breath for this delivery. As it is a special order, we do not have the option to cancel unless we pay 25%. They have made no attempt to get a satisfied customer, and they have not even responded to our complaint to the Better Business Bureau!

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    m. smith Jul 11, 2008
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    The problem you are having is with the furniture company not the reseller. You should ask Belfort to give you the Manufacture reps number.

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    Think First Dec 24, 2009

    Exactly. This can happen at any furniture store; they cannot control the manufacturers. There are even things out of the manufacturer's control. For instance, a special order for a sofa could suddenly become a major problem because the fabric manufacturer had a delay. Then it becomes a domino effect. Or there was a problem with a shipment from China. Most wood furniture is made there these days.

    If you'd been quoted the rare, but possible, delivery date of 6 months, you'd have gone elsewhere. And then you might have run in to the same thing.

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    Think First Dec 24, 2009

    Also, Belfort or any other furniture store cannot control the shipper. Your very real complaint IS with your salesperson, who should have given you status updates

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    cacoombah Jun 05, 2013

    First off, the responses sound like they are right out of the Belfort employee talking points hand book.

    Secondly, Belfort is an absolute rip off.

    We went to Belfort in Sterling to purchase a custom built living room set because we were looking for large furniture with a certain look. Since North Carolina is apparently in another hemisphere, it took four months for the order to be completed and delivered and, what we got was NOTHING like what we were promised. What we wound up with was essentially an $8000 upholstery job on a $500 living room set. We have had the furniture for four months now and it has needed servicing three times already, why, because it was put together with glue and staples. Even better, the third service has been pending for three months now because they "are waiting on parts". We got neither the size nor the quality we expected for the conversely outrageous and subsequent prices we paid.

    Absolutely the worst shopping experience of my life and I will NOT be a return customer.

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