Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

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Reviews and Complaints

the district manager betty

I been working with Popeyes almost 2 yrs and LAST week Betty took over the store and i been having so many problems WITH her first she wants to cut my hours and then she hire alot of new people and giving my hours to them. So i aak for a transfer to another closer store to where i live she agreed to me getting it then she wrote me up 3 times. Really for no good reason nd i refuse to sign the write-ups and she told me if I don't sign the write-up she will not transfer me to the other store so me trying to keep my job I signed the write-up so now I'm having problems with trying to get on the schedule at the new store Betty call the GM over there and made up all these false accusations about me telling him lies about I didn't had a lot of complaints at the Alvin location which is false so Miguel tells me he can only give me 6 to 10 hours per week now he's claiming that he doesn't need another manager or a cook when he had already agreed on me and Ronnie getting transferred to his location I went to his store this morning to speak with him about the situation and that's what he tell me that Betty came up there and told him all these lies about me so something needs to be done with betty i dont know whats her problem her problem with me because I asked for a transfer now she's dragging my name with bad words behind it and that is so unfair and not write to me so I'm going to take this to the next level I'll try to text her boss to speak with her about the situation no one wants to respond to me so I am going to make complaints I'm going to the labor board and I'm calling the Discrimination line also something really needs to be done with this situation because Betty think it's cool to do these things to a hardworking person she don't even know me personally or worth with me to even say these things about me